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Newspapers for South Australia family history

Newspapers are the great untapped resource for family historians. Unfortunately they are many and rarely indexed. Their nature does not lend them to successful electronic scanning with OCR facilities and therefore they remain relatively unused.
Family historians will find two particularly useful sections within newspapers:
   • personal notices and particularly births, deaths, marriages and funeral notices
   • obituaries
The former reached their zenith in the 20th century when personal incomes and classified advertisement charges reached a level that allowed average people to post a notice. In earlier times the costs often prevented the placement of a notice and I suspect with the falling popularity of newspapers today we will see a corresponding decline in notices being posted. Register Personal Notices 3 vols published by Gould Genealogy indexes the Register Personal Notices from 1836 to 1870. Recent BMD notices in the Advertiser are being compiled by the SA Genealogy & Heraldry Society.
Obituaries are very much the result of the contribution the deceased has made to their society. The rich and famous will often feature but readers should not discount that many people made contributions to their niche in the community who then saw fit to submit an obituary. Readers should attempt to trace the small regional and religious newspapers for an improved chance of finding this material.
Prior to WW2 many regional towns maintained newspapers. Their demise came with the improved communication that allowed major city newspapers to be distributed quickly and the development of radio and later television news broadcasts.newspaper map newspapersadelaide newspaperseyre newspapersfleurieu newspapersfleurieu newspapersriver newspapersse newspapersfarnorth newspapersnorth
The other feature of newspapers is of course the news. While your family is unlikely to be featured in the news, you can still get an indication of their life experiences by reading their local newspapers.
In South Australia newspapers can be located at the State Library of SA and the interactive map adjacent will display regional lists.
In undertaking research over more than a twenty years Graham Jaunay has made a passing note of over 9500 newspaper obituaries. In using this resource the reader should be aware that this was not a systematic search of runs of newspapers and therefore is far from complete. At this time the coverage is limited to 1836 to 1917 as every entry has been matched to the SA Death Index. A further 4000 entries from 1915 to 1930 have yet to be checked.. Just type in the surname of interest below.
Other indexes helpful in newspaper searching include the Abbott Index at the State Library of SA which lists birth, marriage, death and obituaries in some South Australian newspapers for the period 1837–1936. The papers included are marked (A with date range) in the list generated by the map. The Blair Index at the SA Genealogy & Heraldry Society covers newspapers marked (B with date range) in the list generated by the map. The Keain Index at the State Library of SA lists birth, marriage, death and obituaries in Catholic newspapers marked (K with date range) in the list generated by the map.
State Records of SA has references to published obituaries in series, GRG 56/75 The Biographical Card Index. The material is limited in that it provides references to prominent and infamous South Australians who are predominantly men.

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<noscript> Guichen Bay Jacky ABBOTT Alfred George ABBOTT Giles ABBOTT Jacob ABBOTT Jane ABBOTT Matthew ABBOTT Robert Bilney ABBOTT Thomas ABBOTT Thomas Augustus ABBOTT William ABBOTT William Henry ABBOTT ABELL ABERFOYLE Jessie ABERNETHY John ABLETT Abraham ABRAHAMS Martha Dorothea Mira ABRAMOWSKI Abraham ABRHAMS Eliza Jane ACRAMAN Thomas Edward ACRAMAN Joseph ACRES Frederick Charles ACTON ADAMS Edmund ADAMS Epehetus ADAMS Francis John ADAMS Henry ADAMS Jane ADAMS Janet ADAMS John Thomas ADAMS John William ADAMS Mary Ann ADAMS Mathew ADAMS Matthew ADAMS (Nurse) ADAMS Rose Columba ADAMS William ADAMS William Glyn ADAMS ADAMSON Adam ADAMSON David Beveridge ADAMSON James ADAMSON John ADAMSON John Beveridge ADAMSON Lydia ADAMSON Margaret ADAMSON Margaret ADAMSON Mary Magdalene ADAMSON ADCOCK ADDAMS ADDISON Arthur Richman ADDISON Catherine ADDISON Elizabeth ADDISON John Gollan ADDISON Thomas Plummer ADDISON ADEY Mabel Edith ADEY Percy Drummond ADEY William ADEY ADOLPH AFFLECK John Henry AFFORD Rosina AFFORD Thomas Dean AFFORD Rachel AGNEW AIKEN William Harrison AINSWORTH Elizabeth AIRD George AIRD William AIRD Alfred George AISH Elliot AITCHISON Samuel Frederick AITCHISON AITKEN Thomas Heaton AKROYD Johann Ernst Friedrich Louis ALBERS Herman August ALBERT ALDENHOVEN Nathan Marcus aka Hillel Nissim ALDER alderman Eugene Horatio alderman Mary Ann ALDERSEY George Sydney ALDRIDGE ALEXANDER George Albert Warburton ALEXANDER John ALEXANDER Louisa ALEXANDER Moritz ALEXANDER ALFORD Evelina Moore ALFORD George Percival ALFORD Henry ALFORD Sarah ALFORD Frederic ALGAR James ALGIE ALLAN Catherine ALLAN David ALLAN ALLBRIGHT ALLCHIN Edward ALLCHURCH ALLEN Catherine Blake ALLEN Charles Barton ALLEN Charles G ALLEN Elizabeth ALLEN George Wigram ALLEN James ALLEN James Alfred ALLEN James Bernard ALLEN Jane ALLEN John ALLEN John Southwell Osborn ALLEN Joseph ALLEN Maria Anna ALLEN Robert Harry ALLEN Sarah ALLEN Thomas ALLEN William ALLEN Harry Eldred ALLISON William Ruler ALLISON ALLNUTT William Dixon ALLOTT George ALSTON ALTHORP ALTMANN Johann Carl ALTMANN ALTSCHWAGER Ann AMBER Elizabeth AMBER William AMBROSE Edward AMORY Mary AMORY George AMOS Bernhard AMSBERG ANDERS Wilhelm Ernst ANDERS ANDERSON Alexander Gavin ANDERSON Archibald ANDERSON Elizabeth ANDERSON Frank de Winton ANDERSON James ANDERSON John ANDERSON John Bernard ANDERSON Marion ANDERSON Peter Fredreick ANDERSON Ralph Drummond ANDERSON Robert ANDERSON Susan Prowse ANDERSON Frederick ANDERSSON Johann Wilhelm Max ANDRESEN Johann Wilhelm Max ANDRESEN William ANDREW Richard ANDREWARTHA ANDREWS Alfred John ANDREWS Charles Abdy ANDREWS Edward William ANDREWS F W ANDREWS Forester Edward ANDREWS Frederic George ANDREWS FW ANDREWS Henry James ANDREWS Henry Lewis ANDREWS John ANDREWS Margaret Elizabeth ANDREWS Richard ANDREWS Richard Bullock ANDREWS William Fullarton ANDREWS George French ANGAS Susanne Collins ANGAS William Thomas ANGOVE ANGUS Sarah ANGUS William ANGUS ANGWIN Catherine ANGWIN Eliza ANNELLS John William ANNELLS Henry ANSON ANSTEY George Alexander ANSTEY ANTHONY John ANTHONY Robert Hook ANTHONY Thomas ANTHONY Mary Louise ANTONIO APPELT APPLEDORE Ann APPLETON Richard APPLETON ARBON Elizabeth ARCHER Jane ARCHER Thomas F ARCHER Thomas Francis ARCHER ARCHIBALD James ARCHIBALD ARGENT Fanny ARGENT Johann Fridrick Martin ARMBRUSTER Amos ARMOUR James ARMSTRONG John ARMSTRONG James Edward ARNOLD Matthew ARNOLD Robert ARNOLD ARTAUD ARTHUR Jemima ARTHUR John ARTHUR Thomas ARTHUR William ARTHUR Thomas Charles ARTHURS George ASH Shadrach ASH ASHBY Ellen Augusta ASHBY Naomi ASHBY ASHENDEN ASHTON William ASHTON William Obed ASHTON Edward Marston� ASHWIN ASLIN Sackfield ASPLIN ASSHETON Phebe ASTON Mary ATACK William ATACK ATKINS Bridget ATKINS George Purcell ATKINS ATKINSON Anthony Alfred Hack Owst ATKINSON Blanche ATKINSON Frederick John ATKINSON James ATKINSON Mary Ann ATKINSON Thomas ATKINSON ATTENBOROUGH George ATTENBOROUGH Sarah ATTENBOROUGH Adolphus ATTERSALL Adolphus ATTERSOLL Andrew ATTIWELL Mary Ann ATTIWELL ATTIWILL ATTRILL Berthold AUERBACH Eliza Hartland AULD Patrick AULD William Patrick AULD AUNGER AURICHT Ernst Gustav Furchtegott AURICHT Johannes Friedrich Gotthilf AURICHT AUSTIN Edward AUSTIN John Baptist AUSTIN Thomas AUSTIN Martha AVERY Richard AVERY George AVEY Thomas Peters AXFORD AYERS Anne AYERS Frederic AYERS Henry AYERS AYLIFFE Elizabeth AYLIFFE Esther AYLIFFE George Hamilton AYLIFFE Henry AYLIFFE Henry Charles Hamilton AYLIFFE Jane AYLIFFE Thomas Hamilton AYLIFFE Benjamin Herschel BABBAGE Charles BABBAGE John Robert BACK William John BACK George Henry BACKHAUS Charlotte BACON BADCOCK Paul BADCOCK BADDAMS George Smyth BADEN-POWELL James BADENOCH David BADGER Gibson BADGER BADMAN BAGOT Charles Harvey BAGOT Christopher Michael BAGOT Cristopher Michael BAGOT Edgar BAGOT Edward Meade BAGOT Eliza BAGOT John BAGOT Ulysses North BAGOT BAGSHAW John Stokes BAGSHAW William Edward BAGSHAW Elizabeth BAGSTER Josdiah Shirley BAGSTER Josiah Howell BAGSTER James BAIGENT BAILES BAILEY James BAILEY John BAILEY Robert BAILEY William J BAILEY BAILLIE Charles Sutherland BAILLIE David BAILLIE Frederick William BAILY BAIN Margaret BAIN Margaret BAIN Capel BAINES Frederick William BAINES Adam BAIRD BAIRSTOW BAKER Albert George BAKER Alice BAKER Arthur John BAKER Arthur John BAKER Edward Knight BAKER Eliza BAKER George BAKER Henry Chaffey BAKER Henry Charles Wyndham BAKER James Henry BAKER John BAKER Mary BAKER Robert BAKER Robert Morton Scruton BAKER Sarah BAKER Thomas BAKER Valentine BAKER William Asquith BAKER William Brian BAKER BAKEWELL Jane BAKEWELL Samuel BAKEWELL William BAKEWELL BALD BALDWIN Alfred Abraham BALDWIN Margaret BALDWIN Charles King BALDWINSON Archibald BALFOUR Carl George BALK BALL Adam BALL Adam Gustavus BALL Susan BALL John BALLANCE BALLANTYNE Thomas BALLANTYNE Charles BALLARD George BALLINGALL William BALY BAMBRICK Catherine BAMPTON George BAMPTON Thomas Baker BANCROFT Johann Frederic Ludwic BANDT Richard Otto BANDT BANNIGAN BANNISTER BARBARY BARBER John BARBOUR BARCLAY George BARCLAY John James BARCLAY Margaret BARCLAY BARKER Alfred BARKER Ebenezer Jesse BARKER Edward Hampton Blair BARKER Frederic BARKER James John BARKER Jane BARKER William BARKER BARLOW Alice Elizabeth BARLOW George BARLOW Joseph Gould BARLOW Thomas BARLOW John BARNDEN BARNES Catherine BARNES Henry Thomas BARNES Richard Bygrove BARNES Thomas BARNES William Austin BARNES Margaret BARNET William BARNET William Henry BARNET Isaac Thomas BARNETT Rachel BARNETT William BARNETT BARONS BARR James BARR BARR SMITH BARRATT BARRETT Edward BARRETT Elizabeth BARRETT George L BARRETT Jane Forman BARRETT John BARRETT Thomas James BARRETT William BARRETT William Wolseley BARRETT Leonard BARRINGER BARRITT Hannah Sophie BARRITT Joseph BARRITT William BARRON Emma BARROW John BARROW Elizabeth BARROWMAN BARROWS BARRY James BARRY Johan Christian BARTEL Frank Henry BARTELS Elizabeth BARTLE BARTLETT George BARTLETT Harry BARTLETT James BARTLETT Thomas BARTLETT Hannibal BARTLEY Sarah Ann BARTLEY William BARTLEY Charles Howard BARTON George BARTON Henry BARTON Mary Ann BARTON BARTRAM BARTSCH BASEBY BASEDOW Christian Friedrich BASEDOW Martin Peter Friedrich BASEDOW Frederick BASEY Charles Abraham BASHAM William John BASHAM BASSETT Emilie BASSETT Frederick Farmer BASSETT James Bailey BASSETT William BASSETT John BASTARD Thomas BASTARD EGERTON LEE BATCHELOR BATEMAN Elizabeth BATEMAN BATES Charlotte BATES George BATES Hannah BATES Samuel BATES James BATEUP BATH BATTEN Stephen John BATTEN Heinrich Moritz BATTENBERG BATTERSBY Thomas BATTERSBY BATTON BATTYE William BATTYE BAUER BAULDERSTONE BAUM Samuel BAVERSTOCK BAWDEN John BAWDEN Lucy BAWDEN BAXTER Aaron BAXTER Alexander John BAXTER Charlotte BAXTER Benjamin BAYE BAYER Ernest Henry BAYER BAYLISS BAYNE Howard Frederick BAYNE BAYNES Franćois Achille BAZAINE BEACH Elizabeth BEACH FLORENCE AMELIA BEACH Frederick Dewe BEACH BEACHAM BEALE Edwin Arthur BEARE Lucy BEARE BEATON David Gregory BEATTIE Elizabeth BEATTIE William BEATTIE Elizabeth Grace BEAUCHAMP Charles Frederick BEAUMONT James BEAUMONT John BEAUMONT William BEAUMONT BEAVEN Eugene Beavergile BEAVER Theresa BEAVER Thomas BEAVIS BECK Carl BECK Charles BECK Jane BECK John BECK BECKMAN Ann Carew BECKWITH Henry Lancaster BEDDOME Mary Anne BEDDOME Robert Winter BEDDOME Samuel BEDDOME William Thompson BEDNALL BEE John Tallant BEE George Stephenson Berry BEEBY Margaret BEEBY Ann BEESLEY Edward Glass Holt BEEVOR William BEGG John BEGGS John BEHENNA Friedrich Wilhelm BEINKE BELCHER Joseph Moulden Judson BELCHER William Henry BELCHER BELL Allan BELL Annie BELL David BELL Grace BELL Joseph BELL Peter BELL BELLCHAMBERS Carl August Ludwig BELLING BELLINGER Henry BELLINGHAM BELSTONE WilliamCharles BELT BENHAM Charles BENHAM Richard Somersal BENHAM Susan BENJAMIN BENNET BENNETT Elizabeth BENNETT Elizabeth Jane BENNETT Frederick William BENNETT Gabriel BENNETT John BENNETT Nicholas Dunstan BENNETT Richard BENNETT Thomas Boutflower BENNETT Thomas Charles BENNETT William Smith BENNETTS James BENNY Susannah BENNY William BENNY BENSON Alfred BENSON Edward White BENSON Edward BENTLEY Abraham BERMANN BERMINGHAM Walter BERMINGHAM BERNDT BERNHARDT John BERRIDGE Thomas BERRILL BERRY Frederick Harry BERRY Joseph Barclay BERRY Samuel BERRY Matilda Hannum BERRYMAN Richard BERRYMAN Paul BERT Joseph BERTRAM BESANKO Brian Charles BESLEY John BESLEY Mary Anne BESLEY BEST Eliza BEST George BEST Rachel BEST Thomas BESWICK BETHUNE BETTISON William Henry BETTS Friedrich Ferdinand Graf von BEUST Ann BEVAN Frederick Ludwig BEVILAQUA Margaret BEVIS BEVISS Cecilia Darling BEWS David BEWS Franz Victor BEYER Samuel BEZAR BICE Anne BICKERS John BICKERS Robert BICKERSTETH BICKFORD Amy BICKFORD Fanny BICKFORD Harry Fairweather BICKFORD James BICKFORD William BICKFORD William Stonelake BICKFORD BICKHOFF BICKLE Elizabeth BICKLE BIDDLE Jane BIDGOOD BIGGS Caleb BIGGS James BIGHAM John BIGHAM Margaret BIGHAM BILLIATT John BILLING Minnie Mabel BILLING BILLS Alice BILLS William BILLS Mary Ann BILNEY Thomas BILNEY William Lawrence BINKS BINNEY Joseph BINNEY William Henry BINNEY William Thomas BINNEY BINNING BIRBECK BIRD James BIRD Percy Lionel BIRD Thomas BIRD BIRKIN BIRKS BIRRELL Ellen BIRT Jane BIRT William BIRT BISCHOF BISHOP Alice Elizabeth BISHOP Arthur Charles BISHOP Elizabeth BISHOP George BISHOP James BISHOP JH BISHOP John BISHOP John Henry BISHOP Mary BISHOP Phillippa BISHOP Reuben BISHOP Thomas BISHOP William BISHOP Otto Eduard Leopold von BISMARCK BLACK Caroline BLACK Ellen BLACK Ellen Barham BLACK Joseph BLACK William Edwin BLACK Thomas BLACKALL George BLACKEBY William James BLACKER BLACKET Ebenezer Edward BLACKET BLACKETER BLACKHAM Frederick Keane BLACKHAM Richard BLACKLER William BLACKLER Edwin Gordon� BLACKMORE Eleanora Elizabeth BLACKMORE BLACKNEY BLACKSELL David BLACKWELL Thomas BLACKWELL Frederick James BLADES BLAIN John Chippendale BLAIN BLAIR Francis Malcolm BLAIR James J BLAIR BLAKE Joseph BLAKE Jean Joseph Louis BLANC John BLANCH BLAND Charity BLATCHFORD John Ignatius BLEASDALE BLEECHMORE Charles Augustus BLEECHMORE Edwin George BLEECHMORE Joseph Edwin BLEECHMORE BLESING BLIESCHKE Carl BLIESCHKE William BLIGHT Tom BLINMAN William BLINMAN Richard BLISS Frederick Barnard BLONDEL John Henry Smyth BLOOD Matthew Henry Smyth BLOOD William Archibald Sinclair BLUE William BLUFF Carl August BLUME BLUNSDEN Howard BLYTH Jessie Ann BLYTH Neville BLYTH William Wilkins BLYTH John BLYTHMAN BOADEN Gregory BOARD BOASE Joseph BOASE BOCK Hermann Christian BOCKER BODE BODEY James BODINNER BOER BOETTGER Archibald James BOGLE BOGNER Heinerich August Christian BOHM Hans Robert Alfred BOHME John BOLLARD Frederick BOLLEN George BOLLEN Mads Carl BOM BOND Thomas BOND William BOND BONE James Daniel BONE Joseph BONE Anna BONEHAM