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Anlaby cemetery
Teetulpa Station
Peter FAGAN's gave, Wertaloona

Cemetery Search
This database lists known cemeteries including pastoral station cemetries with multiple burials. To locate solitary graves and non-cemetery burials use the Lonely Graves search. This version was updated 30 Apr 2009. For a search for a transcribed headstone and register entry complete the form.

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You can also produce a cemetery list with Google Map support by local government area.
A headstone photograph service is also available.

Lonely Grave Search
This database lists known lonely grave sites. For more information about a grave and possibly a photograph, you need to purchase the CD (3rd Ed) from Gould Genealogy, visit an appropriate library with the CD (make sure it is the 3rd Ed) or complete the form. This version was updated 5 May 2009. Entries marked New or Updated can only be accessed from Adelaide Proformat.

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Check out the Lonely Grave CD details.

Remote Graves
This database lists some very remote deaths for which expected remote graves have yet to be located. This version was updated 1 Apr 2007. For a death register entry complete the form.

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Unregistered Deaths
This database lists known unregistered deaths. For more information about the death record including the precise date and place you need to purchase the CD from Gould Genealogy, visit an appropriate library with the CD or complete the form. This version was updated 20 Nov 2008. Entries marked N (new) or U (updated) can only be accessed by contacting Adelaide Proformat.

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Find out about Adelaide Proformat's headstone photographic service. <noscript> Jordie WILSON AH CHOW AH SING AH TING AH TUM ARNOLD BARNS [?] BELL BERT Bisson Black Boyd Burns Callum CARLON Cherry Clarke COOMB COUGHLAN DELPH DUFFIELD Edmondson EDWARDS Efferstean ELDER FRANCIS grant grant Hender Hender Howard Howard infant UNKNOWN Johanson [?] landridge LEIGH Lock LYONS MARK MARR Mckinnon McLaughlin MIKA MISKARN MISKARN MOLANE READ ROBERTS RYAN SAMBO SAUNDERS Stephenson stubbs Swanson THOMSON aka LOCKEY Tolmer TOMMY TyndalL Weir William Henry RANDELL (William) George CRITCHELL [1] Carn A MCKENZIE A R ENGMAN A WARE Abdul ADOOT Abdul Emin Abraham Shannon Abraham SOLOMON Abraham SOLOMON aka BROWN Abraham Wallace SHANNON Ada Gum Ada Maria Goodman Adam George DUFFAAS Adam Lindsay Gordon SAVANS Adam Lyons Adam SMITH Adelaide Ann Chenoweth Adgee MACHOMMAND (?) Adolph JOHNSTONE Adolph WAGNER adult female McEGAN Afghan LOUNGE Agnes Florence CALVERT Agnes GALL Agnes JOHNSON Agnes May Hawes Agnes McDILL Alan Kent GODLEE Albert BLANFORD Albert CARTER Albert Edward Hosken Albert Ernest SARGENT Albert George PARKER Albert Hamley Albert Henry CHESTER Albert Mann Albert Nourse Albert RIBBECK Albert Thomas Whittle Albert THOMPSON Albert William HARRIS Alec Murray Alexander (Sandy) CAMPBELL Alexander (Sandy) Gardiner Alexander ANDERSON Alexander BINNING Alexander Borthwick Cowan MURRAY Alexander CAMPBELL Alexander CHAMBERS Alexander Dawson Rolland Alexander FERRY Alexander George WARWICK Alexander Hunter Buick Alexander JENKINS Alexander Kirkaldy LiTster Alexander MacKAY Alexander McDONALD Alexander McKENZIE Alexander ROBERTSON Alexander STILL Alexander Wilkey Alexandrina Arnot McPHERSON Alfred [?] SHAW Alfred BUICK Alfred Buick Alfred CARVER Alfred Charles Bock Alfred DAVIDSON Alfred ELWELL Alfred George MUNDEE Alfred Henry SLADE Alfred JONES Alfred Mathieson Bennett Alfred REID Alfred SNOWDEN Alfred WILDY Alfred WILLIAMS Alfred WOODS Alfred WOODWARD Alfred YOUNG Algenon Lumsley Alderney Alice COON Alice Holbrook TURNER Alice HOPE Alice Jane Shannon Alice JOHNS Alice LANYON Alice Maud Faulkner Alice PROVIS Allen George WARWICK Alton Goodrich Amalia VON RIEBEN Ambler Woodhead Amelia Fry Amelia VON RIEBEN Amey WALLADGE Amos CORNWALL Amy Davenport Amy JENKINS Amy Katherine SEPPELT Amy Williams Andrew Denham Andrew DIGNUM Andrew JENSEN Andrew LAWSON Andrew McCRACKEN Andrew Millway Andrew Paterson Andrew PHILLIPS Andrew WARWICK Angas McDONALD Angus McAskill Angus Ross Ann BESLEY Ann Emilie PFIELER Ann FLAVEL Ann GARRETT Ann Jane Pentridge Ann Johnson Ann Maria GREGOR Ann MCCONVILLE Ann Murphy Ann Napper Ann NOT known Ann Painter Wheaton Ann Sophia Denham Ann Tomney Ann varcoe Ann Whitford Anna Bartusch Anna Catherine WOERNER Anna Dare Anna Denham Anna Elizabeth SEMMLER Anna Maria GEHARTY Anna Maria HORE Anna MASON Anna Rosina HERDE Anne EASTON Anne ELLIS Anne Grace HOTHAM Anne Jane (Annie) NELSON Anne LONGMIRE Anne NICHOLS Annie and/or Flora MORRISON Annie ASHWELL Annie Barney Annie Bear Annie Beatrice Victoria WOODS Annie Denny Annie Field Annie JOHNSON Annie Louise MUEGGE Annie Mary Taverner Annie McLeod Annie McWATERs Annie ROZEE Annie Trevethic Anthony Anson Fry Antal Janos [aka Stan] SzalaI Anthony Thomas SIMS Anton ERTHMANN Antonio SILNER Archibald HOWELL Archibald Patterson Archibald Robert Oliver Archie Cameron Arnold Jackson darwent Arthur Charles Percy [?] Thwaites Arthur COCKINGTON Arthur CONIGRAVE Arthur CONWAY Arthur Edgar James Greenwood Arthur Faggotter Arthur George LEWIS Arthur Harold Treloar Arthur HONEY Arthur John