A number of informative family history research database CDs and books by Graham Jaunay are available and distributed by Gould Genealogy.

A parish finder for England (book or CD)
SA convicts sentenced to transportation (book)
SA 1841 census (CD)
SA 1840 cultivators (CD)
SA landowners 1835-1841 (CD)
SA lonely graves (CD)
SA newspaper obituaries 1836–1901 (CD)
SA pre-civil registration births (CD)
SA pre-civil registration deaths (CD)
SA pre-civil registration marriages (CD)
SA unregistered deaths (CD)
Sources for SA Shipping Records 1836-1842 (CD)

Research guides (books)

Bound for South Australia
Coming to grips with the new FamilySearch
Family history on the Web
Family History research in South Australia
Finding your way around the English/Welsh censuses 1841 to 1901
How to read old handwriting
How to undertake family history research
Identifying and dating C19th family photos
Pitfalls in family history research
Researching pre-civil registration English records
Researching the maternal line
So you want to publish your Family History?
South Australian military ancestors
Tracing your English ancestors
Tracing your Irish ancestors
Tracing your Scottish ancestors
Tracing your Welsh ancestors

Family histories written by Graham Jaunay and long out of print are now published by Archive CD Books Australia:

• A Toast to the future: the story of George Johnson and his family (and Supplement)johnson

Here we have two books on one CD. Written by Graham Jaunay in 1989, with a supplement published in 1992, the first book gives an account of a family's movement from England to South Australia in 1847 and the establishment of their lives and their families in their new country. It focuses on the stories of George and Abigail Johnson and George and Phoebe Dickerson (George's mother and her husband) and their families, and also includes detailed information on many other families linked to these people, such as the Cannells and Spooners. The story of these people includes many photos, documents, family trees down to the present day, a detailed index of about 3300 names, and interestingaccounts of life during the mid 1800 colonial South Australia.

• The Cannell connection: the story of Thomas Rackham Cannell and his family 1994 cannell

Written by Graham Jaunay in 1994, this book is the story of Thomas Rackham Cannell, his wife Mary and their children starting in about 1830. It tells the story of a South Australian family and how its members spread throughout the entire country. The book focuses on the Cannells and their more immediate family but it also includes extensive information on other families linked to theirs including, the Johnsons, Spooners and Dickersons. This record includes many photos, family trees covering many generations, a detailed index of about 1200 names, and accounts of life in mid 19th century Australia.

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