Charlotte BONNELL Charles BONNEY John J BONNIN BONYTHON Ann BONYTHON George Langdon BONYTHON Robert Langdon BONYTHON William BOOKER Martha Hannah BOON William Flitcroft BOON Alexander Frederick BOORD John BOORD Bannister BOOTH Bannister BOOTH Sarah Anne BOOTH William Charge BOOTH BOOTHBY Benjamin BOOTHBY Elizabeth BOOTHBY George BOOTHBY Joseph Gilbert BOOTHBY Maria Bradbury BOOTHBY Reginald Kingenden BOOTHBY Thomas Wylde BOOTHBY Edward BOOTLE-WILBRAHAM BORMANN Joseph Anthony BORRETT Charlotte BORROW Margaret BORTHWICK William BORTHWICK BOSANQUET Elizabeth BOSHER Simeon Russell BOSISTO John BOSWORTH BOTH Thomas BOTHAM Rebecca BOTT Sarah BOTT Francis Joseph BOTTING Frank South BOTTING Joseph Henry BOTTRALL Stephen BOTTRELL BOTTRILL Anne BOTTRILL Eliza BOTTRILL Stephen BOTTRILL BOUCAUT James Penn BOUCAUT BOULT BOULTON Ellen BOUNDY John BOUNDY William BOUNDY Edward BOURBANDX BOURKE James BOURKE BOURNE BOVILL Henry Howard BOVILL Harriet Elizabeth BOWAN BOWDEN Arthur William BOWDEN Henry BOWDEN Jabez Harvey BOWDEN Jacob BOWDEN John BOWDEN Martha BOWDEN Rachel BOWDITCH BOWELL Edward BOWELS BOWEN Clement James BOWEN Emily Martha BOWEN Frederick Charles BOWEN Harriet Elizabeth BOWEN Henry BOWEN Mary BOWEN Thomas Hopkins BOWEN David BOWER Maria BOWERING BOWLEY Henry BOWLEY BOWMAN Charlotte BOWMAN Isabella BOWMAN John BOWMAN John BOWMAN Jonathan BOWMAN Parker BOWMAN Thomas Richard BOWMAN Victoria Jane BOWMAN William BOWMAN William Milton BOWMAN William B BOYCE Charles Cunningham BOYCOTT Adam BOYD BOYKETT John Herbert BOYKETT William BRABYN Rebecca BRADD BRADDOCK Edward Thompson BRADDOCK Emma BRADDOCK BRADFORD George Augustus BRADFORD William BRADFORD BRADLEY Catherine Graham BRADLEY Edmund BRADLEY Matthew BRADLEY BRADSHAW Ernst BRADTKE Ernst BRADTKE Philip BRADY Reginald Morton Laurence BRADY Thomas BRADY Johann Joseph BRAENDLER BRAILEY William Henry BRAILEY Thomas (Rev) BRAITHWAITE Thomas BRAKENRIDGE John BRANCH Annie BRANDIS Moses Rodrigus� BRANDON James BRANSON Anna BRASSEY Johann Carl Adolph BRAUER Samuel BRAUND BRAY Henry BRAY James BRAY John Cox BRAY Thomas William BRAY Tom Cox BRAY William Carter BRAY John BRAYLEY BRAZEL BREADEN Thomas Frederick BREAKELL Mary BREAKER James BRENNAN John BRENNAN BRENNER Johanna Dprpthea BREUER BREWSTER Abraham BREWSTER Edward Jones BREWSTER Mary Ann BREWSTER BRICE Edward BRICE Harriet BRICE Hermon BRICE John BRICKNELL Joseph BRIDGES BRIDGLAND Martha BRIDGLAND BRIDGMAN BRIESE Henry BRIGGS Henry Edward BRIGHT BRINKLEY Samuel BRINKLEY Charles BRINKWORTH Thomas BRINKWORTH James BRINSDEN Eliza BRINSTER Leonard BRISTOW BRISTOWE Arthur BRISTOWE Francis William BRISTOWE BROAD Ann Matilda BROAD Henry BROAD James BROAD BROADBEAR BROADBENT Arthur Stanley BROADBENT George BROADBENT Harriet BROADBENT John BROADBENT Jane BROADRIBB BROBBLE BROCK Daniel George BROCK John BROCK Denis John BRODERICK James Bernard BRODERICK Lucy Alice BRODERICK John BRODIE Joseph BRODIE Jourdiana Cunningham BRODIE Kenrick Edward BRODRIBB BROMLEY Edward BROMLEY Allen BROOK Ann BROOK Henry BROOK Thomas BROOK William BROOK William O'Shaughnessy BROOKE BROOKER Elizabeth Mary BROOKER William BROOKER Benjamin BROOKMAN Willaim Gordon BROOKMAN BROOKS George BROOKS Mary BROOKS William Henry George BROOKS BROOM BROOMHEAD James BROUARD BROWN Annie Pearl BROWN Betsy BROWN Charles BROWN Charles Alexander BROWN David BROWN Edward George BROWN Elizabeth BROWN Elizabeth Goman BROWN Emma BROWN George William BROWN Harriet BROWN Harriet Voules BROWN Henry BROWN James BROWN Jane BROWN Jessie BROWN Jessie BROWN Jessie BROWN John BROWN John Ednie BROWN Robert BROWN Sarah BROWN TG BROWN Thomas Gattey BROWN Thomas Stacy BROWN Victor Voules BROWN Walter BROWN William Voules BROWN Wyman BROWN BROWN / BOWN Monty BROWNE Thomas Brooks BROWNE William Byron BROWNE William James BROWNE BRUCE Alexander BRUCE Arthur Davies BRUCE Catherine BRUCE Frederic Oberleri BRUCE Henry BRUCE John Albert BRUCE Robert BRUCE Theodore BRUCE William BRUCE William Walker BRUCE BRUER Frederick Christian Wilhelm BRUGGEMANN John Robert BRUMBY BRUMMITT Elenor BRUNDELL Sara Norman BRUNSKILL BRUNTON Wilhelm Ludwig Heinrich BRUSE James BRYAN Cpt BRYANT Hannah BRYANT William Treffry BRYANT BUCHAN BUCHANAN Alexander BUCHANAN Andrew BUCHANAN Duncan BUCHANAN Jane Matilda BUCHANAN Robert BUCHANAN Godfrey BUCHHOLZ BUCK Henry Willam BUCK Robert BUCK Henry William BUCKERFIELD BUCKLEY Robert BUCKLEY Frederich Estcourt BUCKNALL Frederick Estcourt BUCKNALL Frederick BUCKNILL John BUDD John Frederick BUDER BUDERICK Richard BUDGEN John BUICK BUIK BULL John Wrathall BULL BULLIVANT BULLOCK Harriet BULLOCK Jane BULLOCK Elizabeth BULMAN BULS Edward Robert BULWER-LYTTON BUNDEY Albert Edward BUNDEY William BUNDEY Louisa BUNGEY Samuel BUNGEY Jabez BUNTING Ann BURALL BURCH Joseph BURCHARD Catherine BURDEN FB BURDEN Philip Henry BURDEN Emma BURDETT John George BURDETT Angela Georgina BURDETT-COUTTS BURDON Ann BURDON Herbert William James BURDON Robert BURDON BURFORD Abraham BURFORD Anna BURFORD David BURFORD Frances Sarah Ann BURFORD William Henville BURFORD BURGAN Sarah Thomas BURGAN BURGESS Alfred Pickford BURGESS Edward BURGESS Ellen BURGESS Martin BURGESS Walter BURGESS WIlliam BURGESS BURGOYNE John BURICH BURING BURK BURKE Thomas Patrick BURKE Sarah Cartherine BURKITT William Christopher BURKITT Mary BURLEY Susannah BURLEY Sussannah BURLEY Heinrich Wilhelm BURMEISTER BURNARD BURNELL George BURNELL William J BURNET BURNETT Mary Richman BURNETT BURNLEY BURNS Ann BURNS Catherine BURNS Thomas BURNS BURNSIDE William BURRAGE John Percy BURRAUD WH BURRELL Elizabeth Patient BURROWES Ann Maria BURROWS William Francis BURROWS BURT Emily BURT James BURT Michael BURT BURTON Charles BURTON Elixa Hope BURTON Frederick BURTON James Cadman BURTON Jean BURTON Leonard Samuel BURTON Mary Eglington BURTON Jane BURY John BURY Mary BURY Charlotte BUSHELL Henry BUSHELL John Phillis BUSHELL John Wallor BUSHELL Rebecca BUSHELL BUSSENCHUTT Albert BUSSENSCHUTT BUTCHER BUTLER Charles John BUTLER Helena Kate BUTLER John James BUTLER William James BUTLER BUTLER'S BUTTERFIELD Thomas BUTTERFIELD William BUTTERFIELD William BUTTERS Isabella BUTTERWORTH Joseph BUTTERWORTH Stewart BUTTERWORTH George Henry BUTTERY Herbert Pearce BUTTFIELD John Parker BUTTFIELD Frances Adelaide BUTTROSE Thomas Fowell BUXTON Margaret BUZACOTT Alfred BYARD John BYERS BYRNE Joseph Antonius BYRNE James BYRNES BYRT Alfred CABE Francis CADELL CADEN Ellen CADZOW John Henry CAHILL Martin CAIN J W CAIRE CAIRNS Hugh McCalmont CAIRNS William Wellington CAIRNS CALABY CALDER James CALDER William Cormack CALDER Albert Henry CALDICOTT James CALDWELL Juliet CALDWELL Robert CALDWELL Robert Alexander CALDWELL Frederick CALF CALLARY Philip Aloysuis CALLERY CALLIER Charles CALNAN Louisa Allen CALNAN Mary Ann CALNAN Michael CALNAN CAMERON Angus CAMERON Ann CAMERON Charles CAMERON David CAMERON Ellen CAMERON Ewen CAMERON Harry CAMERON Hugh CAMERON John CAMERON Jean CAMMELL William Henry CAMMELL CAMP CAMPAIN CAMPBELL Agnes Dawson CAMPBELL Allan CAMPBELL Anthony John Mantell CAMPBELL Colin CAMPBELL Donald CAMPBELL Grace Dow CAMPBELL Isabel CAMPBELL James CAMPBELL John CAMPBELL RW CAMPBELL Thomas Edwin CAMPBELL William Henry CAMPBELL William Freeman CAMPION CANAWAY Thomas CANDLER CANT CANTY CAPPER John CARBIS CAREY Lewis CARL Annie E CARLIER Michael James CARLILE John Frame CARLING Thomas CARLING Grace CARLYON William CARLYON Emma Sarah CARMAN CARMICHAEL Andrew CARMICHAEL CARMODY CARNE Marie Franćois Sadi CARNOT CARR Jessie Annie CARR John CARR John Bonney CARR Joseph CARR Whitmore CARR Honora CARRIGG James CARRIGG Mary Gertrude CARROLL James CARRUTHERS John CARRUTHERS Walter CARRUTHERS Mariah Phillips CARSLAKE CARSON David CARSON John CARSON CARTER Abraham CARTER Ann CARTER Frank Harrison CARTER John CARTER Joseph William CARTER William CARTER William Alexander CARTER William Bacon CARTER CARTHEW Esther Jane CARTHEW E CARTWRIGHT Jane CARTWRIGHT John Joseph CASARETTO CASEY John CASEY Mary CASH John CASKEY CASSELS Thomas CASSELS Robert Armstrong Carr CASTLE William CASTLE George Henry CATCHLOVE William H CATE CATER CATERER Frederick Isaac CATERER Thomas CATERER Jane CATFORD CATHERINE Edward CATLOW Edward Jones CATLOW CATT Mary CATT William CAUDEL Patrick CAUGHLIN Amy CAUST James Phillips CAUST Thomas Raymond CAUST William CAUST CAVANAGH Anne Brinkworth CAVE Barbara CAVE Wentworth CAVENAGH-MAINWARING William CAVENDISH CAW CAWTHORNE William Anderson CAWTHORNE CELLS CHAFFEY Harriet CHAFFEY CHALK CHALLENGER CHALLINGER Thomas CHALWIN CHAMBERLAIN John Innies CHAMBERLAIN CHAMBERS Ann CHAMBERS Franklin James CHAMBERS James CHAMBERS John CHAMBERS William CHAMBERS CHAMPION Alfred CHAMPION James Banfield CHAMPION John Fox CHAMPION Mart CHAMPION CHANCE Louisa Ann CHANCE William CHANCE CHAND Harriet Celia CHANDLER Jack Charles Wood CHANDLER CHANNON William CHANNON CHANT Antoine EugŹne Alfred CHANZY George CHAPLIN Rebecca CHAPLIN Robert CHAPLIN CHAPMAN Alfred CHAPMAN Alfred George CHAPMAN Alfred Stephen CHAPMAN Anne Boyd Waters CHAPMAN Arthur CHAPMAN David CHAPMAN Edgar CHAPMAN George CHAPMAN Hugh Malet CHAPMAN James Banfield CHAPMAN Joshua P CHAPMAN Mary CHAPMAN Mary Ann CHAPMAN Samuel CHAPMAN Sarah CHAPMAN William CHAPMAN Charles James Stracey CHAPPLE Mary CHARLESTON CHARLICK Robert CHARLICK CHARLTON John CHARLTON William Henry CHARNOCK Eliza CHARTERS Rhoda CHARTIER CHASE CHEADLE Levi William CHEARY Charlotte CHECKETTS CHEEK William Edward CHEESEMAN CHEETHAM Henry CHEETHAM Joseph Wicks CHEGWIDDON Charles Frank CHENNELL James CHENNELL CHENOWETH John CHERRY William CHESSON CHESTER Henry CHESTER Thomas Riggs CHESTERFIELD Josiah Nathaniel CHESTERMAN Jane CHEW Sarah CHEWINGS Magnus CHEYNE James CHIBNALL CHICK CHILDS Stephen Houghton CHILDS William CHILDS Samuel CHILES CHINNER Benjamin Charles CHINNER Thomas CHIRNSIDE Roderick Donald Matheson CHISHOLM CHITTLEBOROUGH James CHITTLEBOROUGH William CHITTLEBOROUGH Jane CHIVELL Kee CHONG Octavis Wilhelm CHRISTEN CHRISTIE Alexander CHRISTIE Margaret CHRISTIE Mary CHRISTIE William CHRISTIE John James CHRISTMAS Charles CHUBB Elizabeth Betsy CHUBB Charles CHURCH John Thomas CHURCH Stephen Boaz CHURCH Emma CHURCHES Samuel CHURCHWARD James CHYNOWETH Michael CLANCY CLARE CLARIDGE Alfred Augustus CLARIDGE Samuel Fredreick CLARIDGE CLARK Albert CLARK Alexander CLARK Algernon Sidney CLARK Caroline Emily CLARK Charles CLARK Edward CLARK George Arthur CLARK James CLARK James CLARK James A CLARK John CLARK John Bond CLARK John H CLARK William James CLARK CLARKE Agnes Walker CLARKE Andrew Langton CLARKE Angus CLARKE Elizabeth CLARKE Frank CLARKE Harriet Susannah CLARKE Mary CLARKE Sarah Rebecca CLARKE Thomas CLARKE William B CLARKE CLARKSON Charles Howard CLARKSON Hannah CLATWORTHY William Denton CLAXTON John CLAYTON Philip CLEARY CLEGGETT Caroline CLEGGETT George Robert CLEGGETT CLELAND Elizabeth CLELAND John Fullarton CLELAND Robert CLELAND William Thomas CLELAND Suzy CLEMENS CLEMENTS Jane CLEZY John CLEZY Margaret (Sr Mary Zeta) CLIFFORD George CLIFTON CLINDENING William Talbot CLINDENING William Henry CLISBY Christian CLODE Thomas CLODE William CLORE Anne CLOSE John Thomas CLOSE Anne Jemima CLOUGH Janet CLUCAS CLUTTERBUCK Charles Frederick CLUTTERBUCK William CLUTTERBUCK John COAT Charles James COATES Elizabeth Ann COATS Elijah COBB James COBB Sarah Eliza COBB James COBBLEDICK Richard COCHRANE COCK John COCK Mary COCK Phillip Langmed COCK COCKBURN George COCKBURN Isabella COCKBURN Isabella COCKBURN Henry Cleveland COCKER Thomas aka ‘Tommy Rough’ COCKERELL COCKRUM Sarah COCKSHELL Henry CODD Edward COE Marianne COE Samuel Cecil COE COFFEN Francis Robert COGHLAN James COGLIN Patrick Boyce COGLIN William Francis COGLIN COHEN Emanuel COHEN William COKER John COLBEY COLE Beaumont COLE George William COLE Henry COLE John William COLE Joseph Stear Carlyon COLE William george Cooper COLE COLEMAN Charles Joseph Lonergan COLEMAN Joseph COLEMAN John William COLENSO John Duke COLERIDGE COLES Arthur Norman COLES John COLES Edward Mammath COLLEY Isabella COLLEY Reginald Beaumont COLLEY Richard Bowen COLLEY Richard Neville COLLEY David COLLIER John COLLIGAN John COLLINGS COLLINS Edward COLLINS Frances COLLINS Jane sarah COLLINS John Brown COLLINS Mary COLLINS Mary COLLINS Reuben COLLINS Thomas COLLINS William COLLINS Edward Gascoigne COLLINSON COLLISON Emily COLLISON Harriet COLLIVER William COLMAN COLQUHOUN Charles COLTMAN Charles Heseltine COLTMAN Elizabeth COLTON John COLTON John William COLTON Mary COLTON Thomas COLTON WM COLTON COLVIN COLYER George COLYER Mary Ann COMBE COMLEY William COMLEY Ellen Elizabeth COMMYNS Charles Henry COMPTON (William) Henry E COMYN Edmond James CONDON Margaret CONDON Ann CONGDON Mary CONGDON Emily CONGREVE George Thomas CONGREVE Henry John CONGREVE William CONGREVE CONIGRAVE Matilda CONIGRAVE CONLIN Michael jean CONLON CONNELL William CONNELL Dennis CONNOLLY CONNOR CONNOR / CONNAN CONOLAN CONRAD Henry CONRY Hendrik CONSCIENCE Ellen CONSIDINE CONSTABLE CONWAY (Bro) CONWAY COOK Charlotte COOK George Frederick COOK Henry David COOK Henry Edward COOK Janet Whitehead COOK John COOK Samuel COOK William COOK William Detmar COOK William Mxon COOK Archibald COOKE Charles Joseph COOKE James COOKE COOMBE Ephraim Henry COOMBE Samuel COOMBE Samuel COOMBE COOMBS Isaac Samuel COOMBS Robert John COOMBS William Green COOMBS William Henry COOMBS Alfred COON Ellen COON COOPER Charles COOPER George Lindsey COOPER George Windham COOPER James COOPER Marion Sarah COOPER Robert COOPER Thomas Henry COOPER William George COOPER John COOTER Mary Ann COOTER COPAS COPE Eliza COPELAND COPLEY Elizabeth COPLEY Eliott COPPEN Elliott COPPEN COPPING Laura Mary Louisa CORBIN Bridget CORCORAN (COCORAN) Mary CORIN William CORMACK CORNELIUS Alfred CORNELIUS Frank Tuckfield CORNELIUS James CORNELIUS Thomas CORNELIUS Thomas Williams CORNELIUS CORNELL Mary CORNER CORNFOOT CORNISH Esther Jane CORNISH Henry CORNISH Herbert CORNISH James CORNISH Samuel CORNISH Thomas CORNISH William CORNISH William Henry CORNISH William Moore CORNISH Ann CORNOCK Henry Senor CORONEL Mary Ann CORONEL Richard James CORR CORRELL Margaret Swanston CORSTON Elizabeth Bevis COSSINS Elizabeth Beviss COSSINS Michael Andrew Angus COSTA COTTER Thomas Young COTTER COTTON George Witherage COTTON William COTTON Robert COTTRELL Charlotte COUCHE John Green COULLS Thomas COULTAS COULTER COULTHARD James COULTHARD John COULTHARD COUMBE James COUNSELL Francis William COUNTER John COUNTER Edward Baldwin COURTENAY COUSIN COUSINS Fanny COVENEY Christina COVENTRY James COWAN Mary COWAN Thomas COWAN William Thompson COWAN Millicent COWARD Robert Leeds COWARD Thomas COWARD COWELL Eliza Hammond COWELL Henry COWIE COWLE COWLEY Thomas COWLEY Thomas COWLING COX Alfred Augustus COX Christopher COX Elizabeth Mary COX Fanny COX Frank COX Gabriel COX Jane COX Lois Ainsley COX Louisa COX Mary Ann COX Reginald Belmore COX Richard Baxter COX William COX William COX John COXELL COZENS George COZENS Richard Stapleton CRABB William CRABB William Stephens CRABB Henry Peter CRAFTER Janet Houston CRAIG Janet Hudson CRAIG John CRAIGIE CRAM Allan CRAM Charles Samuel CRANE Mary Hannah CRANE Joseph CRANK CRANNA Matthew CRANSTON August George CRANZ CRAWFORD Edward James Frederick CRAWFORD Elizabeth CRAWFORD Frazer Smith CRAWFORD Hugh Archibald CRAWFORD Janet CRAWFORD William James CRAWFORD William Stirling CRAWFORD Margaret Cecilia