BDM Certificate transcription service

Adelaide Proformat has been providing a transcription service for South Australian birth, marriage and death certificates (vital records) since mid 1994.

The work is undertaken by using the filmed district registrars' certificates and you should check the availability of certificates before ordering.

Clients should also note that some early South Australian certificates cannot be transcribed (usually pre 1856) as the films are not available for viewing. The District Registrar Birth Death and Marriage duplicate certificate is identical to the 'original' held in the Principal Registry. There are examples of District Registrar Birth Death and Marriage duplicate certificate being the only example available as the Principal Registry never received their copy!

The transcription is produced in the same format as the original and contains everything written and printed on the certificate plus sourcing details and explanatory notes if necessary.

NOTE: In the examples below the company logo appears—in the versions purchased privately this is omitted.:

Adelaide Proformat undertakes transcriptions once a week and posts/emails them the next day.

The normal delivery process is an attached emailed PDF file or postage within AUS at no additional charge.

To order a transcription just complete appropriate sections in the form.

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