PARKER Arthur KAIRL Arthur McClure WOODS Audrey Vera SEPPELT Augusta Petersen Augusta POTTS Augustus BAIN Augustus CRAIGIE Aurelia Pauline Johanne Schulz Aylwin May Paterson baby female York baby Johnson Barbara Elinora Paulina THIELE Barbara WHITE Barnard Boyle Beatrice Dyke BANKHEAD Benjamin CARRINGTON Benjamin CLARK Benjamin DAGGETT Benjamin EAST Benjamin GREIG Benjamin Harris HILES Benjamin HOGG Bennet TRELOAR Bernd Rolf VOELKER Bernhard Wilhelm Theodor Habermann Bertha JOHNSON Bertha KITTEL Berthold Rohland Habermann Berty KAIRL Bessie MEYERS Bessie SANDERS Bill Kleeman Black Paul Black Paul not known Bridget CASHION Bridget EVANS Bridget ROBINSON Bridget SIZE Bronte Albert SHEPHERDSON Bruce Anthony KING Bruno Edwin Hein Bryant BURNETT Burty KAIRL C S W SMITH Camillo Pedro SEPPELT Cang SEE Cang SEE [?] Cape Jack WILLIAMS Carl August PETERSON Carl August PROMNITZ Carl CARLSON Carl Christian Adolph Julius Mengler Carl Christian SCHINTLER Carl Friedrich Heinrich Christian Mengler Carl GRETE Carl Johann OLSON Carl Julius Edmund REIMANN Carl Jung Carl NEUMANN Carl RACINE Carl Rudolph SAUER Caroline LIVINGSTON Caroline Marion Rogers Caroline RETALLACK Caroline Sarah PARKINSON Catharine BRENNAN Catharine CREAMER Catharine Mahood Catherine Ann Abernethy Catherine Helen [Kate] KELSH Catherine LONERGAN Catherine O'SHANAHAN Catherine PEMBURY Catherine SMITH Cecelia Mary Stephenson Cecil CORNISH Cecil Kneen Cecil Sidney PROVIS Cedric Melville MURPHY Cesar ZAVIL Cesar ZAVILGerman Charlie Charles A LANGLOIS Charles ADAMS Charles ALLAN Charles AMBERY Charles AWEBERY Charles BAILEY Charles BRADSHAW Charles BROWN Charles BURKE Charles BURT Charles BUTTERS Charles CAMPBELL Charles CARTER Charles COOPER Charles CRUMP Charles CURTIS Charles DARLING Charles DAVIEY Charles DAVIS Charles Edward Foster Charles Edward GOOCH Charles Edwin CLARKE Charles G ODGERS aka ORGIES Charles GALL Charles GLENN Charles GRAY Charles Grieve Charles Griffith JONES Charles Grimes Charles HAWSEN Charles Henry FORAN Charles Henry GOOCH Charles Henry Otto GRAHAM Charles Henry William RIEDEL Charles HERMANN Charles HEWLETT Charles Hodge Charles Howard ANGAS Charles J METCALFE Charles James Fox Campbell Charles John FROST Charles John Williams FRY Charles Johnson Charles JONES Charles K POWER Charles KNIGHT Charles Lewis [aka Dick] Wahlert Charles LOANEY Charles Loaney Charles Loriot DAVIES Charles Marcus MOORE Charles MAXWELL Charles MEDHURST Charles MILLER Charles MOLLERSTROM Charles MOSS Charles MURRAY Charles NOTLY Charles OVERALL Charles P ANDERSON Charles Raymond WARWICK Charles Robert Scott Charles Rufus GOODE Charles SANDERS Charles SMITH Charles Smith Clarke Charles STAFFORD Charles Standley Charles Stuart Milne Charles THORP Charles WEBB Charles WIBER Charles William COOK Charles William HAMMOND Charles William PARRINTON Charles WILSON Charlotte AYRIS Charlotte Hill Charlotte Maud LLOYD Charlotte Rose Gibbs Charlotte WARMINGTON Cherry Ah Chee child [1] Heggitt child [1] KUHN child [1] Nicolai Child [1] Oliver child [2] Heggitt child [2] KUHN child [2] Nicolai Child [2] Oliver child [2] Payne child CLARKE child CROFT child Gleeson child McGregor child SEAL child UNKNOWN Chinese man [1] UNKNOWN Chinese man [2] UNKNOWN Christabel Gay SEXTON Christian Johann KADOW Christian WILLIAMSON Christiane Wanda Mengler Christina Hunt Christina Robertson Christina Ross Christine Joan PEABODY Christine Louise Deuter Christopher BRENNER Chue CHIN Clara Blanca SEPPELT Clare Irene Ettridge Clarence Albania Townsend Clarence KING Clarence Waldemar NEAYLON Clarissa Martha Margaret HAY Clement Dyrle ROSS Clement Henry OLDHAM Clement Wilson GOODE Clementine Courtly Davenport Colin CAMPBELL Colin Noel GREENFIELD Colleen Rosslyn SMITH Collins LAURIE Cornelius MULHALL Cowlie PENNY Cuthbert Ernest GILLETT CW WRIGHT Cyril John DELBRIDGE Cyril Norman KING D H Lenke D H Lenke Daniel HAGGARTY Daniel HIGGS Daniel MacFarlane Daniel McINTYRE Daniel McMILLAN / MCMILLIAN Dao Thanh Daphne Anna Nitchke Daphne Marie Oliver Darby COFFY Darrell Philip McLeod Daryl Daniel PEABODY David Alexander FAIRLEY David Alexander Fullerton David Allen David BEINKE David Berry David Bowman David BURY David CLARIDGE David Craig David Cuthbert Shannon David DANIELS David Denzil Shannon David Fergusson David FRANCIS David HANNAN David Kilpatrick David McDILL David McNAUGHTON David Mervyn Kirk David Milne David NOBLE David Reid Gardiner David ROY David SAUNDERS David SHAW David SMITH David WALLACE David WALTERS David William jones David ZIBBELLDonald McPherson ABBEY Demetrius [aka Jim] Karagiannis Denis Clifton GRAEME Dienegott Julius Freiedrich VOGELSANG Donald Frank Heylen Donald Hodge Donald John KERIN Donald McAskill Donald MCDONALD Donald McINNES Donald McKAY Donald McKechnie Donald McLeod Donald McPherson Abbey Donald Smith Doris Bell MILLARD Doris Emily (Emma) Page Doris M Dimsey Doris Monica LITTLE Dorothea Davenport Dorothea Vogelsang Dorothy Margaret Helene JERVOIS Dougall Cameron Douglas ALSTON Douglas BOSWORTH Douglas Bruce Douglas John WAYE Douglas Page Douglas Raymond LITTLE Dr Somerville Dugald STEELE Duncan Cameron Duncan Cameron McDonald Duncan McCALLUM E W SIMPSON aka CRAWFORD E WHITBY Ebenezer Jesse BARKER Ebenezer Oliver Ebenezer Walter Douglas BARKER Edie Alexandrina Schumann Edith Adeline SCOBIE Edith Alice GREENFIELD Edith Eliza Marony Edith