CRAWLEY Philip Henry CRAWLEY Peter CRAY CREASEY CREASY Mary Patience CREBER Susannah CREEK Edward CREMER CRESWICK J CRISP CRISPE CRISPIE CRITCHLEY Edith Blanche CRITTENDEN George CRITTENDEN James CRITTENDEN Samuel CRITTENDEN CROCKER Emma CROCKER Frederick Charles CROCKER John CROCKER John Sheldon CROCKER Thomas CROCKER Joseph Wolley Broadstock CROFT Elizabeth CROKY CROMBIE Jane CROMBIE CROMPTON Joseph CROMPTON Henry CRONIN John CRONK James CROOK CROSBY Daniel CROSBY Henry CROSER CROSS Charles CROSS Lydia CROSS Sarah CROSS John CROSSLEY Reuben Glover CROSSLEY Charles Brimicombe CROSSMAN John CROSSMAN John Young CROSSMAN Stephen Langworthy CROSSMAN George CROUCH James Joseph aka Oswald KEATINGE et al CROUCH Jane CROUCH William Allen CROUCH William Bryan CROUCH William Alfred CROWDER William Nathaniel CROWDER Anne CROWE John CROWE Catherine CROWLEY Mary CROXALL William CROXALL CROZIER Edwin CROZIER John CROZIER William CROZIER CRUICKSHANK Thomas CRUICKSHANK Charles CRUMP CUDMORE Daniel CUDMORE Daniel Henry CUDMORE James Francis CUDMORE Mary CUDMORE James CULLEN Luke Michael CULLEN David CULLEY Francis CULLEY James CULVER Athur Cleghorn CUMING Alexander CUMMING James CUMMING Louisa CUMMING Peter CUMMING Joseph Francis CUMMINGS Edward John CUMMINS Hastings CUN(N)INGHAM Alexander CUNNINGHAM James CUNNINGHAM James Henry CUNNINGHAM Robert Cameron CUNNINGHAM Arthur Augustus Thurlow CUNYNGHAME CURNOW John Henry CURNOW Mary Ann CURNOW Thomas CURNOW Alice May CURRAN CURTIN Eliza Good CURTIN Eliza Good CURTIN CURTIS Henry Charles CURTIS William Frederick CURTIS CUSTANCE James Watson CUTHBERTSON Walter Clarence CUTTEN CUTTS Louisa DA COSTA Grace Robins DADDOW Nicholas Henry DADSWELL Thomas DAER Mary Ann DAFF Philip DAKERS Philip DAKERS DALE Henry David DALE John DALE Thomas DALE John George DALEY John William DALL Isabella Glyn DALLAS William DALLAS William B DALLEY Thomas DALLISON DALLWITZ DALTON Charles Henry DALTON Walter Edwin DALTON DALY Dominick DALY Dominick Douglas DALY Dominick Gore DALY Hubert DALY Michael DALY Patrick DALY Richard Henry DANA George Affleck DANBY Jane Pratt DANCKER DANIEL Josiah Wyke DANIEL Thomas Robert Burt DANIEL John DANIELS DARBY Janet Wilkie DARBY Joseph DARE William DARE DARKE DARLEY Isabella DARLING John DARLING James DARMODY William John DARMODY Sophie DART John Bagley DARVELL DARWENT Joseph DARWENT Charles DARWIN John James DARWIN William Henry DARWIN George Frederick DASHWOOD DATSON DAVENPORT Eliza Jane DAVENPORT Margaret Fraser DAVENPORT Robert DAVENPORT Samuel DAVENPORT William Hand DAVENPORT DAVEY James DAVEY William DAVEY DAVID Julius Christian Wilhelm DAVIDS DAVIDSON George DAVIDSON John DAVIDSON DAVIES Benjamin DAVIES Catherine DAVIES Charles DAVIES Charles Alfred DAVIES David DAVIES ED DAVIES Harriet DAVIES Isabella DAVIES John DAVIES John William DAVIES Samuel DAVIES Selina DAVIES Thomas Harrison DAVIES DAVIS Abraham Hopkins DAVIS Elizabeth Ann DAVIS George Osborne DAVIS Jefferson DAVIS John DAVIS John Lloyd DAVIS Mary Agnes DAVIS Micahel DAVIS DAVISON GW DAVISON William DAVISON Kathleen May DAVITT Edwin DAW John Wickham DAW DAWE DAWES William Bower DAWES DAWKINS Alfred DAWKINS Edith DAWKINS Eli DAWKINS Jane Jemima DAWKINS John DAWKINS DAWSON Charles DAWSON Henry DAWSON James DAWSON Tom DAWSON William DAWSON DAY Anne Elizabeth DAY Charles DAY Charles S DAY Edward George DAY Francis Maria DAY James DAY Jane DAY Minnie Elizabeth DAY Richard DAY Sarah DAY Thomas DAY Walter William DAY Mrs J DAY THOMPSON DAYMAN DE REYHER Elisha DE GARIS DE MOLE Ernest Maudalay DE MOLE Charles DEAN Henry DEAN Herbert DEAN Horace DEAN William DEAN DEANS DEARLOVE William DEARMAN DEAS George Robert DEBNEY Malachi DEEBLE John Francis DEENEY DEER Jonathan DEER Samuel DEERING DEGENHARDT Lina DEGENHARDT Louisa DEGENHARDT William DEGRAVES George DEHANE DELANK DELEHANTY Alfred DELISSER William George DELMONT DEMOLE DEMPSTER James Edwin DEMPSTER Matilda Catherine DEMPSTER Robert Henry Campin DEMPSTER WIlliam Andrew DEMSEY Ann DENFORD Lucy Anne DENING George DENMAN DENNIS Amelia DENNIS Henry Paas DENTON Albert Sidney DERENISH DEROSE Edwin Henry DERRINGTON Edwin Henry DERRINGTON Henry Martin DERRY Jane DESLANDES DESPARD Sylvester DEVINE Margaret DEVITT James DEW James Ingram DEW Edward DEWHIRST Mary Ann DEWHIRST Elizabeth DEWHURST Richard DEWHURST DEY Umberto Ranieri Carlo Emanuele Giovanni Maria Ferdinando Eugenio di Savoia aka Umberto I di SAVOIA DIAMOND John DIBELL James Graham DICK Matthew McKinnon DICK Mr Lindsay’s black boy DICK Charles Culliford Boz DICKENS John Nodes DICKENSON Eliza DICKERSON John William DICKIN John DICKINS DICKSON John DICKSON Peter DICKSON Catherine Margaretha DIENHOFF DILLON William John DILLON Jane DIMENT Thomas Samuel Snell DIMENT William DIMENT Susan DING Thomas DING Edward DINGLE Matilda DINGLE Charles DINHAM DINNISON Mary DINNISON Ann DIPROSE Thomas DISCOMBE DISHER Alexander DISHER Elizabeth DISHER James Wardlaw DISHER Wilhelm Henrick Christoph DITTMAR Herman von DITTMER DIX Edward DIX DIXON Daniel DIXON Ernest George DIXON Frances DIXON George DIXON Jennie DIXON John Henry DIXON Joseph DIXON Joseph Drake DIXON W Hepworth DIXON William DIXON Robert DIXSON Robert F DIXSON DOBBIE Alexander Williamson DOBBIE Thomas DOBBIE James William DOBLE Jane DOBNEY Eliezer Hainsworth DODD Emily DODD James DODD William Jabez DODD George DODGSON DOECKE Amelia Augusta DOECKE DOEHLER Martin DOHERTY Thomas DOHERTY DOHLER Eva Rosina DOHNT DOIG Anna DOIG DOLEY DOLLARD Johann Joseph Ignaz von DOLLINGER John DOLMAN DOMAN DOMASCHENZ Dorothea Agnes DOMEYER Arthur DONALDSON DONNELL John DONNELL DONNELLAN Thomas Joseph DONNELLAN DONNELLY DONOGHUE DONOVAN James DONOVAN DOOLETTE Mary Bartlett DOOLETTE Otto DOPKING DORDOY Paul Gustave DORE Eliza DORMAN John DORMAN Caspar DORSCH Sophia Friederike Hilda DORSCH Henry Thomas DORSETT DORWARD Frederick DOSWELL Morris DOSWELL Charles George DOUGHTY Donald DOUGLAS William DOUGLAS Henry DOULTON Caroline Octavia DOVE DOW DOWDESWELL DOWDY DOWIE Alexander DOWIE Honor Ann DOWIE John Murray DOWIE DOWLING DOWN DOWNER Charles DOWNER Elizabeth DOWNER Harold Field DOWNER John William DOWNER Grace DOWNING John DOWNING Joseph DOWNING George DOWNS DOWSETT Catherine DOYLE John DOYLE Martha Jane DOYLE Michael DOYLE DRABSCH Johann Heinrich Ferdinand DRABSCH Johanna Louise DRABSCH DRAGE DRAKE John Allatt DRAKE Charles DRAPER DRENNAN DREW Charles DREW Francis DREW John DREW Robert Hudson DREW Samuel DREW DREWITT DREYER DRIDAN Frederick Simeon Carns DRIFFIELD Henry John DRISCOLL Mary Ann DRIVER DRUMMOND Charles DRUMMOND Henry DRUMMOND William DRUMMOND James William DUCK Alice DUDLEY DUELL Jane DUELL Robert William DUFF DUFFIELD Fanny Mason DUFFIELD Francis DUFFIELD Francis Henry DUFFIELD Phoebe DUFFIELD Sarah DUFFIELD Walter DUFFIELD DUFFY DUFTY DUGGAN DUGGIN DUHRING George DUKE Jessie DUKE DULDIG Johann DULDIG Florinda Frances DUNBAR DUNCAN James DUNCAN John DUNCAN John James DUNCAN John Stuart DUNCAN DUNCHUE Augustus DUNCOMBE Peter Pomeroy DUNGEY DUNK DUNLOP James Dunlop DUNLOP DUNN Andrew DUNN Ann DUNN Annie DUNN Charles DUNN Daniel DUNN Elizabeth DUNN John DUNN Mary DUNN Mary Ann DUNN William Henry DUNN Henry DUNNE Isabella DUNNING Guy DUNSTALL DUNSTAN John DUNSTAN Augustus Fernand DURAND John Henry DURANT Rebakah DURANT Mary Ann DURBIN Charles Edward DUTCH Charles George Cameron DUTTON Ethel Da Silva DUTTON Francis Stacker DUTTON Frederick Hansborough DUTTON Mary Boughton Rebecca Emma DUTTON Mary Broughton Rebecca DUTTON Zelle Adele DUTTON Ethel Da Silva DUTTON DUXBURY Mary DYER Percy William DYER Robert DYER Henry DYKE John Thomas DYKE Reuben John EAGLE Charles EAGLETON Jane EARLE Mary EARLS George EAST James EAST William EASTHER Charles Ambrose EASTICK EATTS Wilhelm Carl Leopold EBERHARD Albert Ederton Walter EBSWORTH Arthur EDDY EDEN Edwin Bennett EDGECOMBE Elizabeth EDGECOMBE Charles EDGECUMB John EDGELOE Charles EDLIN EDMONDS Arthur Joseph EDMUNDS Joseph EDMUNDS Robert Henry EDMUNDS EDSON Charles EDSON Mary Jane EDSON William EDSON EDWARDS Catherine Ann EDWARDS Edmund Street EDWARDS Elizabeth EDWARDS Ellis Powell EDWARDS George EDWARDS Henry EDWARDS Jane EDWARDS John EDWARDS Mary Ann EDWARDS Richard EDWARDS Robert EDWARDS Thomas EDWARDS Thomas Peirson EDWARDS William EFFIELD Lawrence EGAN John EGGE Mary EGGE Henriette Waldomine Friederike EGGERS Karl Friedrich Wilhelm EGGERS Karl Friedrick Wilhelm EGGERS Agnes EGLINTON Agnes Carr EGLINTON Heinrich Wilhelm EHMCKE Louis George Jacob EHRET EIME Wilhelm EIME George Valentin EIMER Julius Heinrich Christopher EITZEN EKERS Abd el-KADIR ELBOURNE ELDER Alexander Lang ELDER George ELDER Thomas ELDER William ELDER Isac Thompson ELEY John ELEY Sarah ELEY Oscar aka ‘Dante the Great’ ELIASON ELIX Johann Christian ELIX ELLERY James Albert ELLERY Richard ELLERY William ELLERY Ann ELLIOT Frederick John ELLIOT ELLIOTT (Dr) ELLIOTT James ELLIOTT Joseph ELLIOTT Luke ELLIOTT Matthew ELLIOTT Thomas ELLIOTT William Thomas ELLIOTT ELLIS Alfred Edward ELLIS Annie ELLIS George ELLIS Samuel ELLIS Samuel ELLIS Samuel James ELLIS Sophie Ranson ELLIS William ELLIS William Wren ELLIS Catherine Pryce Petre ELLISON Frederich William ELLISON Samuel Kitching ellison John Herbert ELLMAN William B ELPHINSTONE Harriott ELSDEN ELSEGOOD Michael ELWARD John EMERSON Ralph Waldo EMERSON Charles EMERY John EMERY Henry EMES Elizabeth ENGELBRECHT Johann Carl ENGELBRECHT ENGELHARDT Theodor ENGLEBRECHT ENGLISH James ENGLISH Sarah ENGLISH Thomas ENGLISH Margarite Katherine ERHARDT ERICHSEN ERICKSEN ESAU Hermann Charles Frederick ESAU Hermann Charles Fredreick ESAU Mary ESAU Anna Dorothea ESCHNER Anthony ETHERIDGE EUSTIS Dudley Gwyn EVAN Lawrence William EVAN Percy Beaumont EVAN EVANS Agnes EVANS Charles EVANS Charles Louis EVANS Harry Cosgreve EVANS Harry Cosgreve EVANS Henry Angas EVANS Joshua EVANS Mary Allport EVANS Sarah Jane EVANS Sarah Lindsay EVANS Thomas EVANS Mary Ann EVENS Charles John EVERARD Charlotte Everard EVERARD William EVERARD William Francis EVERARD Mary EVEREST EVERETT Charles EVERETT Julia Pryke EVERETT John Reynolds EWENS EWITT EXCELL John Wickens EXCELL John EXELBY EY Adolph Wilhelm Ferdinand EY Johann Martin Rudolph EY John Martin Rudolf EY Julius Friedrich Wilhelm EY John EYLES EYRE Adelaide Fanny EYRE Edith Adelaide EYRE Edward John EYRE Mary Elizabeth FABIAN Thomas FABIAN Thomas FAED FAEHRMANN FAEHSE Jane Mears FAIRBROTHER Maria FAIRCHILD Mary Jane FAIRCHILD Thomas FAIRCHILD Mervyn FAIRCLOUGH FAIREY Philip FALK Thomas Patrick FALLON William FALLOW Elias John FALLU Abraham FANCE Edwin FAREY FARLEY Henry Charles FARLEY James FARLEY FARMER George FARMER FARNDALL FARNDELL Francis FARNDELL Allan FARQUAR William Esahiah FARQUHAR Caroline Mary FARR Charles FARR Julia Warren FARR Robert Bichap FARRAR Robert Bichap FARRAR FARRELL FARROW John William FARROW Thomas FARROW Ann FARTHING Robert FAULKNER FAVILLA Raffaelo FAVILLA Henry FAWCETT William FAX Ellen Mary FAYERS David FEA Sarah FEARNEYHOUGH Benjamin FEATHERSTONE John FEATHERSTONE FEENEY Thomas FELSTEAD FELTUS Francis FENDEN James Bradshaw FENN William Edward FENN FENSOM FENTON John FENTON Henry Hartley FENWICK John Oliver FENWICK FERGUSON Andrew FERGUSON Daniel FERGUSON Hugh FERGUSON James FERGUSON James Crocker FERGUSON Joseph FERGUSON Peter FERGUSON Robert Henry FERGUSON Rosina FERGUSON William FERGUSON William FERGUSON FERGUSSON Alexander FERGUSSON Andrew FERGUSSON Edith Christian FERGUSSON George FERGUSSON James Crocker FERGUSSON Joseph FERGUSSON Margaret FERGUSSON Peter FERGUSSON Joshua FERNEE John Austin FERNELEY Benjamin Neale FERNIE FERRIER Jane Bowden FERRIER FERRIS John FERRY Annie Clay FESENMEYER George Alphonso FESENMEYER Arthur Augustus FESSENMEYER FEWSTER James Thomas FICKLING Caroline FIDGE George FIDGE John FIDGE Lewis FIDGE Thomas FIDGE Friedrich August FIEBIG Heinrich August FIEBIGER FIEDLER FIELD Cyrus West FIELD Henry FIELD John FIELD Thomas FIELD William FIELD FIELDING Albert FIELDING William FILGATE Clark John FILSELL Edwin James FILSELL Ernest Frederick Clark FILSELL George FILSELL Jane FINK FINLAY Anne FINLAY Rose May FINLAY Thomas FINLAY FINLAYSON David FINLAYSON Donald James FINLAYSON Ebenezer FINLAYSON Elizabeth FINLAYSON Frank Arthur FINLAYSON Helen Harvey FINLAYSON William FINLAYSON William Henry FINLAYSON Boyle Travers FINNISS Carl Gustav Reinholdt FISCHER Detlef Ludwig Theodor FISCHER Ernest Valentine FISCHER FISHER Ann Wood FISHER Charles FISHER Charles Brown FISHER CM FISHER Daniel FISHER Elizabeth Ann FISHER Frederick FISHER George FISHER H FISHER Isaac FISHER James Hurtle FISHER John Freferick FISHER Joseph FISHER Julia Humphreys FISHER Robert James FISHER Thomas FISHER William FISHER William Dundas FISHER FISKE John Thomas FITCH George Weston FITTS / FILP Robert FITZ-PHUNKY FITZGERALD Dennis FITZGERALD James Henry FITZGERALD John David FITZGERALD Thomas FITZGERALD John Lodowich Rees FIVEASH William FIVEASH FLANNAGAN FLAVEL Thomas FLAVEL John FLAXMAN FLECK George FLECKER Frederick FLEETWOOD William Edward Weller FLEETWOOD FLEMING David FLEMING James Smith FLEMING John Reddie Garvie FLEMING William S FLEMING Alfred William Roby FLETCHER George FLETCHER Harold Browning FLETCHER William Roby FLETCHER Margaret FLETT Thomas FLETT FLINT Ernest Ebenezer Samuel FLINT William Tod FLINT Esther FLOWER Rebecca FOALE Robert FOALE Charlotte Georgina FOELSCHE FOGARTY FOGGO George FOGGO Charles French FOLLAND Charlotte FOLLAND FOOTE Henry FOOTE Adolph FOPP FORBES Henry Charles FORBES John FORBES FORD Caroline FORD Elizabeth FORD Henry Carwithen FORD John FORD Marie Natalizia FORD Richard FORD Thomas FORD William Edward FORD William Edward FORD Augustus Highmoor FORDER FORDHAM Abraham FORDHAM Charles Francis FORDYCE George FOREMAN John FOREMAN Sarah Jane FOREMAN FORGAN David Latta FORGAN John FORGAN FORMBY Edward FORMBY Julia FORMBY Charles Louis Fernand FORNACHON Alexander FORREST FORRESTEL FORRESTER William FORSAYTH Anthony FORSTER James FORSTER James FORSTER John FORSTER John Goodman FORSTER Sarah Jane FORSTER Susan FORSTER William FORSTER William Edward FORSTER David Smith FORSYTH Thomas Douglas FORSYTH George FORTESQUE Thomas FORTH Charles Drury Edward FORTNUM Charles FORWARD FORWOOD Frederick FORWOOD FOSTER Anthony FOSTER Benjamin FOSTER James FOSTER Sarah FOSTER William Thomas FOSTER Anthony Skeoch FOTHERINGHAM R FOTHERINGHAM Thomas FOTHERINGHAM FOULDS James W FOULDS George FOULIS Harriet FOUNTAIN David FOWLER George Swan FOWLER John FOWLER Martha FOWLER Thomas Charles FOWLER William FOWLER Charles Whitford FOWLES Thomas FOWLES FOX Frances Ellen FOX Philip Browne FOX Robert Oweb FOX Robert Owen FOX Ruth FOX John FRAME Frederick William FRAMPTON John FRAMPTON FRANCE Alfred FRANCE Alfred FRANCE Albert FRANCIS Ann FRANCIS Christopher FRANCIS Elizabeth Jane FRANCIS George aka Francis GILES FRANCIS George William FRANCIS Lydia FRANCIS Peter FRANCIS William FRANCIS William Thomas FRANCIS FRANK Otto FRANK Adelaide FRANKENBERG FRANKLIN Caroline FRANKLIN Frederick Edward FRANKLIN FRANKS Benjamin FRANKS William Hemsley FRANKS FRASER Duncan FRASER Ewen McInnes FRASER Ewen McInnes FRASER George FRASER Hannah FRASER Jane Ann Ferris FRASER John FRASER John Cameron FRASER Robert Brown FRASER Thomas FRASER John FREARSON Samuel FREARSON FREEBORN Arthur Henry FREELING FREEMAN Bell FREEMAN John Andrew FREEMAN John Thomas Freeman-Mitford FREER FRENCH David FRENCH Edward John FRENCH