Tools for astute family historians

henNo organised family researcher can expect to be a successful operator if they do not employ the three basic tools of research. The alternative approach is the hunt and peck of the barnyard!

Don't scratch around like an old hen...

As a service to the family history community Graham Jaunay offers free downloads of the following tools for private use of family historians and teachers on the condition that they are not altered in any way.

The essential tools

pdf Pedigree Chart
pdf Family Chart
pdf Research log
Some checklists

pdf ENG/WLS Census checklist
pdf ENG/WLS GRO checklist
pdf General checklist
pdf IGI checklist
pdf UK Parish Register checklist
pdf ENG/WLS Probate checklist

Using these instruments will ensure that research is systematic and organised.

You can create other instruments that will ensure your work is as professional and scientific as possible. When you first open up a new series of records, copy the name of each field across ruled columns in an exercise book. That way you will ensure you collect the material in every field as you progress through the records and will not arrive home to discover a return trip is required because you missed some or part of the entries!

Good researchers, regardless of their level of experience, use these tools and instruments!

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