Louisa Jameson Edith Mary MARCHANT Edith May Edgerton Edith MOSS Edmund Arthur Gliddon Edmund WARE Edna Gladys TRAEGER Edna Jessie Mina Taylor Eduard Paul PROMNITZ Edward A CURTIS Edward Albert Watson Edward Casey Edward DONELLY / DONALTY Edward Drew Edward E GARDINER Edward Edmund johnson Edward Elphinstone BIRD Edward EVANS Edward GEHARTY Edward George Tregoweth Edward Henry NEWTON Edward HUGHES Edward John POCOCK Edward Joseph SWAN Edward JUPP Edward LEE Edward Melville GLENIE Edward O'CONNOR Edward REHDLE Edward Robert Herathage Hull Edward Roy HOLLIDAY Edward Teague Edwin BENTLEY Edwin BOND Edwin BROOKS Edwin HOLDER Edwin Shannon Edwin Stephen Gale Edwin Walter Blenkiron Eimar AHman Eli EDWARDS Eli William KAIRL Elia BARNES Elias CROFT Elisabeth Clara Habel Eliza BUNDREN Eliza Grieve Eliza Gum Eliza Jane GALE Eliza Napper Eliza Parkes Eliza PATCHING Eliza RAPER Eliza Ruth Shannon Elizabeth Abley TAYLOR Elizabeth Agnes Ellen Hull Elizabeth Ann BELL Elizabeth Ann COX Elizabeth Ann LILLYWHITE Elizabeth Ann WEARING Elizabeth Anne Bone Elizabeth Charlotte WALSH Elizabeth CORNISH Elizabeth CRUMP Elizabeth DAVIES Elizabeth Emelue SAMPSON Elizabeth Emma Alderney Elizabeth Fraser Elizabeth Hunter Buick Elizabeth Jane Hull Elizabeth Jane SHARPE Elizabeth Joan Townsend Elizabeth Julia SEPPELT Elizabeth Milne Elizabeth Oliver Elizabeth ROBERTSON Elizabeth Rose Hosken ELIZABETH SCOTT Elizabeth Scott Elizabeth Sears Elizabeth Snelling Elizabeth Stoeckel Elizabeth THYER Elizabeth WILLIAMS Elizabeth WRIGHT Ellen Ethel KING Ellen HOGARTH Ellen Jane Glass Ellen Margaret PHILLIPS Ellen N Young Ellen SABINE Ellen SAMPSON Ellen Turner Ellie O'Dea Ellinor Andelika Kaesler Ellion A Cox Elsie Alma Boothey Elsie Emilie Schilling Elsie HARRIS Elsie May WILSON Emanuel LOSSIE Emil Carl Gustav Habermann Emil Robert AHLMANN Emil Wilhelm Carl Hermann KiekebuSCHE Emilie Friederike Amalie WOTZKE Emily BARKER Emily HARRIS Emily Mary MARSHALL Emily Mary Goodman Emily Olive CUMMINGS Emily Priscilla Thurlburn Emma Caroline Lydia Habermann Emma DAVIES Emma Napper Emma NAPPER Emma Roediger Emma SMITH Emma Tyler Higgs Eric Lisle McWATERs Eric William GREENFIELD Erle BEVISS Ernest Alexander BECKER Ernest Arthur Freeman Ernest Ebenezer Samuel Flint Ernest Frederick Page Ernest Johnstone JEFFRIES Ernest Scott CHURCHES Erno Norbert SEPPELT Ernst Alfred GEISTER Ernst GAMMELL Ernst Paul Mengler Ernst Wilhelm Waldemar Mengler Esther Maud JONES Esther May WILLIAMS Ethel Jane TOWILL Ethel Maud May CAMPELL Ethel TUCKER Ethelia August PAIGE Eugenie PATTERSON Eunice Augusta GREENFIELD Euphemia Annie Winter Eva Ann Oats Eveline RAGLESS Fannie Cynthia Fairweather Fanny Carlyle JEFFRIES Fanny Denham Felix Tomney female baby Harding female baby Snelling female Braggs female CARTLIDGE female child [1] O'Dea female child anspach female child Clements female child HARRIS female child HOWARD female child NugenT female child Pollard female child Schiller female Cowlie female fastings female GENTLE female Green female Hester female infant JAMIESON female infant JOHNSON female infant Layton female napper female napper female NOT known female Smith female twin child [1] Trego-Williams female twin child [2] Trego-Williams female York Ferdinand V Lehwaldt Florence Beatrice WRIGHT Florence Buick Florence BUICK Florence HAMMOND Florence Jane Boothey Fortuinato Crepaz Frances Gertrude ROBERTSON Frances Marion Sydney Knox Frances Maud DAVIES Francis (Frank) James Johnston Francis (Frank) POTTS Francis BROWN Francis CLASSON Francis David Shaw Francis Dunbar WARREN Francis George SCAMMELL Francis George STEPHENS Francis Howard DUFFIELD Francis Murphy Francis Sanderson Buttrose Francis Tapley hawson Francis WARWICK Frank BRANDT Frank BROWN Frank COOKING Frank CURLEY Frank E BEAVER Frank FAWCETT Frank FAWCETT [?] Frank MALONE Frank Moss BROWN Frank NEWPORT Frank RICHEY Frank RICHEY [?] Frank TAYLOR Frank TUCKER Frank UNKNOWN Franz Alfred Habermann Franz August Theodor PARTSCH Franz MEISNER Fred BROOKS Fred BURNS Fred. CUNNINGHAM Frederich SCHELL Frederick ASHMEAD Frederick BRAUN Frederick Brittain JONES Frederick Charles SMITH Frederick George Harding Frederick George JOHNSON Frederick Henry LIVERARTZ Frederick Hubert Metters Frederick HUNT Frederick John WILLS Frederick JONES Frederick KUTTLER Frederick LAINGE Frederick NEWTON Frederick R RENZICHAUSEN Frederick SanDford Frederick Scott Blenkiron Frederick Thomas STAGG Frederick WELLS Frederick William BUTLER Frederick William Goodman Fredrick LEMAITRE Friedrich Rudolf Eckert Friedrick Willhelm Geister Fritz GALLS FW Andrews G Peterson G J WEBER G Marment G W WOODWARD Gabriel FERNANDEZ Garry HANNES Georg Edwin REUTHER George Payne George Adam McCALLUM George ADAMS George Albert Whitlock George Arthur Henry SCOBIE George ASALIGATH George BARBER George BISHOP George BOWSER George BROWN George Bunn George CARPENTER George Cecil Henry Phillips George CLARKE George CLIFFORD George COBDEN George CROCKER George DENFORD George DICKENS George EAGAN George EDWARDS George EVANS George FARWELL George FEUERBOCH George Fife ANGAS George Frederick Martin George GEPPERT George GORDAN George GUNNER George Harold MUNDY George Herbert THEEUFF George Herbert WILSON George HIGGINS George HODGES George Hughes George Hutchinson GREENFIELD George Hutchinson SPRIGG George JEFFRIES George Joseph Rolland George Leigh George