Elizabeth FRENCH Henry FRENCH Henry Bartle Edward FRERE John FREW Mary Kate FREW Robert FREW William FREW Thomas FREWIN FRICK Carl FRICK Charles FRICK Eliza Ann FRICKER FRIEBE John FRIGGENS Charles Gregory FRINAIGLE FRISBY Ernest Albert FRITH FRITSCH William FROGGART FROST Henry Frederich Adolph FROST John King FROST John Simons FRUSHER FRY Arthur Ernest Marshall FRY George Charles FRY Harriett FRY Henry Thomas FRY John Brock FRY Philip James FRY William James FULLARTON FULLER Benjamin Grove FULLER Charles Henry FULLER Claude Scott FULLER Elizabeth Richards FULLER Ellan FULLER George Samuel FULLER Matilda FULLER Samuel FULLER George Edward FULTON FULWOOD John Barnes FUNNELL Charles William FURLER Charles William FURLER Luke Lidiard FURNER Samuel FURNER Annie FURNISS Matthew Henry FURNISS Edith Jane FUSS Heinrich Christian Wilhelm FUSS Thomas FUTCHER FYFE Hannah Jane FYFFE GAERTH Franz Christian GAETJENS Jane GAGE William GALBRAITH GALE Eliza GALE Annie GALL Charles GALL David GALL John GALL William Edward GALLAGHER GALLOP Helen GALLOWAY James GALLOWAY Peter GALT Douglas GALTON Leon GAMBETTA John Joseph GAMEAN GAMEAU Victor GAMEAU GAMLEN GANDY Edward Scott GANDY Charles GANT Henry GANT Sarah GANT Julius GARBIS William James GARD Florance Wilton GARDENER GARDINER Janet GARDINER Robert GARDINER Robert Melville GARDINER GARDNER Elizabeth Jane GARDNER John GARDNER John GARDNER William GARDNER William Felix GARDNER Edward GARE Samuel GARE James Abram GARFIELD Francesco GARGARO Giuseppe GARIBALDI Helen GARIE Daniel GARLAND Hugh Arbuthnot GARLAND Allen Treveny GARLICK Daniel GARLICK Martha GARLICK Thomas GARLICK William Moses GARLICK Giles Gudge GARNAUT GARRETT William GARRETT GARROD Elizabeth Fisher GARSED William Claige GARSED GARTHWAITE GARTRELL Edward GARTRELL Elizabeth GARTRELL Grace GARTRELL Marianna GARTRELL William Henry GARTRELL Thomas GARVEY Alfred Thomas GASKELL Frederick GASKELL John GASKELL GASMIER Anna Maria Dorothea GASMIER John GASMIER GASON Samuel GASON Henry GASQUOINE Mary Ann GATLEY Lino GATTORNA Robert Nelson GAULT Richard Rufus GAUSDEN Alessandro GAVAZZI James William GAWEN Henry GAWLER John Cox GAWLER Agnes Waddell GAY Patrick GAY Percival Vigor GAYLARD Johanna GEACH GEBERT August Christian Wilhelm GEBHARDT Gustav Adolph GEBHARDT Frederick William GEE Jean Idelette GEE James William GEHARTY Dorothea GEHRIKE Charles GELL GELLERT Elizabeth GEMMELL Thomas GEMMELL Henry GENDERS Walter GENERY Mary Hannah GENTRY GEORGE Emma GEORGE Henry GEORGE Richard GEORGE Isaac GEPP Thomas GEPP William GERARD Adolph Hienrich Roderich GERBER Ferdenand Ludwig GERICKE GERKE Wilhelm Ottomar GERKE GERLOFF Charles George GERMAIN John GERMAIN GERMEIN Benjamin GERMEIN Samuel GERMEIN GERNY William GERRARD Jane Trevanion GETHING Jane Trevarion GETHING Robert GETHING William John GETHING GEUE GEYER William GEYER Elizabeth GIBB William GIBB GIBBON GIBBONS GIBBS Phillip GIBINS GIDDINGS Edwin GIDDINGS Elizabeth GIDDINGS William GIDDINGS GIFFORD GILBERT Helena Joanna GILBERT Jane GILBERT Joseph GILBERT Thomas GILBERT William GILBERTSON GILCHRIST Robert GILCHRIST GILES Charles GILES Charles Runnicles GILES Christopher GILES Edward GILES Ernest GILES Hannah GILES Henry GILES Henry GILES Hubert GILES Jane GILES Mary GILES Thomas GILES Thomas GILES Thomas Bruce GILES William GILES GILFILLAN GILL Edwin GILL Elizabeth GILL Henry Pelling GILL Reuben GILL Samuel Thomas GILL Thomas GILL William Cary GILL Joseph GILLARD GILLEN Francis James GILLEN Peter Paul GILLEN Amelia Anne GILLES Lewis Briggs GILLES Lewis William GILLES Louis William GILLES Margaret Sophia GILLES Mary Woodley GILLES Osmond GILLES Osmond Horne GILLES GILLESPIE GILLICK GILLIES James GILLIES GILLMAN Hugh GILMORE Hannah GILPILL Oscar GIRARD Martha GIRDHAM William GIRDHAM GIRRBACH George GITSHAM GLADIGAU GLADSTONE Thomas GLADSTONE GLANDFIELD William GLASSON Henry GLASTONBURY Mary GLASTONBURY William Painter GLASTONBURY Harriet GLEESON John William GLEESON Susan GLEESON Billy GLENCOE Ann GLENN Victor Ferdinand Francis Gustavus Adolphus Constantine Frederic GLETCHEN Arthur E GLIDDON GLOVER Hannah GLOVER John GLOVER John GLUIS Lavington GLYDE Samuel Dening GLYDE GLYNN Frances GOBELL George Henry GODDARD James GODDARD Keturah GODFREY Mary GODFREY John GODLEE Mary Amelia GODLEE Theodore GODLEE Jennatta GODWINN GOLDER GOLDFINCH David GOLDING Stephen GOLDING Walter GOLDING Gustava GOLDNER Ellen Jane GOLDSACK George GOLDSACK Mark GOLDSACK Stephen GOLDSACK GOLDSMITH Daniel Robert GOLDSMITH George GOLDSMITH William GOLDSMITH Helen GOLDSWORTHY James GOLDSWORTHY Jane GOLDSWORTHY William GOLDSWORTHY William GOLDSWORTHY William Henry GOME Edmond Louis Antoine Huot de GONCOURT GOOD Edward GOOD Mary Ann GOOD Thomas GOOD GOODALL John GOODALL William GOODALL William George GOODCHILD GOODE Charles GOODE Jane Harkes GOODE Mary Harriet GOODE Thomas GOODE Thomas Lowndes GOODE Charles Christopher GOODEN George GOODEN William Henry GOODENOUGH GOODES Elizabeth GOODES Mary GOODES GOODFELLOW George Aylett GOODFELLOW John GOODGER John Ransome GOODIAR William GOODMAN GOODRIDGE Eli GOODRIDGE Jane GOODRIDGE Henry Holland Widdowson GOODWILL James Alipius GOOLD GORDON Adam Lindsay GORDON Alexander GORDON Ann GORDON Carlos Pedro GORDON Charles George GORDON James GORDON John GORDON Margaret Leonard GORDON William GORDON GORE Alfred GORE Martha GORE William GORE Thomas GORE-BROWN GORMAN John Charles Christopher GORS Alexander Mikhailovich GORTCHAKOFF Hiram GOSDEN GOSS Catherine GOSS Henry GOSS Maria GOSS Agnes GOSSE Charles GOSSE John GOSSE Philip Henry GOSSE William GOSSE William Christie GOSSE John B GOUGH GOULD Hephzibah GOULD Joseph GOULD Susannah GOULD William GOURLAY John GOVETT George Henry GOWER John William GOWER GOWLAND Anne Aquilla GOWLING Ellen Priscilla GOYDER George Woodroffe GOYDER John Nunn GOYMOUR Henry GRACE GRAEBER Rudolph Ferdinand GRAETZ Edward Heinrich GRAFE Edward Heinrich GRAFE GRAHAM Abraham GRAHAM George GRAHAM Howard William Douglas GRAHAM Walter GRAHAM GRAMP Johann GRAMP Barnet John GRANDFIELD John GRANEY GRANT George GRANVILLE William GRATWICK GRAVES Ezra GRAVES Thomas GRAVES Thomas GRAVES GRAY Andrew GRAY Charlotte GRAY David Wylie GRAY Edward William GRAY Frederick Cooper GRAY Guilford Emery GRAY Joseph GRAY Mary Ann GRAY Rebecca GRAY Samuel GRAY Sarah Elizabeth GRAY Thomas GRAY William GRAY William Frederick GRAY William Henry GRAY Charles GRAY aka LASCELLES Lawrence GRAYSON GREEN Benjamin GREEN David GREEN Emma Rebecca GREEN George GREEN George Dutton GREEN Henry GREEN John GREEN Mary GREEN Priscilla GREEN Richard GREEN William GREEN William Joseph GREEN Francis John GREENBANK GREENFIELD Mary GREENOUGH Alexander Harvey GREENSHIELDS GREENSLADE Elias GREENSLADE George GREENSLADE Hastings GREENSLADE Dora GREENWELL Amy Eva GREENWOOD James GREENWOOD James Shaw GREER Heinrich GREFE Jane Jemina GREGG GREGOR James GREGOR GREGORY Ann GREGORY George GREGORY Henriette Louisa GREGORY Robert Wilson GREGORY Sarah Taylor GREGORY William GREGORY Richard Plantagenet Campbell Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos- GRENVILLE George GREY Mrs S GREY John B GRIBBLE Thomas GRIERSON Thomas Nicholson GRIERSON Aitchison GRIEVE Samuel Fordham GRIEVE Elizabeth GRIFFIN Mary Liguori GRIFFIN GRIFFITHS Fredreick Kempster GRIFFITHS Jane GRIFFITHS Walter GRIFFITHS William GRIFFITHS William Kempster GRIFFITHS Eliza GRIGG Ernest Tom GRIGG GRIGGS Ann Russell GRIGGS John Thomas Sydney GRIGGS Mary Jane GRIGGS Wiliiam GRIMES William GRIMES George GRIMMOND GRIST Robert GRIST Albert Care Constantine GROSSER George GROTE GROTH GROVES George GROVES GROWDEN George Maynard GROWDEN GRUND GRUNDY Francis Edgar GRUNDY George GRUNDY Joseph GRUNDY Joacham Christian Frederick GRUTZMACHER GRYST Guerin GUERIN Edward GUEST James GUIDERA William GUILD GUINAND Edward GUINEY GULLIDGE Samuel GULLY GUM Joseph GUM Thomas GUM William GUNBY GUNN Donald GUNN Alexander Thomas GUNNING John Michael GUNSON Frederick William GURNER GURR Joshua GURR Mary GURR James GURRY Henry GUTH GUTHRIE GWYNNE Edward Castres GWYNNE William GWYNNE Carl Julius HABICH Wilhelm HABICH Johanna Louisa HABNER Gottlieb Ernst HABY Bridget HACK Edward HACK Frances Harriet HACK Francis HACK Stephen HACK Theodore HACK William HACK William Baron HACK Jane HACKET HACKETT Elisha HACKETT George HACKETT Walter HACKETT HADAWAY Charlotte HADDOCK HADDRICK HADDY George Edward HADDY HAEUSLER Mathias HAGER Annie Louisa HAGGARD Annie Louise HAGGARD Henry Debonnaire Gardner HAGGARD HAGGERTY HAGUE James HAGUE Alexander Campbell HAIG Nathaniel HAILES John HAIMES Benjamin HAINES Ephraim HAINES Jane HAINES John HAINES William HAINES Jessy HAINING HAINS Charles HAINS Hannah HAINS Henry HAINS John HAINS Joseph HAINS Philip HAINS HALCOMB Thomas Robert HALDANE Mary HALDEN HALE Frederick Greenwood HALES James George Greenwood HALES Sarah Leigh HALES HALL Anthony HALL Anthony Paget HALL Charles HALL Charles Albert Edward HALL Eliza HALL Emily Mary HALL George HALL Isaac HALL James Vine HALL John HALL John L HALL Joseph HALL Lavinia Ann HALL Maria HALL Mary Ann HALL Rachel HALL Richard John Aleander HALL Robert HALL Sarah HALL Thomas HALL William HALL William Henry HALL Edward Hedley HALLACK Anne HALLETT Edward Regia HALLETT John HALLETT HALLEWELL HALLIDAY Agnes Little HALLIDAY Robert HALLIDAY William HALLIDAY Elizabeth HALLS William HALLS George HALSEY Mary Ann HALSEY Thomas HALSTEAD George HAMBIDGE George HAMBRIDGE Anna Maria Madelaine HAMEISTER Elizabeth HAMER John HAMER HAMILTON Ann HAMILTON Charles White HAMILTON Claud HAMILTON Dr HAMILTON George HAMILTON Harriet HAMILTON Henry Arthur HAMILTON Richard HAMILTON William Holmes HAMILTON Francis Gilbert HAMLEY John HAMLIN Edward HAMLYN Tamar HAMLYN HAMMAT HAMMER Julius Moritz HAMMER James Harris HAMMILL Henry HAMMOND John Chipp HAMP William Edward HAMP HAMPTON Henry HAMPTON HAMS George HANCE HANCKEL Johanna Henriette Eva HANCKEL HANCOCK Ann Selina HANCOCK Charlotte HANCOCK Elizabeth HANCOCK Henry Hill HANCOCK Joseph HANCOCK Andrew Dods HANDYSIDE Charles HANKINS HANLIN HANNA Elizabeth HANNA Richard HANNA HANNAFORD Frederick HANNAFORD George Williams HANNAFORD Harriet HANNAFORD Helen HANNAFORD Jane HANNAFORD John HANNAFORD HANNAGAN Henry HANNAM Tertius James HANNAM Wiliiam HANNAM William HANNAM HANNAN Alexander HANNAY John HANNAY John Herbert HANNAY Rosetta French HANNAY Thomas HANNIGAN Henry Frederick HANNUSCHKY Johann C HANSEN HANSFORD Annie HANSON Henry HANSON Richard Davies HANSON Theodore John Charles HANTKE Joseph HANTON Eliza HARCUS William HARCUS James HARDEN William HARDEY HARDING Cordelia HARDING James Henry HARDING James Shaw HARDING Maria HARDING Thomas Williamson HARDING Matilda HARDMAN Annie HARDT HARDY James HARDY Martha HARDY Mary Louisa HARDY William HARDY Annie Maria HARE Charles Simeon HARE HARGER Charles Townsend HARGRAVE Henry HARGRAVE HARLEY John Pritt HARLEY Robert HARLEY HARMAN William brougham HARMAN HARPER Elizabeth Mary HARPER George HARPER James HARPER William HARPER HARRALD / HARROLD HARRINGTON HARRIS Albert William HARRIS Alfred Edgar HARRIS Caroline HARRIS David HARRIS Dorcas Morgan HARRIS Elizabeth Willingham HARRIS Emma HARRIS Fredrick HARRIS George William HARRIS James HARRIS John HARRIS John Trevicca HARRIS Mary Ann HARRIS Samuel Link HARRIS Selina Margaret HARRIS Thomas William HARRIS HARRISON Catherine HARRISON Frederick Drake HARRISON Richard HARRISON Thomas Scorer HARRISON William Charlton HARRISON HARROLD Christina HARROLD Ernest Eyston HARROLD Joseph HARROLD HARROP HARRY James HARRY Lucy Ann HARRY Thomas HARRY William Henry HARRY HARSLETT HART Alexander Watson HART Eli HART John HART Mary HART Richard James HART William HART HARTIGAN Elizabeth Annie HARTLEY John Anderson HARTLEY Robert HARTLEY William HARTLEY HARTNETT Charles Edward HARTON HARVEY David HARVEY Elizabeth Anne HARVEY Henry John HARVEY James HARVEY John HARVEY John HARVEY Samuel HARVEY Samuel James HARVEY Peter HARWOOD HASELGROVE Richard HASELGROVE Ernest Bailey HASLAM John Cyrus HASLAM William HASLAM William HASSAM Arthur HASTE William Cruickshank HASTINGS William HASWELL Joshua HATCH Mary HATCH Robert HATCHER John HATCHETT John HATHERLY John HATTAM Samuel HATTAM Charles HAUSSEN HAWES James Edward HAWES HAWKE Edward Henry Julius HAWKE George Charles HAWKER HAWKES Charles Robert HAWKES George Austin HAWKES Henry Morgan HAWKES Henry Morgan HAWKES Marion HAWKES HAWKINS Ellen Agnes HAWKINS Thomas Henry HAWKINS HAWLEY James HAWORTH George HAWSON Margaret HAWSON Thomas Bond HAWSON HAWTHORNE Agnes HAY Alexander HAY Archibald HAY James HAY HAYCRAFT HAYES John Stanton HAYES Mark Julian HAYES Samuel HAYES HAYLES Ann HAYLES William HAYMAN Charles HAYNES HAYTER James Francis HAYTER HAYWARD Albion Jarvis HAYWARD Johnson Frederick HAYWARD HAYWOOD HAZELWOOD Jane HEAD John HEAD John Thomas HEADDEY Mary HEADLAND HEALEY HEALY George HEARNE HEARNSHAW HEASLIP Frances HEASLIP HEATH Charles HEATH Sarah Ann HEATH William HEATH Jospeh Ernest HEBDITCH Samuel HEBDITCH Carl HEBERLE Edward James HECTOR Hannah HECTOR James HECTOR HEDDLE Anne HEDDLE John HEDDLE HEDGER Benjamin HEED William HEFFARD Edmond HEFFERNAN Georg Adam HEIDENRICH Sophia Maria Magdolina HEIER HEILBRONN Richard Robert HEINAMANN Richard Robert HEINEMANN HEINRICH Albertine Emilie HEINRICH Friedrich HEINRICH Friedrich Wilhelm Gottelf HEINRICH Johann Traugott HEINRICH HEITHERSAY HELE HELLAM August HELLING Frederick HELLMANN Friederick HELLMANN Stephen HELLON HELPMAN John HEMINGWAY Edward Cunliffe HEMMINGWAY Rhoda HENDER HENDERSON Alexander Eagle HENDERSON Elizabeth HENDERSON John HENDERSON John Henderson HENDERSON William HENDERSON William Hall HENDERSON Martin HENDOW James HENEKER Mary Ann HENEKER Anne HENERY Patrick HENERY Jeremiah HENNESSEY HENNIG Edward Carl Heinrich HENNIGS Rudolph Wilhelm Emil HENNING HENRY Isaac Solomon HENRY John HENSLEY Maria HENSTRIDGE Maria Rosina HENTSCHKE Francis HENTY John HENWOOD Campbell HENZE HEPPNER HERBERT Septimane HERBERT Johann HERBRICH HERBST Julius HERDEN HERON Emily Matilda HERON Catherine Hicks HERRING Frederick HERRING Joseph HERRING Joseph HERRING Mary HERRING Nigel Charles HERRING Annie HERSEY William Lysander HERSEY Jane Green HESLOP Thomas HESTER Henry HEUTZENROEDER HEUZENROEDER Carl Jodocus HEUZENROEDER Johann Theodor HEUZENROEDER Moritz HEUZENROEDER HEWARD HEWETT Elijah Medad HEWETT Ethelbert Heber HEWETT Norman Eldad HEWETT HEWISH Mary HEWISH HEWITT Michael HEWITT Ernest Bernard HEYNE Ernest Bernhard HEYNE George Charles HEYNEMANN HEYSEN George HEYWOOD William Henry HEYWOOD Charles Joseph HIBBERD HICKS Catherine May HICKS Charles HICKS Mary Jane HICKS Richard HICKS William HICKS Dan Watton HIDDLESTONE Edward Joseph HIEATT HIETTS HIGGINS Catherine HIGGINS Daniel HIGGINS Henry Hale HIGGINS Thomas HIGGINS Thomas Walker HIGGINS Thomas Walker HIGGINS HIGGINSON Henry HIGHET George HIGINBOTHAM HILDER George HILES HILEY Georg Jonas HILFERS HILL Charles HILL Charlotte Treloar HILL Diana HILL Eliza Georgina Jane HILL George William HILL Henry HILL John HILL John Diston HILL John Drake HILL Joseph Augustus HILL Mary HILL Richard HILL Sarah HILL Thomas Adam HILL Thomas Henry HILL Walter HILL William HILL William John HILL Jean Russell HILLAM John F HILLIER William Hallows HILLIER Thomas HILLMAN HILTON Henry Denyer HILTON Robert HILTON Sarah HILTON HINCKS Henry HINCKS Richard HINDLEY Thomas Delamain HINE HINES John Nelmes HINES John King HINTON