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• South Australian Lonely Graves Project We define a lonely grave as a single or small group of graves outside recognised or currently used cemeteries. Collections of more than twenty graves are outside the scope of this survey. Since the collection includes many tiny cemeteries of long forgotten towns, railway sidings and pastoral stations it is more apt to called the collection lonely graves rather than the traditional lone graves.

This collection is not restricted to confirmed graves but also contains suspected grave sites even though the site may only be rumoured to have been a grave. faganScattered ashes are not included unless a specific memorial has been erected in the vicinity. Other monuments and memorials are not included. Apart from public contributions, we have searched local history books, Public Trustee Intestate Records, Police Station Journals and files, Government Gazettes and visited pastoral holdings.

Pictured: Peter Fagan's grave on Wertaloona Station.

You can check the index at this site. If you know of a lonely grave site in South Australia not in the index, we would welcome completion of this form. You can also download the seminar paper presented at 2004 VAFHO Conference at Mildura VIC.

A number of interested volunteers [mainly rural folk] actively support this project by researching in their region—would you like to contribute in some way?

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