Littleton GARRETT George Magrath George MANN George MARSHALL George MASON George McNAMARA George MERCER George Mransky George MURISKY George PADWICK George PERCY George PHIPPS George POTTS George Roberts George ROBERTS George Scott George SHARMAN George SIMPSON George SIZE George SNADWICK aka JEFFREY George Stewart George SULLIVAN George T Lafrentz George TAYLOR George Thomas Gale George THOMPSON George THOMson aka lockey George Walter SMITH George WASHINTON George WATERMAN George WEBB George West George WHITE George WILKINSON George William Bristow George William CHRISTIE George William GREENFIELD George Windsor SNELL George YOUNG George Young Green Georgina Emily BATTERSBY Georgina ROSS German Charlie German Charlie not known Gilbert C Kingham Giles HART girl 1 Unknown girl 2 Unknown girl NOT known Gladys Jean Dean Gordon Page Gottlieb VANDREY Grace Ella Payne Grace Shannon Graeme Anthony Rutter Clarke Graham Edgar Wade Graham John DAVIDSON Gregory cummings Gustav BILLIG Gustav Emmel Johanson [?] Gustav Herbert KLUGE Gustave HARTMAN Gustaz Theodor BERGGOIST Gwen McKEAN H DART H HERSHHAUSAN H LEPRUN Harold [Boysie] James JACKSON Harold Albert Hutchinson Harold Arthur Thomas HELE Harold BROAD Harold James Whittle Harriet Anna SALMON Harriet Edith BUTLER Harriet Gouger Harriett Anne Fullerton Harry BACK Harry Bird Harry BOLTON Harry CLARK Harry COLLINS Harry HAYWARD Harry PASCOE Harry Perkes Harry PEVERETT Hazel Irene Mary CHESTER Hedley Arthur JEFFRIES Hedwig Cecilia SEPPELT Heinrich Frederick George DIERKING Heinrich WEDEMEYER Heinrichs TISKINS Helen PAGE Helen Paterson Helen Snelling Helene Gertrude SEPPELT Helene Mary Evans Finlay Henrietta Fredericke Augusta POTTS Henrietta Hartig Henrietta Standley Henry RYAN Henry AH HANG Henry ANGLES Henry BARNES Henry BELL Henry Blenkiron Henry BOSANKO Henry BROWN Henry Bruce Shannon Henry BRYAN Henry CLARK [?] Henry COLE Henry CURRAN Henry Edmonds PEARCE Henry Farrell Mansell Henry George TANSELL Henry Greville HOWARD Henry H HOBBS Henry Hamburgh Henry HAYWARD Henry James Henry James IMMS Henry James PAVEY Henry JEFFRIES Henry JOBSON Henry LATHAM Henry LOMAN Henry LOWMAN Henry MAY Henry MEYERS Henry Morgan Henry MORGAN aka MANIX Henry not known Henry PARRY Henry Pollard Henry Schute Henry SLADE Henry Slother Hemming Henry SMITH Henry Snelling Henry SPIERS Henry TURNER Henry TUSLOW Henry Walter Kench Henry Walter SMITH Henry WARNER Henry WEST Henry WRIGHT Hera SINGH Herbert Charles William OATS Herbert John Oliver Herbert Joseph PICKFORD Herbert Michael FITZPATRICK Hereward Vere WEST Herman Johnson Herman JOHNSON Hermann Heinrick Vogelsang Hermann Johann LALME Hermann Wilhelm Ernst Mengler Hermine Dorothea Emilie Habermann Hester Ann HALE Hilda Caroline ACKLAND Hinda SINGH Horatio Nelson RAYMOND Howard (Jack) William DORWARD Howard Davenport Howard Patterson Helling Hubert WADE Hugh Henry Wallace Hugh HOWIE Hugh HUGHES Hugh Proby Hugh Rafferty Hulda Mathilde Mengler Hulda Wilhelmine Agnes Habermann Humphrey SIMONS Ian Ernest RICHARDSON Ian Howe SEPPELT Ida Elizabeth Dorothea Kiekebusche Ida Johana Geister Ida Lily May Cowan Ida Scheibchen Ida Scheibchen infant Burford infant female Hunt infant female McDONALD infant GEISTER infant HARRY infant HUGHES infant Martin infant MURRAY infant NOT known infant Schirmer infant UNKNOWN infant WAKE Infant Willmott Irene Mary LITTLE Iris Ada ROSS Iris Emma SVENSSON Irwin Stanley Roy Greenfield Isaac J JONES Isaac JONES Isaac Rush Isabel Davenport Isabell Mary COAD Isabella Cranston WatherstoN Isabella LYONS Isobel LAVINGTON Isobel Margaret Fergusson Iva Muriel ROSS Ivy Adelina Edmonds Ivy Adelina Edmonds Townsend Ivy Mary Ann GREENFIELD Ivy McMAHON [?] Ivy Vera CHESTER J F L SHARPE J Henry Walter Smith J J booth J J BOOTH J MORRISON J T E TAYLOR J WRIGHT Jabez johnsTon Jack Arnold Gum Jack BARRETT Jack CONWAY Jack Foreman Jack Stanley Jack the Cook Jack the Cook not known Jacob ALLAH James AFFleck James aka PHILPOTT miller James ANDERSON James Arthur YOUNG James Baird James Baldwin Filmer James Barry James BEDOWS James Benjamen Harvey James BIGGINS James BLINMAN James bowden James BRADLEY James BROWN James BURCHELL James Burk James BURKETT James Burnett James Carn James Carrol James CARROL James CAVENAGH James clements James Collins James CONNOR James Corson McFarlane James COX James Craig James CRONIN James CROWLEY James Crowley James DANEY James DAWES James DICKINSON James DIXON James Dodd Finn James DUNSTAN James EDWARDS James Ernest JANSON James fastings James Fawsett Grant James FLEMING James FOGGARTY James Francis [Frank] Pearce James Frederick WATSON James George KAIRL James GIBSON James GORDON James Gordon Heaslip James GRANT James Green Warren James GREY James HACKFORD James Henry BROOKS James Henry PAVEY James HIBBERSON James HOBCROFT James Holloway ENGLISH James HUCKER James Hunter James Inglis James JACKSON James JARDINE James JOHNS James JONES James KERSEY James LAMB James LAWLES James LEDMAN James Leitch James LEONARD James LOMAS James LONG James LUFF James MAHER James MAKEY James MARTIN James McCann James MCKAY James McKechnie James McNally James McPHEE James McPherson SUMMERS James MCSKIMMING James Mill PATTERSON James Millar Watson James MILLER aka PHILPOTS James MITCHELL James Mitchell O'DONNELL James MULLIGAN James MURRAY James NORTH James NORTHEY James O'Dea James o'leary James