HIRSCH Conrad Wilhelm Hermann HIRSCH Anna Juliane HIRTE Caroline HISCOCK Ernest John HISCOCK William HISLOP Anne HISSEY George HISSEY William HITCHCOX Edward William HITCHIN Gynn Price HITCHIN HITTMAN HOAD Harriet HOAD HOARE Henry Herbert HOARE James HOARE Percival Edward HOARE HOATTEN Augustus Charles HOBART-HAMPDEN Thomas HOBBA HOBBS Esther HOBBS George HOBBS Jonah HOBBS Rebekah Jane HOBBS Ann HOCKING Edward James HOCKING Edward James HOCKING Jacob Hill HOCKING Martha HOCKING Thomas HOCKING Frederick HODBY Jane Maria HODBY Frederick HODDING HODGE Francis Daniel HODGE George Payne HODGE Martha HODGE Edward James HODGKINSON Jane HODGKISS John HODGKISS Henry HODGSON HODSHO(R)N Johann Carl HOFFMAN HOFFMEISTER HOFFMEYER HOGAN HOGARTH Jean HOGARTH Thomas HOGARTH William HOGARTH HOGG John HOGG Frederick William (Frederick III) Hohenzollern Tom HOLANE HOLBROOK Harriett HOLBROOK John Daykin HOLBROOK HOLDEN Emma Eleanor HOLDEN George HOLDEN James Alexander HOLDEN Mary Elizabeth HOLDEN William HOLDEN Clement James HOLDER Eliza HOLDER Frederick William HOLDER James Morcott HOLDER Sydney Ernest HOLDER Charlotte Susanna HOLDERNESS Samuel HOLDING James Ralph HOLKER John HOLKER George HOLLAND Margaret HOLLAND Richard HOLLAND William HOLLAND HOLLIDAY HOLLIS HOLLOW Thomas HOLLOWAY HOLMAN HOLMER / HOLMES HOLMES Catherine HOLMES Mary Ann HOLMES Prudence HOLMES Ruth HOLMES William HOLMES Edward HOLTHOUSE Louisa Girling HOLTHOUSE August Adolph Bernard HOLTJE Bernard O HOLTMANN HOLTZE Robert Garlick HOLWELL Robert HOMBURG HONAN Gilbert Bertram HONE Richard HONEY HONNER HOOD Basil HOOD Caroline HOOD Francis Wrighton HOOD James HOOKER James HOOLEY HOOPER Ann HOOPER Benjamin HOOPER Jacob HOOPER James HOOPER John HOOPER Joseph HOOPER Peter HOOPER Richard HOOPER Sydney Charles HOOPER William HOOPER John HOPE George Feltham HOPKINS Mary Ann HOPKINS HOPWOOD George HOPWOOD HORGAN Daniel HORGAN HORN Alfred HORN Emily HORN Richard Austin HORN HORNE Richard Henry HORNE Samuel HORNECK Theodore HORNHARDT HORROCKS John Ainsworth HORROCKS Robert James HORSELL Robert John HORSELL John HORSNELL Charles Edward HORTON Sarah HORTON Joseph Henry HORWOOD HOSIE Mary HOSIER Mark HOSKIN HOSKING Elizabeth HOSKING James HOSKING Jonathan HOSKING Joseph HOSKING Thomas HOSKING Robert HOTCHINS/HUTCHINS John HOTHAM John HOTSON William HOUGH Herbert Edward HOUGHTON HOULIHAN HOUNSLOW Betsy HOUNSLOW Emanuel HOUNSLOW George HOUNSLOW Richard HOUNSLOW Elizabeth HOUSE Neil HOUSTON HOWARD Catherine HOWARD Charles Beaumont HOWARD Ernest William HOWARD Frederick HOWARD John HOWARD Joseph HOWARD Susan HOWARD Susannah HOWARD Susannah HOWARD HOWE Harriette HOWE Henry HOWE Matthew HOWE HOWELL Frederick Augustus HOWELL John HOWELL John Thomas HOWELL HOWELLS Philip HOWELLS James HOWIE Alfred William HOWITT Edward HOWITT James HOWLETT William HOY Samuel Grau HUBBE Samuel Grau HUBBE Ulrich HUBBE Alfred HUBBLE Harriet Sophia HUBBLE Harriett Sophia HUBBLE William HUBBLE Ernest August HUCKEL William HUDD Ainsworth Auchinleck HUDDLESTON HUDSON May HUDSON William HUDSON Fitz John HUEY John William HUGALL HUGHES Bristow Herbert HUGHES Elizabeth Jane HUGHES Henry Kent HUGHES Herbert Bristow HUGHES Herbert White HUGHES Jane HUGHES John Bristow HUGHES Margaret HUGHES Margaret Ann HUGHES Mary HUGHES Mary Rose HUGHES Mrs Henry Kent HUGHES Rice George Buckley HUGHES Sarah Hilditch HUGHES William Alexander HUGHES William Marks HUGO Thomas William HULKES Elsie May HULL Theodore HULL John Pyke HULLAH Alfred Ernest HUMBLE Elizabeth HUMBLE Arthur Septimus HUME James HUME HUMPHRIES HUMPHRIS William Morgan HUNN HUNT Robert Russell HUNT Sussanah HUNT William Russell HUNT HUNTER Alexander HUNTER Annie Woody HUNTER Ellen HUNTER Florence HUNTER Florence HUNTER Isabel HUNTER James HUNTER John HUNTER Robert HUNTER Robert Morris HUNTER William Barsham HUNTER George HUNTLEY Martin HUPPATZ Alfred HURCOMBE William HURD Matilda HURN William HURN HURRELL Harvey HURST Henry Laughton HURST Catherine HUSSEY Charles Henry HUSSEY Harriett Ada HUSSEY Harry Brown HUSSEY Henry HUSSEY Henry Allan HUSSEY Henry Burt HUSSEY Jessie Louisa HUSSEY HUTCHENS Thomas HUTCHENS Sarah EM Burns HUTCHESSON Ann HUTCHINS Thomas HUTCHINS Mary HUTCHINSON Parker Oliver HUTCHINSON Parker Oliver HUTCHINSON Peter Orlando HUTCHINSON Sophia HUTCHINSON William HUTCHINSON Young Bringham HUTCHINSON William HUTCHISON William Carlyle HUTCHISON HUTLEY Robert HUTTON Mark HYAM HYDE Anne Jane HYDE Robert HYDE George Spreat HYETT Inez Kathleen HYLAND HYMAN Robert HYMAN HYNES Thomas HYNES George John I'ANSON Maria I'ANSON Annie IANSON Edward Lomer IFOULD Marion Burn IFOULD ILBERRY Carl Fredrick Wilhelm ILLERT ILLMAN John ILLMAN Stephen William IMPETT IND George Frederick IND Jane INGHAM John INGLEBY Rupert INGLEBY INGLIS George INGLIS INGRAM Janet INGRAM Thomas W INGRAM William INGRAM Arthur Hugh INKSTER INNES Frederick Maitland INNES William INNES John INVERARITY JD IRELAND IRISH Thomas IRISH IRLAM IRVINE James Llewellyn IRVINE Magnus IRVINE Mary IRVINE Thomas IRVINE James IRVING IRWIN ISAACS George ISAACS Solomon ISAACS ISING IVE Charles George IVE Louis IVERSON John IVETT Rebecca IVETT Jane JACKA Joseph Henry JACKA Mary JACKA William JACKA Joseph JACKLING Joseph Henry JACKLING [see JACKSON] JACKMAN JACKSON Ann JACKSON Caroline Ann JACKSON Henry Farrington JACKSON John JACKSON Joseph JACKSON Sarah Ann JACKSON Thomas JACKSON William Samuel JACKSON JACOB Henry JACOB James JACOB John JACOB Luis Anton JACOBAI JACOBS Charles JACOBS Henry JACOBS Isaac JACOBS Richard Thomas JACOBS Sarah JACOBS William JACQUES JAENSCH Anna Dorothea JAENSCH Christian JAENSCH Gottlob JAENSCH Johann Christian Erdmann JAENSCH Marie Elizabeth JAENSCH Johann Samuel JAESCHKE Archibald JAFFREY Godfrey JAGGER Richard JAGOE Richard JAGOE JAMES Ada Margaret JAMES Charles JAMES Charles William Joseph JAMES David JAMES Eleanor Elizabeth JAMES Herbert JAMES Isabella JAMES James JAMES John Stanley aka Julian THOMAS or The Vagabond JAMES Mary JAMES Mary Anne JAMES Richard JAMES JAMESON JAMIESON Alexander JAMIESON Alexander James JAMIESON William JAMIESON JANEWAY Charles JANEWAY George JANEWAY Elizabeth Ann JANSON Sarah JAQUES JARMAN JARMYN Eliza JARMYN Edward JARRAD JARRETT Aaron JARRETT Hannah Selina JARRETT Matilda JARRETT Matthew JARRETT Robert JARRETT Sarah JARRETT JARVIS Ebeneezer JARVIS Ebenezer JARVIS Robert JARVIS Frank Cunningham JAUNAY JAY Fanny Jane JEANES Albert Atkins JEFFERIES JEFFERY Grace JEFFERY William Henry JEFFERY JEFFRIES Mercy JEFFRIES JELLETT John Henry JELLETT JELLEY Catherine Chambers JELLY Robert JEMISON JENKIN Henry JENKIN William Mason JENKIN JENKINS Ann JENKINS Edmund JENKINS Edward JENKINS Elizabeth JENKINS George Kirkhouse JENKINS James JENKINS Joseph JENKINS Mercy JENKINS Milsom Bosley JENKINS Samuel JENKINS William JENKINS J W JENKINSON Mary Rebecca JENNINGS Johannes Matthias JENS JENSEN James JEPSON JERICHO JERVIS Challis March JERVIS JERVOIS John JERVOIS Lucy JERVOIS William Francis Drummond JERVOIS Henry JESSOP Susan JEWER Mary Emma JEWSON JOB Jessie Lavinia JOB William JOB Thomas JOHN JOHNS Adam JOHNS Caroline JOHNS Elizabeth Edwards JOHNS Florence JOHNS James JOHNS John JOHNS Mary Jane JOHNS Nicholas JOHNS William JOHNS William Henry JOHNS JOHNSON Amelia Paulina JOHNSON Ann JOHNSON Archibald JOHNSON Catherine JOHNSON Edward JOHNSON Eliza Frances JOHNSON Elizabeth JOHNSON Emma JOHNSON Hanorah JOHNSON James JOHNSON James Angas JOHNSON John Henry JOHNSON Joseph JOHNSON Richard JOHNSON Thomas JOHNSON Adam JOHNSTON Adam JOHNSTON Andrew Deans JOHNSTON Andrew Galbraith JOHNSTON David JOHNSTON Dinah JOHNSTON George JOHNSTON Jabez JOHNSTON James JOHNSTON James Steele JOHNSTON John JOHNSTON Margaret JOHNSTON Thomas JOHNSTON JOHNSTONE William JOHNSTONE William Craig JOHNSTONE Susanna JOLLEY JOLLY John Buckingham JOLLY Rachel JONAS JONES Ann JONES Catherine JONES Charlotte JONES Edwin JONES Eliza JONES Fred Hillier JONES Frederick Brittain JONES George Lindsay JONES Henry JONES J Parker JONES James JONES John JONES John Samuel JONES John Williams JONES Joseph JONES Leychon JONES Mary JONES Mrs J Howell JONES Parnel JONES Rees JONES Richard JONES Thomas JONES William JONES William Thomas JONES John JORDAN Patrick JORDAN JOSE Richard JOSHUA Richard JOSHUA JOSS JOYCE William George Percy JOYNER JUDD Rebecca JUDD William JUDD JUDELL Moritz Wolff JUDELL James JULEFF James JULIAN JUNG JUNGE JURS JURY Edward JURY Eliza JURY James JURY Marian JURY Robert Hartup JURY William Edward JURY JUST KAIN Katherine KAIN KAINES John Henry KAINES Anna Rosine KALLESKE Anna Kruger KALLOSCHE Carl KANNENBERG Adelbert Louis KARG Heinrich Wilhelm Johannes Harvey KARLBAUM Konstantin Petrovich von KAUFFMAN Consaloo KAVANAGH Consalve KAVANAGH Thomas Henry (VC) KAVANNAGH August KAVEL Robert KAY William KAY Johann August Ludwig KAYSER KEAIN Samuel Joseph KEALLY KEARNEY David Berkeley KEARNS George KEATS Thomas KEATS Mary Ann KEELEY KEELY KEEN Joseph James KEEN KEIDEL KEIPERT John KEIR Ian Douglas Montague KEITH-FALCONER Ion Grant Neville KEITH-FALCONER KEKWICK Daniel KEKWICK William Darton KEKWICK Frederick George KELF KELLEY John Edward KELLEY William KELLOCK KELLY Agnes A KELLY Charles KELLY David Frederick KELLY Edwin KELLY Edwin William KELLY Elizabeth KELLY Francis Patrick KELLY Hugh Craine KELLY James KELLY John KELLY John Ebenezer KELLY Mary KELLY Michael KELLY Robert Symons KELLY Thomas KELLY William KELLY Annie KELSBY KELSEY KEMP Alexander KEMP Peter KEMP Thomas KEMP William KEMP Edward Courtenay KEMPE Gerald Stuart KEMPE KEMPSTER KENDALL John KENDALL Mary KENDELL William KENDELL Annie KENDREW Edward Vaughan Hyde KENEALY Michael Joseph KENIHAN KENNEDY Daniel Fiddes KENNEDY David KENNEDY Fredrick Wallage KENNEDY Matthew KENNEDY Robert Henry KENNEDY William KENNEDY William John KENNEDY KENNELLY KENNETT George KENNINGS KENNION KENNY Michael KENNY KENT Benjamin Archer KENT James KENTISH Mary Wesley KENTISH KEOGH Patrick KEOGH George Briscoe KERFERD KERIN Peter KERIN Thomas KERIN Edwin White KERNOT Joan KERNOT KERR Alan Campbell KERR Charles KERR David KERR John KERR Peter KERR Heinrich Friedrich Magnus KESSAL Edwin KESSELL Frederick KESTEL Ralph Wheatley Odgers KESTEL Henry KETTEN KEY Ann Taunton KEYNES Ebenezer KEYNES Joseph KEYNES William KEYNES Thomas KEYWORTH KIDD KIDMAN Sidney KIDMAN Benjamin KIDNER Caroline KIDNER Samuel KIDNER KIELY Johann Carl Gotthelf KIESZLING KILDEA KILDERRY Denis KILEY Priestly KILLAM Isaac KILLICOAT Mary KILLICOAT KILSBY Ann Phillis KILSBY George KILSBY James KILSBY Charles Julius KINDERMANN Gustav KINDERMANN KINDLER KING Ann KING George KING James KING Joseph KING Marianne KING Martha KING Mary Ann KING Stephen KING Susan KING Thomas John KING KINGDON Abraham KINGDON Edwin Frank KINGDON Alexander William KINGLAKE John KINGSBOROUGH Marshal KINGSBOROUGH Michael KINGSBOROUGH Samuel Peacock KINGSLEY Walter Davies KINGSMILL Charles Cameron KINGSTON George Strickland KINGSTON Hester Holland KINGSTON KINMONT William KINMONT Eliza KINVER KIPPIST John George KIRBY Tobias KIRBY Carl Wilhelm Adolph KIRCHNER Alexander KIRK Clementina KIRK Robert KIRK KIRKHAM Elizabeth KIRKHAM Robert Samuel KIRKHAM KIRKPATRICK Joseph Albert KIRKPATRICK Joseph Allott KIRKPATRICK KITE Stephen KITE KITHER Clarence Martin KITHER Herbert KITHER Phoebe KITHER Richard Cotton KITHER William KITHER KITSON Theodore J KLAFFER Georg KLAPKA Rudolph KLAU KLAUBER Frederick William August KLAUER KLEINIG Frederick Wilhelm KLEINSCHMIDT Friederich Wilhelm KLEINSCHMIDT Reinhold Wilhelm KLEINSCHMIDT Albert August Bennett KLEM KLEMM KLINGBERG KLINGENBERG KLOPPER Caroline Henrietta Frederiecka KLOPPER KLOSE KNABE August Christian KNABE William KNAPMAN William Henry KNAPMAN Johann August Theodor KNEESE KNIGHT Annie KNIGHT Charles Johnston KNIGHT Frederick KNIGHT George KNIGHT James KNIGHT John George KNIGHT Mary Adela McCulloch KNIGHT Mary Adela McCullock KNIGHT Samuel KNIGHT James KNOTT KNOWLES George KNOWLES John KNOWLES Robert KNOWLES Edward KNOWLING KNOX Nathaniel Alexander KNOX KNUCKEY John Randell KNUCKEY Richard Randall knuckey Solomon KNUCKEY Ernstine Wilhelmine KOCH Hermann Friedrich KOCH Johann KOCH Frederick John KOEHNCKE KOOP Maria KOOP John Carl Joseph KORBER Heinrich KORNER Wilhelm KORTEN Aloysius KRANEWITTER Carl Louis Ferdinand Wilhelm KREUSLER Friedrich Edward Heinrich Wulf KRICHAUFF KRIEG Frederick John KROENCKE KRONCKE Gottlieb KUCHEL KUHLMANN KUHN Balbina KUHNEL Harry Eras KUHNEL Johann Gottlieb KUHNEL William KUHNEL Carl Ferdinand KUMNICK Johanne Eleonore KUMNICK Christopher Henry KYD KYLOH LABATT Anna Frances LABATT George Augustus LABATT Henry LACE John LACEY John Joseph LAFFAN LAFFER Olive LAFFIN LAIDLAW Andrew LAIDLAW John LAIRD James Alexander Trehern LAKE Alfred Bate LAKEMAN George LAMB Mary LAMB Richard LAMB LAMBERT Frederick William LAMBERT George LAMBERT Jane LAMBERT Joseph LAMBERT William Harrison LAMOND Peter LAMONT LAMPE William John LAMPE LAMPERT LAMSHED Henry LAMSHED Samuel Thomas LAMSHED Thomas LAMSHED William LANDELS Edward LANDER LANDERS LANDSEER Albert Henry LANDSEER John Philip LANDVOGT LANE George LANE Julia LANE Mary LANE LANG Mary Caroline LANG LANGBERG LANGDON James Henry Cornwall LANGDON Tabitha LANGDON Johann Friedrich Franz LANGE John Frederick LANGE Julius LANGE LANGELUDECKE Richard LANGFORD LANGHAM LANGLEY John LANGLEY John Glover LANGLEY Martha Ann LANGLOIS Richard LANGMAN George R LANGRIDGE LANGSFORD John LANGSFORD LANKENAU Henry LANKENAU LANYON LAPIDGE LAPTHORNE Eleanor LAPTHORNE William LAPTHORNE LARWOOD LASHMAN LASHMAR William Henry LASKEY LASLETT Rose Turpin LASSCOCK Thomas LASSCOCK Walter Samuel LASSCOCK John LATHAM Mary LATHAM Richard LATHLEAN Joseph LATHLEEN LAUBSCH Edward LAUGHTON George LAUGHTON Robert Watson LAUGHTON LAURENCE Otto LAURENTI LAURIE Ebenezer Pion LAURIE Mary LAURIE Johann Carl Friedrich LAUTERBACH LAVASSEUR Emile Louis Victor de LAVELEYE Martial Allemand LAVIGERIE John LAVIN Mary LAVIN John LAVIS Alexander LAW Ann Elizabeth LAWDER John LAWDER LAWES Henry James LAWES Sarah LAWES LAWN Henry LAWN LAWRANCE Robert LAWRANCE Martha LAWRENCE LAWRIE Alexander LAWRIE Janet LAWRIE Robert LAWRIE LAWSON Edward LAWSON Eliza LAWSON Paul LAWSON James Alfred LAWTON LAXTON LAYCOCK Samuel LAZAR LAZARUS Woolf LAZARUS LE HUNTE Peter Henry LE PAGE LEA Caroline LEA Ellen Tracey LEA George LEA Charles Sydney LEADER Henry Francis LEADER George Joseph LEAHY John Joseph LEAHY Elizabeth LEAK Frederick LEAK Mary Ann LEAK Arthur LEAKE William Henry LEAKE George LEAKER Emma LEAN Samuel Albert Freerick LEAN William LEAN LEANE Caroline Agnes LEANE William LEARMOUTH James LEASH John LEASK John LEASK LEAVER Joseph LEAVER Mary Ann LEAVER LECKIE C LECKY LECORNU LEDGER William Jemson LEDGER LEDITSCHKE LEE Elizabeth LEE Elizabeth Jane LEE John LEE Joseph LEE Thomas LEE LEEDER Jesse D LEEDER Thomas LEEDER John LEES Thomas LEES Ann LEETE Ann LEGGETT William LEGGETT John LEGGOE John LEGOE LEHMANN Johann LEHMANN LEIBECKNECHDT LEICESTER William LEIGH Frederic LEIGHTON Frederick LEIGHTON Julia LEIGHTON LEITCH James Westwood LEITCH Robert LEITCH LELEU Thomas LEMAR LEMKE Robina LEMON Everard Philip LEMPRIER LENGER William Pitts LENNOX LENTON LEONARD James LEONARD Michael John LEONARD LEPAGE LEPOIDEVIN Charles Gower LERMITTE Elizabeth LESCHEN Frederick Charles Adolph LESCHEN Frederick Jurgen Christian LESCHEN LESLIE John LESLIE William Wood LESLIE William Martin LETCHFORD LETHEBY