Family History seminars and presentations

Graham Jaunay has a range of popular seminars, talks and workshops. Many libraries, family history societies and conferences engage him to present a session. All sessions use a PowerPoint presentation and most have an associated handbook that can be purchased. Graham Jaunay does not organise seminars but can be booked to give presentations.
It is an expectation that organisers will:

1. Advise participants to bring notebook and pen.
2. Advertise the fact that the handbook will be available and its price.
3. Organise a refreshment break for two and three hour sessions midway through.
4. Provide white-board if possble as is a useful aid for detailed explanations.
5. Provide a speaker's table and set up the venue appropriately.
6. Make provisions for a PowerPoint presentation. Graham Jaunay can bring his own laptop, projector and screen.
7. Promote and arrange to sell Graham Jaunay's books at the function.

Refreshments are to be supplied by the organisers who may elect to levy a charge on participants only.
Most seminars can be cut down to accommodate shorter time slots.
Photocopied handouts (when used) will be supplied at no cost.
Note that some sessions require Internet access via cable or wireless.

The fee is AUD40.00 per hour for each session.
There is no travel charge within an 80km radius of the Adelaide GPO. However, any parking station fees within Adelaide city will be reimbursed by the organisers.
For engagements requiring 80 to 400 km travel, reimbursement of petrol expenses is required.
For engagements beyond 400 km, reimbursement of economy airfare, airport transfers and local travel to the venue is required.
Venues more than 250 km from the Adelaide GPO will need to make appropriate accommodation arrangements.

Organisers are welcome to charge a fee determined by them to participants.

Graham Jaunay has to refuse a number of speaking engagements every year because of heavy bookings. If you decide to organise a function please make early contact. a list of suggested topics

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