O'Leary James P BELCHER James PAGE James PALMER James Parsons James PATTON James PAULTON James PEASE James Percival Richards James Phillips CAUST James REEVES James Robert George Helps James ROBERTSON James Robertson James ROBINSON James Roy McALLAN / MACALLAN James RYAN James Sears James SHEPHERD James sleep James SPARKS James Spencer ROLIN James SPICER James Stacy Brown James Stead James STEWART James Strutt James STUART James Thomas LONG James THOMPSON James TIERNEY James TRIGG James VINCENT James W HILL James WADE James WARWICK James WatherstoN James WILEX James William Bole James WILLIAMS James WILSON James WOOD James YOUNG Jane CAMPBELL Jane Elizabeth HARDWICKE Jane Elizabeth SMITH Jane EVANS Jane Hannah Lashmar Jane Jemima SOMMERFIELD Jane JOHNS Jane MacKenzie Jane Macmenimen Jane McPHERSON Jane Milne Jane NOT known Jane O'REILLY Jane Oliver Jane Pink Jane SMITH Jane Sommerville Jane TEARLE Jane TOMPKINS Jane Trevorrow Jane TURNBULL Jane WARWICK Jaraslov Edward Pecanek Jarvis Laxton KAIRL JB NORBURRY Jean McKenzie Jeanette Churchward Chewings Jeff Child Jeffers McLeod Jemima Stead Jen SONG Jens Christian Hansen Jeremiah MAGRATH Jeremiah QUINLAN Jessie Ann TULLOCH Jessie CROFT Jessie Currie Shannon Jessie Ellen MCBEATH Jessie Emelia Emma ROSE Jessie Emily Ann SCHLUTER Jessie Fraser Jessie Fraser Jessie GREENFIELD Jessie McLeod Jessie Mina CROMBIE Jessie MURRAY Jessie TULLOCH Jimmy OWIN Jimmy Pike JJ O'GRADY Joachim Schneider Joan FRENCH Joan Oliver Joe UNKNOWN Joel Newington Johan August HERMANN Johann Andrea RANEBERG Johann August Edmond HERMANN Johann Carl Herman Rooke Johann Christian GROCKE Johann Friedrich Bartusch Johann Friedrich Wilhelm RUSS Johann George Carl Ernst Mengler Johann Gottfried Schilling Johann Gottlieb Scheibchen Johanna Juliana Augusta PFITZNER Johanna Karolina Hirte Johanne Caroline HARTWIG Johanne Christiane Habermann Johanne Louise Schilling Johannis Wilhelm BEINKE John O'Sullivan John [2] Barnes John [Jack] Collins John Abbott KAY John ADAMS John Alfred Armour John Ambler Woodhead John AMESBURY John ANDERSON John Andrew AMESBURY John Andrew Baxter John BARBER John Barnes John Benjamin WRIGHT John Biglands John BOYLE John Brabazon FORSAYTH John Bradley John BRADSHAW John BROWNSWORD John BRYNE John BUCHANAN John C HOPKINS John CAHIR John CAMPBELL John Charles Darke John clements John Clive ROBERTSON John COOK John COOMBER John COWAN John Cowley John CRELLIN John CUNNINGHAM John DALLWOOD John DAVIS John DEARING John DELANEY John DICKINSON John Douglas John DOUSE John Driscoll John Duke GRAHAM / GRAHAME John Dunstall John Durgan John DURWARD John Easterbrook John Edmundson John EDWARDS aka OWEN aka ROBERTS John Edwin Wickham John Elling John EVANS John FERNANDO John FINLAYSON John FITZPATRICK John FLINN John FLYNN John FORBES John Francis POTTS John Franklin BANKHEAD John Frederick W PATCHKE John Fredrick Carl SCHMIDT John G MOON John GAMBLIN John George BADGER John George CRITCHELL John George WALTERS John GREGORY John GRELLIN John GREY John Griffiths John H DAVIS John HackliN John HAGEN John HALL John Hamp John HARRIS John HARVEY John Heddle John Henry DAVIES John Henry DOBBS John Henry Guy WHEAL John Henry JEFFRIES John Henry JONSTON aka MATHESON or MAISEY John Henry LANGLEY John Henry Whitford John HESTER John Hill John HILL John Hill COLEMAN John Hirst John HISGROVE John Hisgrove John HOOD John HOPE John Horatio WEBB John Howard ANGAS John HUMPHREY John Inglis SMALLACOMBE John Jackson ELWOOD John JAFFA John James SCANNEL John James TULLOCH John JEFFS John JENNINGS John Jervois John JOHNS John JOHNSTON John JONES John Joseph Allen John Joseph KENNY John Joseph O'NEILL John KELLY John Kirby John KIRWAN John Knott JAMES John Knox Abbey John KUNOTH John Laity CORNISH John Lawrence Bennett John LENAN / LENNORD John LEWIS John Lewis MORRIS John LILLY John LOCKET John Long John LONGUE John LOUGHRAN John LOWREY John MacKenzie John Mahood John MARTIN John McADAM John McALPINE John McCONVILLE AKA MCCOOMBE John McDONALD John McGann John McGEE John McLEISH John McLeod John McMAHON John McNEIL John MCQUADE John MEARS John MILLER John Milne John Moore John MOUSSA John Mowatt John MOYSES John MUGFORD John MURPHY John N BRAND John NICHOLSON John NIND John O'BRIEN John O'CONNOR John O'DEA John O'Loughlin John OWENS John PARKER John Parkes John Patrick SEAL John PAYNE John PETERSON John Phillips GREENFIELD John PRICE [?] John PUMBELL John PUTT John Rain John RENFREY John ROACH John Robert Brumby John ROBERTSON John ROGERS John RYAN John SHARP John SIMPSON John SIZE John Slatter John Snr Bascombe John SPENCER John Spencer WESTROPP John STANLEY John Stanley Hunt John STEWART John Stewart John Stewart GLASSON John STONE John Struan ROBERTSON John STUART John SULLIVAN John SULLIVAN alias COLLINS John SUMMERVILLE John SWAN John Tegg John TEIGH John Thomas FERGUSON John TOMPKINS John TRIGG John TURNER John Unknown [O'NEILL] John UOIDAN John Vincent Hunt John WALKER John Wallace Shannon John WALSH John Walter JERROLD John WALTERS John WARWICK John WATSON John Wayne POWELL John WHYTE John Widdicombe CHURCHWARD John William Davis John William Dundas Blenkinsop John William MILLER John WILLIAMS John Willsmer John Woodhead Jon Thurlburn Jonathan KITSON Josef FARBITNYK Joseph CLARKE Joseph Anderson Joseph Asbury Joseph B HUGHES Joseph Bennett WEBB Joseph CLARKE Joseph COGAN