LEUMANE Carl George LEUNIG Henrietta LEUNIG LEVERINGTON Charles LEVI Edmund LEVI Nathaniel Philip LEVI Philip LEVI Sarah LEVI Edward Nicholas LEVIDO Montague LEVY Charles LEWIN Eliza Maria LEWIN LEWIS Alfred Bennetts LEWIS Catherine LEWIS Edmund LEWIS Eliza Margaret Hutton LEWIS Esther LEWIS Frederick Joseph LEWIS Henry LEWIS James LEWIS James Heath LEWIS James Heath Hardy LEWIS James Walter LEWIS James William LEWIS John Henry LEWIS Peter LEWIS Robert LEWIS Samuel LEWIS Sophia Jane LEWIS Wiliam LEWIS William LEWIS Betty LEWORTHY George Tozer LEY Helen LIDDELL LIDDLE James LIDDLE LIEBELT Johann Friedrich August LIEBELT LIEBICH LIENAU LIGHT William LIGHT Joseph Barber LIGHTFOOT LILLECRAPP Henry LILLIA William LILLICRAPP LIMBERT Johanna Maria (Jenny) LIND Hakan LINDE James Henry LINDON Frederick William LINDRUM LINDSAY Anne LINDSAY Arthur Fydell LINDSAY Claude LINDSAY John LINDSAY Mary LINDSAY Robert LINDSAY LINES Elizabeth LINES Harriet LINES Oscar John LINES Thomas LINES Timothy LINES William LINES LINKE James LINKLATER James Monro LINKLATER Thomas LINKLATER LINN Henry LINN John LINN Robert LINN Patrick LINNANE Thomas LINTERN John Reid LINTON Judah LIPMAN LIPSON Elizabeth Emma LIPSON Thomas LIPSON LISLE David LISTON Esther LISTON Henry LISTON William LISTON Frederick Burnett LITCHFIELD John Munro LITCHFIELD David LITHGOW John Owen LITHGOW LITSTER LITTLE Edward Vipond LITTLE Mary Fyfe LITTLE Moses LITTLEFIELD John LITTLELY Daniel LIVINGSTON LLOYD Arthur Forster LLOYD John LLOYD Joseph LLOYD Josiah LLOYD Morgan LLOYD LLOYDE LOBBAN LOCK Charles Andrew LOCK Elizabeth LOCK Henry LOCK William LOCK William Henry LOCK John LOCKEY John Stuart LOCKLIE Jane LOCKWOOD Thomas William LOCKYER George LODER LODGE Walter Melville LODGE Benjamin LODWICK Carl Heinrich Conrad LOESSEL LOGAN Andrew LOGAN Daniel LOGG A LOISSETTE LONEY George LONG James LONG Jane LONG Joseph LONG William LONG LONGBOTTOM Henry Wadsworth LONGFELLOW Henry LONGMIRE Hiram LONGMIRE LONGMORE LONGSON LORD John LORD Thomas LORD William John LORD Alexander LORIMER Elizabeth LORIMER James LOUDON William LOUGHHEAD LOUTIT Margaret LOUTIT LOVE William Drummond LOVELL LOVELOCK Henry LOVELOCK Henry LOVELOCK Levi LOVELOCK LOVELY James Chapman LOVELY Lucy LOVELY LOW LOWE Amelia Cooper LOWE Ann LOWE Edward LOWE George Richard LOWE John LOWE Edwin Waybrett LOWEN Frederick William LOWER Mary LOWRIE Thomas LOWTHER LUCAS Alfred Robert Blockley LUCAS De Neufville LUCAS James LUCAS Richard Bright LUCAS Robert Bright LUCAS Ralph Everard Lucy LUEDERS LUFF James LUGG LUKE Joseph LUSH Robert LUSH LUXMOORE Frederick William LUXMOORE William George LUXMORE LYALL Harriet LYDDON Elizabeth LYLE John LYNCH Owen LYNCH Charles LYNN William LYON LYONS Augusta Winifred LYONS Charles LYONS Charles LYONS Janet LYONS Joel Collier LYONS Thomas LYONS Arthur MACALISTER Elizabeth Hilda MACBEAN John MACBEAN Andrew MACCORMAC Hugh Campbell MACCULLUM Marshall MACDERMOTT MACDONALD James MACDONALD James William MacDONALD Janet MACDONALD John MacDONALD Robert MACDONALD Richard Graves MACDONNELL Lachlan MACFARLANE MACGEORGE John MacGEORGE Bramall MACGRAITH / MAGRAITH John (Rob Roy) MacGREGOR Archibald MACGUGAN MACHELL Peter Charles MACHRAY MACK Hans MACK MACKAY Alexander MACKAY George MacKAY John Pringle Finlay MacKAY John Pringle Friday MACKAY ROBERT MACKAY Mary Eliza MACKENZIE Morell MacKENZIE Henry MACKERETH Alfred Malcolm MACKIE David Manson MACKIE Margaret MACKIE MACKLIN Thomas William MACKLIN James MACKMAN MACLAREN MACLEAN Peter MACLEOD Catherine MacMAHON Patrick Albert Aloysius MacMAHON MACMILLAN John MacNEIL William MacPHERSON MADDERN John MADDERN William MADDERN John MADDIGAN Grace MADDISON MADELEY MADER Hesther MADGE Matthew Henry MADGE MADIGAN Patrick Joseph MADIGAN MAEGRAITH Anna Balfour MAEGRAITH Agnes Dawson MAGAREY Frank William Ashley MAGAREY Thomas MAGAREY Thomas George Francis MAGAREY James known as Fr Reginlad MAGEE Thomas Keith MAGEE MAGIN Elizabeth MAGOR John MAGOR Rueben MAGOR Thomas MAGOR James MAHER Diederich Friederich George Carl H MAHNKE Rowland Thomas Jones MAHNKE James Patrick MAHON MAHONY Edmund MAHONY James MAHONY Joseph MAHOOD Elizabeth MAIN George MAIN Jane MAIN Jane Ritchie MAIN William James MAIN William MAIR Dennis MAJOR Thomas MAJOR MAKIN MALCOLM Arthur MALCOLM James MALCOLM William MALCOLM Justice R MALINS MALONE Martin MALONE MALONEY George MALPAS Henry MALPAS MALYCHA Richard MANCLARKE MANIFOLD MANKEY MANN Charles MANN Isabella Noble MANN John MANN Theophilus John Cheek MANN Thomas MANN MANNING James MANNING Margaret MANNING Samuel MANNING Thomas MANNING MANSELL MANSOM MANSON James Marris MANSON William Henry MANSON MANTEGANI Charles MANTHORPE MANTON George Joseph MANTON James Thomas MANTON MANUEL Mary Jane MANUEL William MANUEL MAPLE William Matthew MARBEY MARCH Henry MARCH P MARCH Eliza MARCHANT John Adams MARCHANT William Lavington MARCHANT MARCUS Bridget MARINER Guiseppe [Don Giovanni de Candia] MARIO William MARKHAM William MARKHAM Morris L MARKS Spillman MARKS Thomas MARKS John MARLES John Edward MARRABEL MARRIOTT Mary MARRIOTT William MARRIOTT Joseph Henry MARRYAT Thomas Bradshaw MARSDEN MARSH MARSHALL Alfred Witter MARSHALL George MARSHALL James Knox MARSHALL John MARSHALL Richard MARSHALL Thomas MARSHALL Thomas Sherman MARSHALL MARSSON MARTIN Charlotte MARTIN Edith Isabella MARTIN Eduard Montgomery MARTIN Emma Julia MARTIN Fanny MARTIN Frederick MARTIN James MARTIN James MARTIN Jeanie Stewart MARTIN John MARTIN John Norton MARTIN Julia MARTIN Julia MARTIN Margaret Jane MARTIN Martha MARTIN Patrick Thomas MARTIN Rebecca MARTIN Richard MARTIN Rosanna MARTIN Samuel MARTIN Thomas MARTIN William MARTIN William Besanko� MARTIN William Henry MARTIN MARTINDALE MARTLEW Johann Christian MASCHMIDT George Ezekiel MASEN MASEY Mary MASKELL John Henry MASLIN Sarah MASLIN Thomas MASLIN MASON George MASON Henry MASON James MASON James MASON Thomas MASON Charles Hamlet MASSEY Richard Levington MASSEY MASTERS Thomas MASTERS William Wells MASTERS Catherine MATHASON George Ernest MATHER MATHESON Alexander MATHESON Elizabeth Bessie MATHEWS MATHIAS John MATHIESON MATHWIN MATTERS MATTHEW Agnes MATTHEW Henry MATTHEW Thomas MATTHEW MATTHEWS Alexander MATTHEWS Benjamin Charles MATTHEWS Caroline MATTHEWS Henry Thomas James MATTHEWS William MATTHEWS MATTHIAS Annie MATTINGLY MATTINSON William Henry MATURIN MAUGHAN Catherine MAUGHAN Price MAURICE Price MAURICE Richard Thellwald MAURICE Isabella MAXWELL John MAXWELL William James MAXWELL MAY Frederick MAY Mary Ann MAY William Arthur MAY Sarah MAYERS MAYFIELD Anna MAYFIELD ERnest Robert MAYFIELD James MAYFIELD Shepard MAYFIELD William Shepherd MAYFIELD MAYO George MAYO Joseph jnr MAYO Edward James MAYTUM MAYWALD Israel MAZEY Patrick McALISTER William McALLEN Robert Simpson McALONEY McANNA Francis McAREE McARTHUR Adam McARTHUR Adam McARTHUR Archibald McARTHUR Donald McARTHUR Donald McARTHUR William McARTHUR Hector McAULAY McBAIN James McBAIN Margaret Grieg McBAIN Alexander McBEAN Margaret McBEAN McBEATH Donald McBEATH McBRIDE Patrick McBRIDE Patrick Joseph McBRIDE Richard McBRIDE McCABE McCALL David McCALL McCALLUM Alexander McCALLUM John McCALLUM Mary McCALLUM Matthew McCALLUM Thomas McCALLUM Williamina McCALLUM Dugald McCALMAN Catherine McCANN Patrick McCANN McCARTHY Batholomew Joseph McCARTHY John McCARTHY Mary Monica McCARTHY Timothy McCARTHY James Sylvester McCLORY John Douglas McCLOUD Robert Richard McCLURE Cornelius McCLUSKY John McCOLIVE McCOLL McCONNELL McCONVILLE Ann Jane McCORD James McCORD William McCORD McCORMACK McCORMICK Thomas Fergus McCOULL McCOURT Alexander McCOY Arthur Charles McCOY McCRACKEN William George McCULLAGH Alexander McCULLOCH John McCULLOCH McDONALD Alexander McDONALD Angus John McDONALD Catherine McDONALD Catherine Johnston McDONALD Charles McDONALD Colin Coll McDONALD Donald McDONALD Eliza McDONALD Elizabeth McDONALD George McDONALD Isabella Watson McDONALD John McDONALD John Robert McDONALD Margaret McDONALD Mary McDONALD Mary Ann McDONALD Neil McDONALD Robert McDONALD Ronald McDONALD William McDONALD Angus McDONELL McDONOUGH James Gilbert McDOUGAL McDOUGALL McEACHEN McEARCHERN Alexander McEDWARD Robert McELLISTER Robert McELLISTER Mary McENHELL McEWAN John McEWEN George Irving McEWIN Jesie McEWIN Jessie McEWIN John McEWIN Robert McEWIN Robert McEWIN McFARLANE Alexander McFARLANE Alexander Dampier McFARLANE Allan McFARLANE Mary Ann McFARLANE McFAYDEN Margaret McFEAT McGANN George McGIBBON James McGILCHRIST McGILLIVRAY Hugh McGILTON McGLASHAN John McGORRERY McGRATH McGREGOR Alexander McGREGOR Gregor McGrREGOR Archibald McGUGAN William McGUINESS T McGUINESS Archibald McHALE George Louis J McHENRY Sarah McHUGH McINERNEY Michael McINERNEY Patrick McINERNEY McINNES Allan McINNES Flora McINNES Malcolm McINNES McINTOSH William McINTOSH McINTYRE Andrew McINTYRE Alfred McKAIN McKAY George McKAY George Gunn McKAY Matilda McKAY John McKECHNIE William Rupert McKEEVOR McKENZIE Alexander McKENZIE Kenneth McKENZIE William McKENZIE Jane McKINLAY John McKINLAY McKINNON Charles McKINNON McKITTRICK McLACHLAN Alexander McLACHLAN Charles McLACHLAN James McLACHLAN Jessie McLAY John McLAY McLEAN Alexander McLEAN Catherine McLEAN Jane McLEAN John McLEAN William McLEAN William Trail McLEAN John McLEAY Mary McLEAY McLELLAN Elizabeth Burns McLELLAN Elizabeth Burns Thompson McLELLAN Nicol McLELLAN McLENNAN Rebecca McLENNAN McLEOD Annie McLEOD James McLEOD Mary McLEOD McMAHON Denis McMAHON John McMAHON John Bernard McMAHON Mary McMAHON Murty McMAHON Patrick McMAHON McMARTIN Peter McMARTIN Mary McMASTERS Esther McMICHAEL John Clunie McMICHAEL Anthony McMILLAN Charles John Wakefield McMILLAN Isaac McMILLAN John McMILLAN Jonathan McMILLAN William Jonathon McMILLAN Charles Morris McMILLEN William McMINN James Wilson McMORRON McMURTRIE William McMURTRIE McNAMARA David McNAMARA David James McNAMARA Martin McNAMARA Patrick McNAMARA James McNAMEE William McNAMEE McNAUGHTON McNEIL James McNICOL McPHARLIN McPHERSON John Abel McPHERSON John Alexander McPHERSON Malcolm McPHERSON Robert Charles McPHERSON Sarah McPHERSON Robert MCQUARRIE Flora McDonald McRAE John Francis McRAE Henry McRIDGE James McROSTIE Peter McROSTIE Thomas McROSTIE Nicholas McSHANE McTAGGART John McTAGGART Eliza McWATERS MEAD James MEAD Mary MEAD Walton MEAD MEADOWS Ellen Atkinson MEADOWS MEANEY MEASDAY Henry MEASDAY MEATHREL Thomas MEDDAL James MEDHURST Charlotte MEDLOW MEDLYN John MEE Marie Ernest MEEHAC Patrick William MEEHAN MEERS MEGAW Esther MEGAW MEHAFFEY MEIER Mons MEILHAN Carl MEINCK Henry MELBOURNE John White MELDRUM Mikhail Tarielovich Loris- MELEKOFF MELLER Bartholomew MELLETT MELLOR Benjamin Fox MELLOR James Taylor MELLOR John Fox MELLOR Joseph MELLOR Thomas Fox MELLOR Winifred Mary MELLOR MELROSE Euohemia MELROSE Euphemia MELROSE George MELROSE MELVILLE David Seton MELVILLE Henry Dudley MELVILLE John MELVILLE Caroline MELVIN Daniel Wilkie MELVIN Robert MENDS Hermann Diedrich MENGERSEN MENHENNETT MENZ Magdalena Elize MENZ Magdalene Elize MENZ Wilhelm MENZ Ernst Wilhelm MENZEL John MERCER Joseph MERCER William Ball MERCHANT EW MEREDITH John MEREDITH Charles MERRETT George MERRETT George James MERRETT John William MERRETT Edward MERRIGAN Amy MESSENGER Philip MESSENT Jemina METHUEN MEYER Christian Ludwig MEYER Edward Montague MEYER Ellen MEYER Heinrich August Eduart MEYER MEYERS MEYRICK George MIATKE Charles Frederick Otto MICHAEL Christiana MICHAEL Thomas MICHELMORE Johann MICKAN Thirza MIDDLEBROOK MIDDLETON Catherine MIDDLETON Edward John MIDDLETON Jane Elizabeth MIDDLETON John MIDDLETON Michael Adolarius George MIDDLETON Harry MIELL Alexander MIERS HildaHeloise MIETHKE Nicholai Nicholaievich aka Nicholas MACLAY Mikluho-Maklai George MILBANK Samuel MILBOURN Hiram MILDRED Jacob Lory MILDREN William Henry MILDREN Eliza MILDWATERS George Callaway MILDWATERS James MILDWATERS Joseph MILES William MILES MILHINCH Elizabeth MILLAR MILLARD EG MILLARD John MILLARD Thomas Coombs MILLARD MILLER Henry MILLER James MILLER James Thurgood MILLER Jeffery Thevegood� (James Thurgood) MILLER Jessie MILLER Kingsman St Barbe MILLER Mary MILLER Peter MILLER Rebecca MILLER Samuel MILLER Thomas MILLER MILLHOUSE MILLICAN CF MILLMAN Dr MILLNER Esther MILLNER Thomas MILLNER MILLS Eliza MILLS George MILLS John MILLS John Newton MILLS MILLYARD MILNE James MILNE William MILNE William MILNER William Morduant Sturt MILNER William MILSON MILSTEAD Richard Ernest MINCHIN James MINEAR MINERS MINES Albert Sainsbury MINES John MINES MINOGUE Marie Caroline MIOLAN-CARVALHO Andrew MITCH MITCHELL Agnes Stewart MITCHELL Alfred Cleland MITCHELL Charles Bullen Hugh MITCHELL Cornelius Butler MITCHELL Edmund Henry E MITCHELL Elizabeth MITCHELL Jacob MITCHELL James Stewart MITCHELL Jane MITCHELL John MITCHELL Mary MITCHELL Richard MITCHELL Robert MITCHELL Stephen MITCHELL Susan MITCHELL Thomas MITCHELL Thomas James MITCHELL Thomas Nielson MITCHELL William MITCHELL Eliza MITFORD Flora McDonald MITFORD MITTON Andrew Humphrey MOAR Louisa MOAT Solomon MOCATTA Christiana MODRA Robert MOFFAT William MOFFAT James Baird MOFFATT John Gerald Gordon MOFFATT MOGG William MOLESWORTH MOLINEUX Albert MOLINEUX Augustus Leppard MOLINEUX Leonard MOLINEUX Herman MOLL MOLLER MOLLOY Patrick Albert MOLLOY William MOLLOY Helmuth Karl Bernhard von MOLTKE Augustus Samuel MOLTON Michael MONAGHAN MONASH John MONCK MONCREIFF MONFRIES MONK William John MONSON William Drogo MONTAGU MONTEFIORE Jacob MONTEFIORE Joseph Barrow MONTEFIORE MONTGOMERIE MONTGOMERY Sampson MONTGOMERY Donald MOODIE Duncan Campbell Francis MOODIE MOODY Henry Bruce MOODY John MOODY Julianna Maria MOODY Stephen Lidbury MOODY Tom MOODY Elizabeth Graham MOONEY MOORE Ann Adelaide MOORE Edward Canton MOORE James Robert MOORE Johanna MOORE John MOORE John Hartly MOORE Joseph MOORE Mary Ann MOORE Robert Bennett MOORE Robert Garrett MOORE Robert Waters MOORE Thomas Athelstane MOORE Thomas Henry MOORE William MOORE MOOREHOUSE Frances Elizabeth MOORHOUSE Matthew MOORHOUSE Washington MOORHOUSE MORAN Annie MORAN George William MORAN Patrick MORAN William Matthew MORBEY Joseph MORCOM Samuel MORCOM Thomas Gelland MORCOMBE Robert Archibald Alison MOREHEAD MORETON Benjamin MOREY MORGAN Ann MORGAN Charles MORGAN David MORGAN Edmund MORGAN Florence Amy MORGAN George MORGAN Harriet MORGAN James MORGAN John MORGAN John Holbin MORGAN Jonathan George MORGAN Mary Ann MORGAN Matthew MORGAN William MORGAN William John MORIER William Henry MORISH Bentham Paynter MORISON MORONEY MORPHETT Elizabeth MORPHETT John MORPHETT Richard MORPHETT MORRIS Ann MORRIS Bessie MORRIS Charles Richard MORRIS David MORRIS Edward MORRIS Frances MORRIS James Toulmin MORRIS John MORRIS Magaret Anne MORRIS Martha MORRIS Michael Christopher MORRIS Owen MORRIS Owen Arthur MORRIS Thomas MORRIS Thomas Joseph MORRIS William MORRIS MORRIS (?) MORRISH Charles Baker MORRISON Murdoch MORRISON Murdock MORRISON Jane MORRISS James Augustine MORRISSEY William MORTESS MORTIMER Alfred Wyatt MORTIMER Edward Delacey MORTIMER Margaret MORTLOCK William Ranson MORTLOCK Walter Robert MORTON William Lockhart MORTON Ann MOSEDALE MOSELEY Alice MOSELEY Henry Jackson MOSELEY MOSEY John Steward MOSEY MOSS George MOSS Joel MOSS Ralph MOSS Simeon MOSS MOTT Mary Ann MOTT MOULDEN Joseph Eldin MOULDEN MOULDS MOULE John MOULE William Fiddian MOULTON MOUNT James Sellars MOUNTAIN MOYLE Edward MOYLE Elizabeth MOYLE John Perry MOYLE Thomas MOYLE