Joseph Dauncey Joseph Davies Joseph Earn Barritt Joseph FOX Joseph George FARRELLEY Joseph Gerold SEPPELT Joseph Gibson braithwaite Joseph Gum Joseph HARE Joseph HART Joseph HESELTINE Joseph HOLLOWAY Joseph HORNSBY Joseph Howlett Joseph Hoyden Alderney Joseph Humphreys Joseph Humphreys Joseph James CLARKE Joseph JOHNS Joseph LEE Joseph LONGFORD Joseph Lymn Joseph MARLO Joseph marlow Joseph MAY Joseph MEECH Joseph MOSS Joseph PEACOCK Joseph PRESCOTT Joseph RICHARDSON Joseph Rilstone Grubb Joseph RISHA Joseph Standley Joseph THYER Joseph TOMLIN Joseph VARRELL Joseph WATKINS Joseph William NOT known Joseph Woodhead Joseph WORCESTER Joshua BURFORD Joshua BUSHELL Joshua DAWES Joshua Joseph LAFFIN Julia Mary SEPPELT Julia McLeod Julius Adolph Rudolf KiekebuSCHE Julius ROTHE Julius WILLIAMS Karl Friedrich William Adabert Hermann von Rieben Karolina Martha BEINKE Katherine PHILLIPS Keith Dudley Oliver Kenneth BLACK Kenneth Lawrence Adams Kitty Argal Daniel Klemens Percival Schwarz Kosseer Masser Mahomet Kym Fleming SMART Lachlan Rowland SMITH Latitia GREENFIELD Lauretta Euphemia DUNSTAN Lavinia Annie Lee Lawrence Weir Lee WONG Lena MOSELEY Lena Ruby FERGUSON Leo Keith Oliver Leo Renato SEPPELT Leonard Armitage HALL Leonard D DICKINSON Leonard STENERSEN Leslie PENDER Leslie Phyllis Greenfield Leslie SIBBALA Leslie Steele TUCKER Letitia Betsy COLLINS Lewis Goddard DARBY Lillie KING Lilly May FARRANT Lilly STRANGWAYS Lily JEMMESON Lionel Hays NORMAN Lock REYNOLDS Long Jim HAWKINS Loris CALVITZ Lorna Christina Metters Lorna Jean GREENFIELD Louis DUPIESE Louis Henry Hannemann Louis HOFFMANN Louis NEWENHUES Louisa Ethel Chenoweth Louisa Townsend Louisa von Rieben Louisa Weir Louisa WHEATON Loves RHEINSON Lucille Elsie ROWLAND Lucy Booth [?] Lucy BRAND Lucy LAWSON Lucy THOROLD Ludwig Theodore Albert Stoeckel Luise Auguste Wilhemine GLAISTER Luke Stott Lyda K Habermann Mabel Fletcher SHANNON Mabel Katrine Bray Mabel Lorma CROMBIE Madge PRICE Magnus MANSON Mahommed ADGEE Malchin von Rieben Malcolm CARMICHAEL Malcolm SINCLAIR male [1] PAUL [?] male [2] PAUL [?] male baby Mayo male Buick male CALLOPY male child HARTWIG male child NOT known male child Pollard male child UNKNOWN male DELPH male GREGGSON male GRUNIKE male Hester male LEICESTER male Lock male Negro UNKNOWN male NOT known male PERRY male STOCKES male UNKNOW male UNKNOWN male UNNAMED male Wilkinson male WILLIAMS Mancell Ettridge Margaret Abbey Margaret Ann HALL Margaret Bole Margaret CRAIGIE Margaret Edwards Margaret Esther PHILCOX Margaret Gourlay CROWE Margaret Grace DURMAN Margaret GUN Margaret Hartig Margaret Paterson Margaret Rankin Margaret SIMPLE Margaret SMITH Maria Arlena KRETSCHMER Maria BRAY Maria BURGESS Maria Dorothea RANEBERG Maria Hothouse Maria HUGHES Maria Metha GOESCH Maria Ottilia HOFFMANN Maria Squires Marian BRICE Marianne Bear Marianne Jane BUNTING Marion McKerrow Marion Whigham MURRAY Marjorie Flora MURPHY Mark ELLIOTT Mark POOLEY or POOLE married female NOT known Martha Ann Townsend Martha BODE Martha BROOKS Martha Craig Martha Harriet Martha PASCOE Martha PHILLIPS Martin BECK Martin JOYCE Martin Vincent RYAN Mary (Poole) Bray Mary Agnes MCDILL Mary Alice Hannah Scammell Mary ANDERSON Mary Ann Barritt Mary Ann CAMPBELL Mary Ann MORGAN Mary Ann OSBORNE Mary Ann ROBINSON Mary Ann SEBISTON Mary Ann Sebiston Mary Ann Stewart Mary Ann Stott Mary Ann THOMPSON Mary Ann WEARING Mary Anne HOWLETT Mary B Davenport Mary Bray Mary BRAY Mary BRENNEN Mary Butler Mary Campbell Scott Mary Edith Bone Mary Edith Payne Mary Eliza DAVEY Mary Elizabeth Nicholson McDonald Mary Ellen Williams Mary Gaffney Mary Gleeson Mary Goodman Mary Gregor Mary Hewish Mary Jane Ind VENNING Mary Jane KITE Mary Jane Milne Mary Jane Williams Mary Kean Mary Keane Mary Kiernan Mary Kingdon Hutchinson Mary KUBALE Mary Mabel THOROLD Mary Magdalene BEINKE Mary MASLIN Mary McDonald Mary McDonald McINTYRE Mary McLeod Mary Mont or Mount Mary ORMSBY Mary Poole BRAY Mary Ross Mary sOON Mary SPENCER Mary Thompson Mary Treloar Mary Vera Du Moulin GOURLAY Mary WALSH Mary WARWICK Mary Wingfield Maryanne GLIDDON Mathew GEELAN Mathew Handlan Mathilda Ida Bertha Habermann Matilda Ann KNOWLES (KNOWLE) Matilda Margaret Walker Matilda SEPPELT Matthew FLANAGAN Matthew JOHNSON Matthias BRADY Maud NAPIER Maurice GAY Maxwell Bruce (Herb) GARDNER May PENDER Merle Bell Oliver Michael BANNIN Michael BUTLER Michael Clarke JONES Michael CUDBY Michael HAYES Michael KilLMARTIN / KilMARTIN Michael MAHAR Michael MANNING Michael MORAN Michael Stephen Gerke Michael WILKINSON or WILKISON Mihailo Sekulic Milicent Bell Minnie Evelyn May LIVINGSTON Minnie Harriet Allen Mohammed ABBAS Mona MOSELEY Morag Campbell McGovern Mortimer Ernest EASTHER Mrs Nathan Blackmore Mullock MAHOMED Murdock John GREGORSON Muriel WILKINSON Murray Henry SHEPHERDSON Myrtle Elizabeth SCOTT Napeleon BUONAPARTE Nathan Blackmore Nathaniel E GLOVER Nathaniel HARRIS Nathaniel Walles Thomas Nathaniel WHEATON Neil McLeod Neilina McTAGGART Nelliena MCTAGGART Nicholas THOMAS Noah THOMAS Norman FORD Norman Howard DUNSTAN Norman Lindsay GREENFIELD Norman Ryder HUGHES Norman THOMPSON Nothaniel CAMERON Olave HANSEN Olive Selina Nourse Olivia Alice ACKLAND Oscar Benno Pedro SEPPELT Oscar Benno SEPPELT Oscar Karl SMITH Otto George Gale Owen DONNOLY Owen GUNN Owen PROWETT Paddy McGovern Pat LAMAN aka LEUNAN Patrick [Paddy] O'Dea