Jane MOYSE William MOYSE William MOYSES MUCKLOW MUDGE Ann Eliza MUDGE Elizabeth MUDGE Carl Wilhelm Ludwig MUECKE Eugen Victor Ottoman MUECKE Walter Le Page MUECKE MUELLER George Louis MUELLER John MUFFORD MUGG George MUGG Mary Ann MUGG Carl Julius MUHLBERG Johannah MUIR Robert Sibbald MUIR Henry MUIRHEAD James MUIRHEAD John Bredisholm MUIRHEAD Mary Jane MUIRHEAD John Adam MULLER Louis MULLER William MULLETT Michael MULLIGAN MULLIGHAN William MULLIGHAN John MULLIN MULLINS Michael Francis MULLINS Michael Joseph MULLINS Patrick MULLINS MULLNER MUMFORD Marie Elizabeth MUMME Carl August MUNCHENBERG Constance MUNCHENBERG Henry MUNDAY John MUNDON MUNDY John MUNDY John Moore MUNDY Martha MUNDY MUNN MUNRO James MUNRO James MUNROE James Campbell MURDOCH Margaret MURDOCH Elizabeth MURDOCK MURISON MURPHY Charles Andrew MURPHY Charles James MURPHY James MURPHY Thomas MURPHY MURRAY Alexander MURRAY Alexander Borthwick MURRAY Alexander Borthwick Cowan MURRAY Alexander Scott MURRAY Andrew MURRAY David MURRAY James MURRAY Jessie MURRAY John MURRAY Joseph Robert MURRAY Margaret MURRAY Mary Fletcher MURRAY Pultney Malcolm Bothwick MURRAY Robert MURRAY Robert McKellar MURRAY Thomas Hope MURRAY William MURRAY William Arthur MURRAY MURRELL MURRELL-SMITH MURRIE Mary MURRIE Arthur Ryley MURSELL Anthony MUSGRAVE Henry MUSGRAVE W Charles MUSGRAVE MUSSARED Ellen MYATT MYERS Samuel MYLES Sophia MYLES Joseph N0TTLE NAGEL Henrich NAGEL NAIRN James Montgomery NAIRN Robert NAIRN Frank John NAISH NAISMITH Charles Philip Horrick NALTY NANCARROW Henry NANKERVIS NANKIVELL Mary Elliot NANKIVELL NAPIER NAPPER see HARE NARE NASH Benjamin NASH Charles NASH Heath NASH James George NASH Nicholas P NASH Owen NASH George Stephen NASON NATION David NATION Richard Foreacre NATION Charles NATT Ruth NATT NAUGHTON Thomas Augustine NAUGHTON Charles NAVEAU John William NAYLOR William NAYLOR William NEAL John NEALE Richard George NEALE William NEALE William Lewis NEALE John Bentham NEALES John NEATE Ralph NEATE Mary Rachael NEAVES NEEDHAM George NEEDHAM Martha NEEDHAM George Fredreick NEEL NEILL Harriett NEILL Jean NEILL John NEILL Thomas NEILL W NEILL William NEILSON Johann George NEINDORF NEPEAN-SMITH NESBITT George NESBITT William Peel NESBITT Gustav August Leopold NETTELBECK John NETTLE NEUMANN Wilhelmine NEUMANN Catherine NEVILLE Ah NEW Isaac NEW NEWBERY NEWBOLD Henry NEWBOLD Robert NEWBOLD Sarah NEWBOLD Thomas Brown NEWBOLD NEWBOULD William Henry NEWBOULD NEWELL Martha NEWELL Charles Burton NEWENHAM John NEWITT NEWLAND Matthew Totham NEWLAND Philip Mesner NEWLAND Richard Francis NEWLAND NEWMAN Arthur NEWMAN Charles NEWMAN Charles NEWMAN Charles Frederick NEWMAN Edward Joseph Miller NEWMAN Emma Ann NEWMAN George Herbert NEWMAN John NEWMAN John Henry NEWMAN Mary NEWMAN Thomas NEWMAN William NEWMAN Henry James NEWTON Sarah Ann NEYLE NEYLON Eliza NICE Alexander William NICHOLAS John NICHOLAS NICHOLLS Ann NICHOLLS Ann Alice NICHOLLS Elizabeth NICHOLLS Fanny NICHOLLS Jane NICHOLLS John Warner NICHOLLS Martha NICHOLLS Noah NICHOLLS Prudence NICHOLLS Robert NICHOLLS Sibyl Mary Ethel NICHOLLS Stephen NICHOLLS Ann NICHOLS Jonathan Job NICHOLS Charles Pattison NICHOLSON Daniel NICHOLSON James NICHOLSON Joseph NICHOLSON NICKELS William NICKELS Arthur NICKOLLS John NICOL NICOLAI Joseph NICOLAI NICOLLE NIEHUS NIENABER Olga Louise NIENABER Charles Frederick NIESCHE Frederick William NIGUET John Peter NIQUET NITSCHKE Eliese Katharine NITSCHKE Wilhelm NITSCHKE Elizabeth NOBES NOBLE George NOBLE John NOBLE Sarah Fanny NOCK NOFFKE Michael NOLAN Henry NOLTENUIS John NOONAN George William Henry NORCOCK NORMAN Arthur George Havel NORMAN David NORMAN George Harold NORMAN Lelsie NORMAN Robert NORMAN Roger NORMAN Walter NORMAN William NORMAN Hannah NORMINGTON NORRIS Charles NORRIS George NORRIS Sydney James NORRIS NORSWORTHY George NORTH NORTHCOTE Henry Stafford NORTHCOTE NORTHCOTT Charles NORTHEAST NORTHEY John Alfred NORTHMORE NORTON Joseph NORTON Mary Jarvis NORTON Robert NORTON NOSWORTHY NOTT NOTTAGE Charles NOTTAGE Edgar NOTTAGE James NOTTAGE Ann NOTTLE Jane NOTTLE Josiah NOVIS John NOWLAND NOYES NUNAN Benjamin Barber NURSE Edmund NURSE Elizabeth Slatten NURSE NUTT O'BRIEN Patrick John O'BRIEN Edmund O’BRIEN Michael O’BRIEN Michael Joseph O’BRIEN Revd Principal O’BRIEN James O’CALLAGHAN O'CONNELL Timothy O'CONNELL James O’CONNELL Eliza O'CONNOR Margaret O’CONNOR O'DEA Mary Agnes O'DEA Patrick O'DEA Thomas O'DEA O'GRADY J J O'GRADY Thomas O’HAGAN O'HALLORAN Henry Dunkin O'HALLORAN Jane O'HALLORAN Thomas Shuldham O'HALLORAN Jane O’HALLORAN William Littlejohn O’HALLORAN William O’HARA O'LEARY Daniel O'LEARY Margaret O’LEARY O'LOGHLIN Michael O’LOUGHLEN O'LOUGHLIN Cornelius O'LOUGHLIN Edward Martin O'LOUGHLIN O'MALLEY Margaret Allen O’NEIL John O’SHANNASSY O'SHAUGHNESSY John O’SULLIVAN Michael O’SULLIVAN Grace O”DEA Mary Jane OAKES Rebecca OAKES William OAKLEY Gottlieb OBST Emma OCKENDEN Palmer OCKENDEN Frederick OCKLEY ODGERS Faith ODGERS OEHLMANN Herman OELMANN Hermann OELMANN OGILVY OHLMEYER Wilhelm Anton OHLMEYER Arthur OLD OLDFIELD Fanny Malcolm OLDFIELD OLDHAM Eliza OLDHAM Ernest William OLDHAM Nathaniel OLDHAM Walter Fredrick OLDHAM William OLDHAM William John OLDHAM OLDLAND OLIFENT Harry Smith OLIFENT William Elwin OLIFENT OLIVER Charles Henry OLIVER Henry OLIVER Margaret OLIVER Robert OLIVER William OLIVER OLORENSHAW OLSEN Gulick OLSEN August OLSSON Annie OMOND John OMOND Martha OMOND OPIE Frances OPIE Louisa ORCHARD Mark ORCHARD George ORMEROD John ORMISTON Peter David ORMISTON John Kinsman OSBORN OSBORNE Elizabeth OSBORNE George OSBORNE Mary OSBORNE Ralph Bernal OSBORNE Thomas OSBORNE OSMAN John James OSMAN OSMOND OSTER Philipp Jacob OSTER Mary Ann OTTAWAY Thomas OTTAWAY OTTO Frederick Hermann OTTO Charles James OUGDEN Charles OUGH George John OUTLAW OVERALL OVERBURY George OWEN William OWEN OWENS Emma OXFORD PACKARD Daniel Spencer PACKARD Sarah PACKARD Henry Job PACKER David PACKHAM William PADDOCK Marie Elizabeth PADE PADMAN Thomas PADMAN PAECH Johann Christian PAECH Johann Georg PAECH Johanne Louise PAECH PAGE Stephen Simon PAGE Herbert PAINE PALIN P Johann [John] PALLHUBER William PALLISER PALM Johanna PALM PALMER Alfred PALMER Arthur Hunter PALMER Edward Henry PALMER Edward Lea PALMER George PALMER George PALMER George PALMER Hamilton Charles PALMER James PALMER Mary Ann PALMER Susannah PALMER John Dunn PALTRIDGE William PALTRIDGE PANK George Thomas PANK PANNAN PANNELL George Henry PAQUALIN William Adolphus PAQUALIN William Adolphus PAQUALIN George PAQUELIN Edward PARHAM Jane PARHAM John PARHAM Sarah PARHAM PARIS John PARIS Edward Robert PARISH Walter Charles PARISH Andrew PARK Edward PARK PARKER Ann PARKER Bertha PARKER Edward PARKER Joseph PARKER Thomas Henry PARKER PARKES Harry Smith PARKES Henry PARKES PARKIN Charles PARKIN Elizabeth PARKIN William PARKIN John Taylor PARKINSON Patrick Frederick Francis PARKINSON PARKS Charles Stewart PARNELL Zebudah PARNELL James Hamilton PARR Mary PARRINGTON PARROTT PARRY Charles PARRY Henry PARRY Michael PARRY PARSONS Charles PARSONS Edmund PARSONS Edward William PARSONS Jane PARSONS John Flann PARSONS John Langdon PARSONS Joseph PARSONS PARTINGTON PARTRIDGE Henry PARTRIDGE Josiah PARTRIDGE Mary PARTRIDGE PASCOE Ann PASCOE John Edwin PASCOE John Henry PASCOE John jnr PASCOE Thomas PASCOE George William PATCHELL Thomas Kennedy PATER PATERSON Alexander Stewart PATERSON John PATERSON Marion PATERSON Marion PATERSON Phillip PATERSON Walter PATERSON William Henry Brown PATERSON PATFULL Thomas Otley PATRICK PATTERSON Hugh PATTERSON Margaret PATTERSON Samuel PATTERSON George Edward PATTINGALE William H PATTON Gottlieb PATZELL Ellen PAUL Thomas PAUL PAULL Elizabeth PAULL Philip PAVEY PAVY Alfred William PAXTON John PAXTON William PAXTON PAYNE Arthur PAYNE John PAYNE Owen Philip PAYNE Sophia PAYNTER Arthur PEACHEY PEACOCK Caleb PEACOCK Emma PEACOCK Jemima PEACOCK Mary Ann PEACOCK Reuben PEACOCK Wiles PEACOCK PEAKE Leonard William PEAKE Mary PEAKE PEARCE Frank Chapman PEARCE Frederick John PEARCE George PEARCE Henry Charles PEARCE James PEARCE Jane PEARCE John PEARCE Samuel PEARCE William PEARCE William PEARCE Jeffrey PEARSE PEARSON John PEARSON Margaret PEARSON Thomas PEATTIE Johanne Christiane PECH William PECK PEDDER William PEDERICK William Henry PEDERICK Thomas PEDLAR PEDLER Daniel PEDLER William PEDLER PEEK PEEL Robert PEEL Jane PEGLAR Henry PEGLER Lydia Atkinson PEIRCE Thomas PEIRCE Lionel James PELHAM Henry Pelham (5th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne) PELHAM-CLINTON PELLEW PELTON Johann Heinrich Leopold PELZER John PENBERTHY Peter PENDLEBURY PENDLETON Alan George PENDLETON PENFOLD Mary PENFOLD PENGELLEY W Augustus PENGELLY William PENGILLEY PENGILLY John PENMAN PENNEFATHER John Kemp PENNEY Richard PENNEY PENNIFOLD PENNY Elizabeth May PENNY John PENNY Richard PENNY PENROSE Mary Jane PENROSE William Thomas PENROSE Benjamin James PENTECOST PEPERKORN PEPPER Frederick Hilton PEPPER Joseph PEPPER William Bickford PEPPERELL William PERCIVAL Alfred PERCY PERFRIX PERKINS Joseph PERKINS Richard PERKINS PERRIAM PERRY Ann PERRY Charles Augustes PERRY Charles Herbert PERRY Elizabeth PERRY George Roger PERRY John William PERRY Joseph PERRY PERRYMAN Thomas PERRYMAN PERSE PETATZ PETERS James PETERS Joseph PETERS Otto PETERS William Henry PETERS Peter Wilhelm PETERSON William Ernest PETERSWALD William John PETERSWALD PETHERICK Elizabeth PETHERICK Henry PETHICK Charles PETTITT PFEIFFER Johann Gottlieb PFEIFFER Heinrich Christian Julius PFENNIG PFITZNER PFLAUM Theodore Milton PFLAUM PFUHL PHELAN PHELPS William PHELPS George PHILBY PHILCOX Caroline Mary PHILLIPPE PHILLIPS Amelia PHILLIPS Edward PHILLIPS Eliza Amelia PHILLIPS George PHILLIPS Henry Weston PHILLIPS James H PHILLIPS James Howard PHILLIPS John PHILLIPS Kate PHILLIPS Lucy Emma PHILLIPS Maria PHILLIPS Mary Ann PHILLIPS Susan Ann PHILLIPS William John PHILLIPS PHILLIPSON Nathaniel Edmund PHILLIPSON PHILLIS Caroline Elizabeth PHILLIS George PHILLIS James PHILLIS William PHILLIS William Thomas PHILLIS Richard Charles Emmanuel PHILPS George Augustus Constantine PHIPPS William Brook PHIPPS John Bond PHIPSON James PICK PICKERING John PICKERING Alfred PICKFORD Emma Mary PIESSE PIGGOTT PIKE Daniel PIKE Henry PIKE PILE James PILE Ebenezer Pearson PILGRIM PILKINGTON William PILL John PILLIFEANT Mary PILMORE Henry PINCH James PINCHBECK Sarah Painter PINCHBECK PINGEL Sophie Fredericke Wilhelmine PINGEL Alice PINNEGAR Charles PINNEGAR PINNINGTON Fanny PIPER Mary Morse PIPPETT Deborah PITCHER Isabella Elizabeth PITCHER John Garlick PITCHER John Garlick PITCHER Jacob PITMAN Charles PITT Ebenezer PITT John PITT Edward William PITTS Septimus Verender PIZEY PLANT Sophia Maria Christina PLATE John PLATT Charles George Eastland PLATTS PLAYER PLAYFORD Thomas PLAYFORD PLEDGE/S John PLEW Mary PLINT Sidney PLINT James PLUMB PLUNKETT David PLUNKETT Henry Archibald PLUNKETT John Ambrose PLUNKETT John Laddington PLUSH William PLUSH POCOCK Carl Friedrich Wilhelm POHLNER POINTON James POINTON Selina POINTON Joseph POLK John POLKINGHORNE William POLKINGHORNE POLLARD Ernest Patrick POLLARD Frank POLLARD James POLLARD Thomas POLLARD POLLITT James POLLITT POLST POMROY PONDER John PONDER Charles Maners PONTON POOL Robert POOL Eliza POOLE Henry James POOLE Timothy POOLE William POOLE William Draper POOLE POPE Abraham POPE Edmund POPE George POPE Jane Newman POPE Margaret POPE Mary Ann POPE Samuel POPE Julia Louisa POPHAM PORTER James Windmill PORTER John PORTER Margaret Lundy PORTER Thomas Saunders PORTER Jabez Bunting PORTREY Alfred Reeds POSSINGHAM POTTER Eliza POTTER Henry Edward POTTER Samuel POTTER Adam Murray POTTS Arthur POTTS Frank POTTS William Henry POUND Henery Rothwell POUNSETT Henry POUNSETT Henry Rothwell POUNSETT Alexander POUNTON Alexander POUNTON Charlotte POWEL POWELL Charles Berrdin POWELL Cpt POWELL Henry POWELL James Russell POWELL Jane POWELL John POWELL John William POWELL Thomas POWELL William POWELL David POWER John POWER Peter POWER POYNTON POYSDEN George POYZER Lucy Amelia PRANKERD Peter Dowding PRANKERD James PRATT PRATTEN Thomas PREECE Johann Wilhelm PREISS PRESCOTT Alfred Charles PRESCOTT Edward PRESCOTT George Frederick PRESCOTT Mary PRESCOTT Charles Cave PRESGRAVE PRETTEJOHN Nathaniel PRETTEJOHN PREVOST Jean Baptiste PREVOST PRICE Benjamin James PRICE Charles PRICE Edward William PRICE Ellen PRICE Harriet Caroline PRICE Henry Archibald PRICE Henry Strong PRICE John PRICE Mary Frances PRICE Sarah PRICE Thomas PRICE Abraham PRIDEAUX Mary Jane PRIDEAUX Horace Vernon PRIDMORE Mary Ann PRIER Thomas Henry PRIEST Edward Rowland PRIESTLY Job PRIME Edward Coleby PRIMER John PRIMROSE Honor Ann PRINCE Hannah Maria PRIOR John PRIOR Nanny PRISK PRITCHARD Clarissa Foxwell PRITCHARD Emily PRITCHARD Frederick PRITCHARD Henry PRITCHARD Henry James PRITCHARD Joseph PRITCHARD PROBERT Sarah PROBYN Ann PROCTOR Frederick PROCTOR Joseph Fogg PROCTOR Richard Anthony PROCTOR PROMNITZ Herbert Edgar PROSSER Thomas Henry PROSSER William PROSSER Cornelius PROUD Charlotte PROUSE Elizabeth Jane PROUSE Margaret PROUSE Millicent Sophrona PROUSE Ann PROUT George PROUT Frederick Joseph PROVIS William PROVIS William PROWSE PRYOR John St Geprge PUCKRIDGE Isaac PUDDY Henry PUDNEY Henry John PUDNEY Hugh Mierion PUGH Georgiana Lydia PULFORD William Charles PULLEN William John Samuel PULLEN PULLUM Rebecca Victoria PULSFORD William PULSFORD John PURCHES PUREY-CUST John PURLING PURVIS Ernst Wilhelm Theodor PUSTKUCHEN Margaret PUTLAND Charles PUTTMANN Hermann PUTTMANN Félix PYAT Arthur Lysaght Wyndham PYBUS Arthur Lysaght Wyndham PYBUS Frederick Henry PYBUS Sarah PYBUS William PYBUS Eunice PYMAN John PYNE QUICK Elizabeth Hubert QUICK Henry Charles QUICK Allan QUIN Hugh QUIN Sarah QUIN William QUIN James QUINLAN QUINN James QUINN John QUINN Thomas QUINN RABBITT Thomas RADBONE Charles RADFORD Eliza RADFORD George RADFORD Sarah RADFORD William RADFORD Captain RAE William RAE RAFFAN RAGLESS Eliza RAGLESS George RAGLESS John RAGLESS John RAGLESS Richard RAGLESS Joseph RAINSFORD RAISBECK Charles RAKE Alexander RALEIGH James Thomas RALPH Maurice RALPH Ida Louisa RAMSAY James Garden RAMSAY John William RAMSAY Joseph RAMSAY Mary Ellen Laura RAMSEY Edward G RAND Robert RAND RANDALL Henry Edward RANDALL Walter David RANDALL William RANDALL RANDELL Ebenezer Hartley RANDELL Elliot Charles Cave RANDELL Marianna Elliott RANDELL Samuel RANDELL William Beavis RANDELL William Richard RANDELL Catherine RANFORD Henry RANFORD Octavius Edward RANFORD Leopold von RANKE Oliver RANKIN RANKINE Andrew RANKINE Duncan RANKINE James RANKINE John RANKINE Margaret RANKINE Robert RANKINE William RANKINE John RANN Frederick RANSFORD Robert Charles RANSOME Ralph RAPHAEL Samuel RAPHAEL John Adolph RASMUS Thomas RASTON Carl Christian RATHMANN Peter RATTIGAN Theodore Vivian RAUCH Charles RAWLINGS James RAWLINGS RAYE Frances RAYMOND Francis RAYMOND RAYNER John RAYNER William James RAYNER James REA James REA READ Charles READ Frances READ George READ Mary READ William Gould READ REARDON William Henry REBBECK Gustav Julius RECHNER Gustav Julius RECHNER RECKETTS / RICKETTS John REDCLIFT REDDAN REDDEN James Patrick REDDEN William REDDEN Walter Maurice REDFEARN Horatio Samuel REDIN REDMAN Jane REDPATH REECE REED Ann REED Ann Odgers REED Charles REED Eliza REED Ellen REED George Donald REED George Lancelot REED James Henry REED Jessie Thomas