Patrick BANNAN Patrick DILLON Patrick Dye Patrick FAGAN Patrick FITZGERALD Patrick HERON Patrick HERON Patrick Hurley Patrick KILKELLY Patrick Lloyd Geoffrey Bennett Patrick MILLER Patrick O'MALLEY Patrick PURTLE Patrick ROACH Patrick SAVANS Patrick SIZE Paul PHILLIPS Paul RADSHAW Paulina Anna Mary KONZAG Pauline Riedel Pearl Mathalda Mengler Percival Edward HAYES Percy Beaton Hunt Percy Howard Joy Percy Pratt WINTER Peter BROWN Peter DEVALIN Peter ENGLAND Peter FagAn Peter J SIZE Peter LIVINGTON Peter MADDERN Peter MCLAREN Peter McMAHON Peter MORAN Peter MURPHY Peter NELSON Peter NICOLL Peter O'DONOGHUE Peter PASCOE / PARCOE Peter Peterson Peter R deebly Peter R DEEBLY Peter ROACH Peter ROBERTS Peter SCOTT Peter Sebiston Peter SEBISTON Peter WILSON PEVERIL Hugh Courtenay KEMPE Phebe MILNER Philip DAVIS Philip KROWSER Philip PEMBURY Philip RIELEY Philip RIELEY [?] Philip ROSSER Philip WHEATON Phillip BOLLARD Phillip WELSH Phoebe HILES Phoebe MORGAN Plugger Bill Plugger Bill not known Powell Oscar RIEDEL Prsicilla PHILCOX Pultney Malcolm Borthwick MURRAY Ralph Drummond ANDERSON Rebecca FORBES Rebecca Robertson Reginald Henry WILSTEAD Reinhold KOWALD Renate Hirte Rhyl HERMON Richard ANDREWS Richard Baker Alderney Richard BATCHELOR Richard Bennett Richard BOASE Richard COEN Richard COLLET Richard COLLETT Richard COOK Richard COUCH Richard DIGNAM Richard DOWLING Richard DOYLE Richard Ernest PRATT Richard Gloyne Richard GLOYNE Richard GUNDRY Richard HITCHEN Richard Hockin Hodge MARRACK Richard HOOPER Richard HURST Richard HURST Richard Ian CHURCHES Richard IVERSON Richard Jabb Brown REID Richard James Greenfield Richard KELLENDER Richard KETTLE Richard LAPPIN Richard Mathews Richard PARMENTER Richard Peachey Richard PINKSTONE Richard ROBINSON Richard Sandys ROGERS Richard scandrett Richard SMITH Richard STEPHENS Richard Stoeckel Richard Thelwall MAURICE Richard William IRLAM Richard WILLIAMS Robert Affleck (Bob) SANDERS Robert ANDREWS Robert Banks Penny Robert Banks PENNY Robert BICKLES Robert BOWDEN Robert BROWN Robert Cameron CRAN Robert Craig Robert Davenport Robert EARNSHAW Robert Ernest Page Robert Fry Robert GEAKE Robert George Green Townsend Robert George Townsend Robert GLADSTONE Robert Graham William WARWICK Robert Hastings NORMAN Robert HUGHES Robert James LORD Robert John GREENFIELD Robert John SMITH Robert LLOYD Robert LLOYDEN Robert MARSHALL Robert McCALLUM Robert McCULLOUGH Robert McDonald Robert MCLAUGHLIN Robert NETO Robert Noel Davenport Robert O'Hara BURKE Robert PRINGLE Robert PRINGLE Robert RICHARDSON Robert Rowland KEILY Robert RYAN Robert SCOTT Robert SMITH Robert SPRULE Robert THOMPSON Robert Tobias KNUDSON Robert W HOARE Robert WARWICK Robert WELSH Robert WHITE Robert William HEARNE Roderich McLeod Rodger Edginton Rolly von Rieben Ronald CAMPBELL Ronald James GOUGH Rosa Ellen WEBB Rose Ada Rosina BLINMAN Rosetta ANGAS Ross Alfred CHESTER Roy George HIGGINS Roy George KING Roy PENDER Ruby Doris TRAEGER Rudolf MARSCH Rudolph Ferdinand Deuter Rumbo AMBROSE Rupert MAY Ruth Claire HIGGINS Ruth DEVLIN Ruth Milnes WARWICK Ruth Monica DIXON Ruth RETALLACK S BELLS Sadoo Meah Said Hofiz Sam SON Sam STUBBY Samuel BRAY Samuel BRINKLEY Samuel Davis Samuel DAWKINS Samuel Denham Samuel Edwin ROWE Samuel FREEMAN Samuel HAYES Samuel Link HARRIS Samuel Lyaston LANGMAID Samuel OCOCK Samuel Penglase Samuel PERRY Samuel S Gason Samuel SMITH Samuel SON Samuel WATTS Samuel WILLS Sandra PEABODY Sara ROBERTSON Sarah Ann CARRUTHERS Sarah Ann Cox Sarah DARMODY Sarah DAVIES Sarah Elizabeth Broughton COLE Sarah Elizabeth Rogers Sarah Fowler Sarah FURGUSON Sarah Harriet Wilmshurst WILMOTT Sarah Humphreys Sarah Jane KENNEWELL Sarah Jane VENNING Sarah jones Sarah LEAVER Sarah Louisa WHEATON Sarah MORE Sarah NORMAN Sarah Robinson Sarah Rosetta THOMAS Sarah Shannon Sarah Slatter Sarah SMITH Sarah Susan CRITCHELL Sarah TAYLOR Saree Cum Scotty Bob Scotty Bob not known Selma Melitta SEPPELT Seymour de Gilbert Scowell HAMILTON Sgt Thwaites Sharon Hywood Sibyl Woodhead Silent Teddy Simon WOODS Sophia (Little Sal) Thomas Sophia Ann Harvey Sophia Dauncey Sophia KEILOW Sophie Helene Henrietta SEPPELT Sophie Penfold RAGLESS Sophy Fildes Harvey Stanislaus [aka Sam] Spitaler Stanley Roy Arscott Stephen BETTS Stephen CHANDLER Stephen Elliot Lovel PRICE Stephen LARKIN Stephen RICHARDSON Stephen SHOTTEN Stephen TOOGOOD Stewart DUNCAN stilborn UNKNOWN Sundah SINGH Susan Martha CROMBIE Susan Mary JONES Susan May Clarke Susan Rabbich Susan ROBERTSON Susan ROZEE Susanna Kaye CAPES Susanne ANGAS Suzanna Michelle BERRETT Sydney Albert Whittle Sydney Bernhardt SCHRAPEL Sydney Robert LETTON Sylvia M JEFFRIES T Herbert T J WYSE T SULLIVAN T T TAYLOR T W KING [?] Thelma Irene HOAD Thelma Lucy CHESTER Thelma Mavis KING Theodor Carl Kaesler Thomas (Tom) Rogers Thomas (Tom) Tracy Thomas aka Yorky aka Yorky Tom aka Thomas YORK GILLAN Thomas Albert NOCK Thomas Alfred Beesley Thomas ALLEN aka LYALL Thomas ARNOLD Thomas Arundel Anthony Thomas ASH Thomas Augustus PONTON Thomas Bonython Thomas BREWER Thomas BROWN Thomas Butler Thomas C LACKLEA Thomas CARE Thomas CARROLL Thomas Carvis Thomas CHAMBERS Thomas Clark Thomas COCKSHEAD Thomas Colbert Thomas Daniel Thomas DAVIS Thomas Deegan Thomas Denham Thomas Dennis JACKSON Thomas DOLMER Thomas DREWER Thomas Enock Thomas FARMER Thomas FISHER Thomas FLEMING Thomas GATES Thomas Gum Thomas GUMMER Thomas HALLIDAY Thomas HAWKINSON Thomas Henry Winter Thomas HEYWOOD Thomas Highet Thomas HILES Thomas HOLTON Thomas HOPE Thomas HORNE Thomas HUNTER Thomas JACKSON Thomas JAMES Thomas James LONG Thomas John Eustice Thomas JOHNS Thomas JONES Thomas Leslie FORD Thomas Lew Sommerville Thomas Lloyd Harrop Thomas LORT Thomas LUCY Thomas Ludlow Thomas LYONS Thomas MACEY Thomas MILLER Thomas MULLER or MILLER Thomas Norton HINDES Thomas O'RIELY Thomas Oliver Thomas Paine BELLCHAMBERS Thomas PATTERSON Thomas PEARCE Thomas PICKETT Thomas REA Thomas REES Thomas REILLY or RIDER Thomas ROWLAND Thomas SAWTELL Thomas SELBY/SIBLEY Thomas SHARP Thomas SHERIDEN or SHERVAN Thomas SKINNER Thomas Smythe HOLYOAKE Thomas SOLOMON Thomas SPENSWICK Thomas STAGG Thomas STYLES Thomas TOMS Thomas TRACEY Thomas WALLACE Thomas WARD Thomas WARWICK Thomas William CHESTER Thomas William Noel (Tommy) TRELOAR Thomas WILLIAMS Thomas Williams Cornelius Thomas Williams STYLES Thomas WRIGHT Thomas Young Thomas YOUNG [?] Thursa CRITCHELL Timothy BROSEMAN Timothy DARBY [?] Timothy MADDEN Timothy PARSONS Tom COWELL Tom MCLAREN Tom UNKNOWN Tommy TOMMY Tuisko Turso SEPPELT twin [1] BEINKE twin [1] Lawson twin [2] BEINKE twin [2] Lawson twin son [1] Leckie twin son [2] Leckie Udo Waldemar SEPPELT un-named Norvill unknown GRAY unm. female Simpson unnamed female baby THOMPSON unnamed female Sommerville Ursula May Whittle Victor HANLON Victoria Maud SEPPELT Vincent Neil LITTLE Violet Milne W [male] DINNISON W [male] KOCH W A MacFarlane W SKEHAN Walter BAKER Walter Brand Walter Broughton Bowman Walter COOTE Walter David Randall Walter Denham Walter Edward NORTHCOTT Walter Gill Walter Henry James Thwaites Walter Henry Scott Walter Hill Walter John Harcourt ROWLAND Walter John Phillips GREENFIELD Walter LANGLEY Walter Richard Keast Walter Richards Wee Ting Whitnow Standley Wilfred Winton TOWILL Wilhelm August STASINOWSKY Wilhelm Lindner Wilhelm MOHR Wilhelm Otto Karl schmidt Willam LEWIS William MORGAN William [?] BURTON [?] William ACKLAND William AGNEW William Alfred THOMAS William ANDERSON William Andrew MESSENGER William Armour William ARMOUTH William Arthur DAWES William BAGNELL William Barnet SAWERSWALD William BEAR William BENDEL William BENDELL William Benjamin BROOKS William Bermingham William BERTRAM William BIGNELL William BIGNELL [?] William BLACK William BLAKESBY William BLANK William BOWDEN William Bracken William BREZE William Brian SHANNON William BROWN William Brown William BUNTING William Burke William Butler William Byrnes William C GOME William CAMPBELL William Charles Chapman William Charles WRIGHT William COLE William COOPER William COULTHARD William COX William CROSSMAN William CUTHBERTSON William Daniel STONE William Dare William David Talbot William David TULLOCH William DAWSON William Dobel DRAWBRIDGE William DUFFELL William EATON William Edward Rosenzweig William Edwards William ElliotT William Emanuel BRALLA William ENGERTHORPE William Ethrick Smith William Evans William FARMER William FLOWERS William FORD William Fowler William GARRETT William George BURRAGE William George Corkhill William George SEXTON William George SIMPSON William GRAY William Green Harding William GULLAGE William Halfpenny Humby William HANKS William Harkness MURRAY William Henry CHESTER William Henry GREENFIELD William Henry MEETEN William Henry Snr JONES William Henry THOMPSON William Henry WELLINGTON William Heyward McKINLAY William Higgins SMITH William Hosken William HOSKINS William HUGGINS William Ilberry William J Hammond William J HARRIES William James Alexander (Jim) CROMBIE William James Wilson William John CROMBIE William John JOHNSON William John WILLS William Johns William JOHNSON William JONES William Joseph CLARKE William Joseph martin William Joseph MARTIN William KINCH William KNOX William Light William LILLIARD William LINGARD William LiTster William LITTLE William LIVINGSTONE William Lutherland William MAHONY William MAHONY / MAHONEY William MALCOLM William MARTELL William Matthew GOODE William MAXWELL William McCORMICK William McPHERSON William Melton William MILLER William Morgan Anthony William MUNROE William Murchland William MURRAY William myers William MYERS aka THOMPSON William Napper William Nugent William O'Brien William OCEN / OSIN William Oliver William PACKER William Page William PATCHING William PEARCE William PLANT William PORRITT William potts William PURVIS William Reece William Robert HOUSLEY William ROBERTS William ROBERTSON William Robinson William Robson SWAN William Rowe Hill William SANDFORD William Scott William Seymour William Shannon William SHERRIFF William SHIELS William SIMMONS or Arnouth William SMITH William Sommerville William SPENCER William Spencer SPINDLER William SPRAGUE William SQUIRES William STANLEY William Stanley HERBERT William STEELE William Stone William Tapper William Templer William THOMAS William Thomas MAIN William TRAVERS William Trenorden William Turner William WALKER William WALSH William WARWICK William WATSON William Weinert William Wheatcroft William Whitford William WHITTEL William WILKINS William Wilkinson William WILLIAMS William WILSON William WREN Williamson Wright Winifred SIZE Winifred Stokes SEPPELT Wyckliffe Wallace Crawford Xaver Arno SEPPELT Yhonnie Christina WHITE Yves NEWDER </noscript>
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