McCoy REED John REED Joseph Werg REED Thomas Sadler REED William James REED Jane REEDIE John REEDIE Edward John REEDMAN George REES Rowland REES REEVES Denis REGAN REICHELT REICHSTEIN REID Alexander REID David REID Duncan REID George REID James REID Jane REID John REID Peter McGregor REID Richardson REID Ross Thompson REID Stephen REID John REILLY Christian REIMERS Alexander REINECKE Charles August REINECKE REISS John REMNANT REMPHREY James RENDALL RENFREY Richard RENFREY William Henry RENFREY RENNER RENOWDEN /TRENOWDEN REPPER James Hosking REPPER Johan Carl Robert RESCHKE Caroline RETALLACK Paul Julius Freiherr von REUTER Johann Georg REUTHER Thomas Brudnell REVITT REYNELL Carew REYNELL Samuel REYNELL Christopher Augustine REYNOLDS Elizabeth REYNOLDS Grahame Eliza REYNOLDS Thomas REYNOLDS William James REYNOLDS RHODES George RHODES Thomas RHODES William RHODES RICE William RICE RICH RICHARDS Benjamin Walter RICHARDS Catherine Thomas RICHARDS Elizabeth RICHARDS Frederick William RICHARDS George RICHARDS James RICHARDS Jane RICHARDS John Norman RICHARDS Richard RICHARDS Sarah Ann Richards William RICHARDS RICHARDSON Adam Watson RICHARDSON Frederick George RICHARDSON Gilbert Blair RICHARDSON Henry RICHARDSON John RICHARDSON Reuben RICHARDSON Robert RICHARDSON Thomas James RICHARDSON William RICHARDSON William Henry RICHARDSON Henry John RICHMAN RICK RICKETTS Mary Ann RICKETTS RICKS William Graham RICKWOOD Martha RIDDELL John RIDDLE William RIDDLE RIDDOCH John RIDDOCH RIDGWAY Philip RIDGWAY William Roads RIDGWAY James Bradshaw RIDINGS Elizabeth RIDLEY John RIDLEY Carl Heinrich Julius RIEDEL William Charles RIGBY RIGGS Andrew RIGGS Ann RIGGS Henry John RIGGS William RIGGS Ezra RILEY Susannah RILEY Mary Ann RING Mary Anne RING Frederick William RINGWOOD Hannah RINGWOOD Edouard Marie RIO Richard Henry RIPLEY RISCHBIETH Charles RISCHBIETH Ernest August RISCHBIETH Eli RISELY George RISELY Alison RITCHIE James Balls RITCHIE RIX Edward Cecil RIX Frederick Henry RIX Henry ROACH Jacob ROACH Jane ROACH John ROACH Mary ROACH Peter ROACH ROACHE Patrick ROACHOCK ROADS ROBBINS Sophia Luisia ROBBINS Frederick Holt ROBE ROBERT ROBERTS Alfred Jabez ROBERTS Ann ROBERTS Ann Jane ROBERTS Augustus M ROBERTS Bramwell Soanes ROBERTS Charles Gay ROBERTS Earnshaw ROBERTS Edward James ROBERTS Ernshaw ROBERTS Hannah ROBERTS James ROBERTS Jane ROBERTS Joel ROBERTS John ROBERTS John Le Maistre Francis ROBERTS Margaret ROBERTS Mary ROBERTS Mary Elizabeth ROBERTS Richard ROBERTS Samuel Edward ROBERTS Thomas ROBERTS William ROBERTS William Edward ROBERTS William John ROBERTS ROBERTSON Alexander ROBERTSON Annie ROBERTSON Frances Harriet ROBERTSON George ROBERTSON James ROBERTSON John ROBERTSON John Holland ROBERTSON Susan ROBERTSON William ROBERTSON William Tindal ROBERTSON Charlotte Margaret Barbenson ROBIN David ROBIN James ROBIN ROBINSON Bridget ROBINSON James Benjamin ROBINSON John ROBINSON Richard Percival ROBINSON Samuel Clark ROBINSON Sarah Jane ROBINSON Walter Edwin ROBINSON William Cleaver Francis ROBINSON ROBSON ROCK Joseph ROCK Mary ROCK RODDA Richard RODDA Thomas RODDA RODGER RODGERS James RODGERS ROE John ROE ROEDIGER Carl August Julius ROEDIGER Carl Gustav ROEDIGER Benjamin Davey ROENNFELDT James ROFE James George ROFE Mary ROFE ROGERS Ann ROGERS Edwin ROGERS Elizabeth ROGERS John ROGERS Margaret ROGERS Mary ROGERS Rose ROGERS Samuel Robert James ROGERS William ROGERS William Henry ROGERS William Sandergrove ROGERS Ann ROGERSON ROHDE ROHRLACH Otto Gustav ROHRLACH ROLIDE David ROLLO RONALD Heinrich RONDE ROOK Robert ROONEY Henry Edward ROOPER ROPER ROSE Arthur ROSE Benjamin ROSE Edward ROSE John ROSE John Simeon ROSE Joseph ROSE Reuben ROSE ROSENHAIM ROSENHAIN ROSIE ROSS Robert ROSS Robert Dalrymple ROSS William ROSS William Alexander ROSS ROSSELL William ROSSI ROTHE August ROTHER ROUNSEVELL John ROUNSEVELL John snr ROUNSEVELL William ROUNSEVELL ROWE Caroline ROWE Edmund ROWE Edwin ROWE Elizabeth ROWE Francis ROWE Jane ROWE John ROWE John Peter ROWE Joseph ROWE Josiah ROWE Mary ROWE Nathaniel ROWE Richard ROWE Thomas Blight ROWE Thomas Matthew ROWE William ROWE ROWELL John ROWELL Charles Thomas ROWETT ROWLAND Charles ROWLAND Frances ROWLAND Frances Jane ROWLAND John ROWLAND Mary Ann ROWLAND Peter ROWLAND William ROWLAND Harriet Matilda ROWLANDS Matilda ROWLANDS ROWLEY William Henry ROWSMAN ROY ROYAL Elizabeth ROYAL William ROYSE Christian Friedrich Adolph RUBENKONIG John RUDALL RUDD George RUDD RUDDOCK RUDOLPH Sophia Melley RUE RUFUS Ruth RUGLESS Samuel Thomas RUGLESS RULE RUMBELOW RUNDLE Gesina Wilhelmina RUNDLE Thomas RUNDLE RUNGE Edward Charles RUNGE Elizabeth RUSHALL William RUSHALL Ann RUSK RUSSELL Alexander RUSSELL Alexander Russell RUSSELL Alfred Edward James RUSSELL Ann Allen RUSSELL Edward Wix RUSSELL Emma RUSSELL Francis Charles Hastings RUSSELL John RUSSELL Robert RUSSELL William RUSSELL William Henry RUSSELL RUSSQ RUST RUTT RUTTER Johann Heinrich RUWE Katherina Elizabeth RUWE RUWOLDT Joachim Christian Carl Matthias RUWOLDT Harriet Mary Ann RYALL RYAN Bridget RYAN Catherine RYAN Denis Landers RYAN John RYAN John RYDER RYE John RYLANDS Edward Charles RYLEY RYMILL Robert RYMILL Clement SABINE Edith Brewer SABINE Willie Heard SACH Esther SADDLER Nathan SADLER Nathen SADLER George Edwin SAGAR Ann SAINT Edwin SAINT John SAINT Hartt Elizabeth SALA Herbert SALE Mary Ann SALMON Elias SALOM Maurice SALOM SALTER Henry Charles SALTER Mary SALTER William SALTER SAMBELL SAMPSON James SAMPSON Nicholas SAMPSON William SAMPSON SAMSON George SAMSON William SAMSON SAMUELS SANDERS Benjamin SANDERS Charles SANDERS George SANDERS George SANDERS Harriet SANDERS James Rowland SANDERS John SANDERS John Stuart SANDERS Mary SANDERS Sarah SANDERS William SANDERS Frederic James SANDERSON Jacob SANDERSON Sarah SANDERSON William Davidson SANDERSON Alexander Wallace SANDFORD John Wood SANDFORD William John SANDFORD SANDILANDS SANDLAND Wilhelm SANDMEYER William SANDOVER SANDOW George SANDOW Jane Johns SANDOW David George SANDS John Edwin Laud SANDS SANGSTER John Ikin SANGSTER William SANSOM Elizabeth SANTO Philip SANTO SARA George SARA William Charles SARGEAUNT SARGENT Lydia SARGENT Samuel SARGENT SASSANOWSKY SASSINOWSKY Christian SAUERBIER John SAUERBIER SAUNDERS John SAUNDERS Samuel SAUNDERS Thomas SAUNDERS Theophile Jules SAUNIER Robert SAVIL SAVILL William Ross SAWERS Alfred Edwin SAWTELL Edwin SAWTELL Helen Stark SAWTELL Mary Ann SAWTELL Tom Henry SAWTELL Edward SAWYERS Albert Victor Christian Edward SAXE-COBURG Alfred Ernest Albert Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Henry Ord SAYER SAYERS Matilda L SAYERS Matilda L SAYERS Robert SAYERS SCALES SCAMMELL Luther SCAMMELL Arthur Sanger SCANDRETT SCARFE Alfred SCARFE Alfred Edmund SCARFE Arthur Hamilton SCARFE Augustus Thomas SCARFE George SCARFE Henry Cornelius SCARFE Thomas Roger SCARFE Christina SCHAMMER SCHELL SCHENSHER SCHERK John Henry SCHICKEL Johann Gottlieb SCHILLING SCHINCKEL Karl SCHINZINGER SCHIRN Salis SCHLANK SCHLETER Anton SCHLINK Paul Charles SCHLUMBERGER Adolph Hans SCHLUTER SCHMAAL Maria Dorothea Friedricke SCHMAAL Carl Friedrich August SCHMELZKOFF [see SCHMELZKOFF] SCHMELZKOPF SCHMIDT Joachim SCHMIDT SCHNEIDER Henrietta Augusta Whilemina SCHNEIDER Johann Carl SCHOBER SCHOENBERG Jane Sampson SCHOLLAR SCHOLZ Wilhelm Heinrich SCHOLZ Moritz Richard SCHOMBURGH Julius SCHOMBURGK Moritz Richard SCHOMBURGK SCHONFELDT SCHRADER August Ferdinand SCHRADER Heinrich Ludwig SCHRADER John SCHRINER George SCHRODER SCHROEDER George Charles SCHROEDER Daniel Henry SCHRYVOGEL SCHUBERT SCHUETZE SCHULTZ Richard SCHULTZ William Ernst SCHULTZ Carl Gottlieb Ludwig SCHULTZE SCHULZ Carl Gottlieb Ludwig SCHULZE SCHUMACHER Anna SCHUPPAN Clanor Wilhelm SCHURMANN SCHWARZ John SCOBLE SCOTCHER SCOTT Celia SCOTT Charles SCOTT David Wylie SCOTT Edward Bate SCOTT George SCOTT George Byng SCOTT Henry SCOTT James SCOTT James Charles SCOTT James Cochrane SCOTT James Simpson SCOTT John SCOTT Mary SCOTT Thomas SCOTT William David SCOTT SCOTT-BROAD SCOTT-GRIFFITHS Gavin SCOULAR Richard SCOWN Peter Henry SCRATCHLEY Edwin SCRIVEN Margaret SCRUTTON Thomas Urquhart SCRUTTON Charlotte Juliana SCRYMGOUR George SCRYMGOUR Malcolm SCRYMGOUR William SEABURY Sophia Maria SEAMAN Agnes SEAMEN Albert SEAMOND SEARBY SEARCY Charlotte Edwin SEARCY SEARLE Frederick SEARLE Harriet SEARLE Mary SEARLE Mary Ann SEARLE Louisa SEARS Henry SECOMB Margaret SECOMB SECOMBE Richard SEDDON SEEBOHM SEIDEL George Rawden SEITH SELBY Susan SELBY Margaret SELLICK Alfred SELLS Edward Perronet SELLS William Briggs SELLS John SELLWOOD SELTH Mary Ann SELTH William SELTH SELVEN Arthur John SELWAY Jane Singer SELWAY William Henry SELWAY William Henry SELWAY George SEMMENS SENIOR Alexandrina Mary SENNER Hugo SEPPELT James SERVICE SEWELL Henry SEWELL SEXTON Alfred Hatch SEXTON Richard James SEXTON Charles SEYMOUR Henry SEYMOUR Mary SEYMOUR Thomas Drought SEYMOUR SHACKLEY James SHACKLEY Josiah SHADGETT Katherine Henrietta SHANAHAN Thomas SHANAHAN SHANASY George SHAND SHANKS Mary Ann SHANKS SHANNON Abraham SHANNON James SHANNON Martha SHANNON Thomas SHANNON William SHANNON Christopher SHARAM Christopher SHARAM Ellen SHARAM William Henry SHARLAND SHARLEY SHARMAN SHARP Elizabeth Marshall SHARP Isabel SHARP Thomas Edward SHARP Annie Agnes SHARPLES SHARRAD Rebecca SHARRAD SHAW George SHAW George Gerrard SHAW Richard SHAW Charles Shaw-Lefevr John Thomas SHAWYER Percy Ina Higgett SHAWYER James SHEARER Henry SHEARING Julia SHEEHAN James Henry SHELLAM SHELTON Elizabeth Ann SHEPHARD George James SHEPHARD Stanley Hopkins SHEPHARD Thomas SHEPHARD William Thomas SHEPHARD John Banks SHEPHARDSON SHEPHERD Hannah SHEPHERD James SHEPHERD John SHEPHERD Phillipa SHEPHERD Thomas SHEPHERD SHEPHERDSON John Banks SHEPHERDSON William Bosenworth SHEPHERDSON Lucy Priscilla SHEPLEY SHEPPARD William Tyndal SHEPPARD Jacob SHERER Jacob SHERER SHERIDAN Frances Jane Avis Kath SHERIDAN Michael SHERIDAN Philip SHERIDAN Reginald SHERIDAN SHERIFF Jennett SHERRAH Christian SHERRIFF George SHERRIFF William SHERRIFF James House SHERRING SHETLIFFE Robert SHEUARD Mary SHEWARD John Henry SHICKEL SHIELDS Amanda SHIELDS SHIELS SHIERLAW George Crooks SHIERLAW John Edmeston SHIERLAW SHILLABEER Andrew SHILLABEER John SHIPARD SHIPSTER George Frederick SHIPSTER SHIPWAY William SHOOBRIDGE George SHORNEY SHORT Augustus SHORT Henry Augustus SHORT Jane Paige SHORT John SHORT Mary Masey SHORT Naomi SHORT John SHORTT SHUTE SHUTTLEWORTH Claude SHUTTLEWORTH Jane Boorman SHUTTLEWORTH William SHUTTLEWORTH Henry Evan SIBLEY Simon Libby SIBLY SIDDALL SIEBER Christian SIEGELE Mary SIEKMANN SIFFOLI Bernard SIGRIST George Christopher Brandis SILBY Mary Ann SILBY George Woollcombe SILLIFANT SILVA SILVER William SILVER SILVERTHORNE James SIM John SIMCOCK George Silas SIMMONS James SIMMONS William Francis SIMMONS Edward SIMMS William Knox SIMMS SIMONS Joseph Henry SIMONS Richard Rougen SIMONS SIMPSON Alfred SIMPSON Alfred Muller SIMPSON Andrew SIMPSON Eliza SIMPSON Esther SIMPSON Henry SIMPSON Henry Sibernight SIMPSON James Young SIMPSON Martha Jane SIMPSON Peter SIMPSON SIMS Joseph Griffiths SIMS WJ SIMS SINCLAIR George SINCLAIR James SINCLAIR John Michell SINCLAIR John Mitchell SINCLAIR William SINCLAIR SINGH Francis Corbet SINGLETON Franncis Corbet SINGLETON Frederick George SINGLETON Alice SINKINSON Frederick SINNETT Jane Anne SINNETT George Dean SISMEY Frederick Samuel SISON Mary SITTERS William SITTERS SIZER Joseph SKELTON Arthur (George ROSE) SKETCHLEY SKETHEWAY John SKETSCH SKEWES Thomas SKEYHILL SKINNER Alice Mary SKINNER William Henry SKINNER William Hickson SKINNER John Michael SKIPPER Mary SKIPPER Spencer John SKIPPER Augustus Fredreick SKIPWORTH George SKIPWORTH Maria SKIPWORTH Charles SLADEN George SLANNERS SLATTER SLATTERY Mathew Thomas SLAUGHTER Josiah SLEE Richard SLEE SLOAN Elizabeth SLOGGETT Richard SLOGGETT George SLOMAN Thomas SLOUGH John SMALL William SMALL SMART Albert SMART Charles Fleming SMART Charles Flemming SMART Isabella SMART Robert SMART SMEATON Carrington SMEDLEY Mary Ann SMEDLEY SMELT Hans SMIDT Hans SMIDT William Robert SMILY SMITH Alfred James SMITH Ann Elizabeth SMITH Benjamin SMITH Caroline Ann SMITH Charles Trafford SMITH Charles William SMITH Christina SMITH Clarence Herbert SMITH Edmund Hanson SMITH Edwin SMITH Eliza SMITH Emily SMITH Fanny SMITH Fred Caley SMITH George SMITH George Carnegie SMITH Hannah SMITH Henry SMITH Henry Edward SMITH Henry James SMITH Jacob William SMITH James SMITH James SMITH James Gersham SMITH James Neil SMITH James Viner SMITH Jane SMITH JH SMITH John SMITH Joseph SMITH Leonard Isaac SMITH Margaret SMITH Maria Phippipa SMITH Mary SMITH Mary Ann SMITH Matthew SMITH Robert SMITH S SMITH Samuel SMITH Sarah SMITH Sidney SMITH Susannah SMITH Thomas SMITH Thomas Asheton- SMITH Thomas George SMITH Thomas Pye Stephenson SMITH William SMITH William Edwin SMITH William Henry SMITH William Vizard SMITH SMITHAM Adelaide SMITHERS John SMITHERS SMYTH Elizabeth SMYTH Mary SMYTH SNELL Mary Anna SNELL Richard SNELL William SNELL SNELLING Henery SNELLING Frederick Peter SNEWIN Lois SNEWIN SNODGRASS John SOAL SOBELS Richard Carl SOBELS Anton SOKOLOSKY SOLOMON Abraham Jacob SOLOMON Emanuel SOLOMON George SOLOMON Judah Moss SOLOMON S SOLOMON Vaiben Louis SOLOMON SOMERVILLE SONNEMANN Franz Heinrich SONNEMANN William SOPER SORREL John Francis SOUTER Thomas Henry SOUTH SOUTHWOOD Joanna Wynne SOUTTAR John SOUTTAR Mary Ann SOWDEN William Hickson SOWTER John SPAIN SPANAGEL August SPANGLER SPARKS Henry Yorke SPARKS Sarah SPARKS Frederick SPARNON SPARROW James SPARSHOTT Sarah SPARSHOTT Jemima SPEER Elizabeh SPEERS William SPEERS SPEHR Anna Margaretha SPEHR Hermann Ludwig SPEHR William SPELLS SPENCE Catherine SPENCE Grace SPENCE Helen SPENCE John Brodie SPENCE Manuel SPENCE Eliza SPENCER John SPENCER Richard SPENCER SPICER Edward SPICER William Clarke SPICER SPILLER Emanuel SPILLER Charlotte Sophie Christine SPOEHR George Wingrove SPONG Johann Friedrich SPORN Johann Friedrich SPORN Richard Keane SPOTSWOOD Sophia SPOTSWOOD SPRATT Thomas SPRATT SPRIGG George Hutchinson SPRIGG Henry Lorenzo SPRIGG Jessie Newell SPRIGG Thomas Abraham Augustus SPRIGG SPRINGBETT Samuel SPRINGBETT SPROD James SPRY Eugene SPULLER William Richard SQUIBB William Rickard SQUIBB SQUIRE John Harding SQUIRE Edward Roy SQUIRES William Bell SQUIRES Kingsman ST BARBE-MILLER William ST GEORGE STABERNACK STACEY Charles STACEY Georgina Jane STACEY John STACEY William John Sheppard STACEY STACY Ann Smith STACY Catherine STACY James Murch STACY John Murch STACY STAER STAFFORD Arthur Taggart STAINBANK Herman Conrad STAKEMAN Richard STALLEY Jane STANDRIN STANFORD Thomas STANFORD Arthur Penrhyn STANLEY Edmund STANLEY Edward Henry (15th Earl of Derby) STANLEY Laurance STANLEY John Speakman STANSON STANTON Elizabeth STANTON Jane STANTON Lionel William STANTON STANWAY Mary STAPLES Caroline John STAPLY Hannah STARKEY STARR STARRS Francis Paul STARRS STAUDE Eliza STEAD John STEAD STEELE James STEELE STEER Jessie STEER STEHBENS STEICKE Emanuel STEINFELD STENHOUSE Andrew STENHOUSE Albert Edward STENNETT Nicholas STENTIFORD Alfred STEPHEN George Milner STEPHEN STEPHENS Ann STEPHENS Annie STEPHENS Edward STEPHENS Elizabeth STEPHENS Emily STEPHENS Francis STEPHENS George STEPHENS James Tonkin STEPHENS John STEPHENS John STEPHENS John Ricardo STEPHENS Mary STEPHENS Samuel STEPHENS Sarah Anne STEPHENS William Bonella STEPHENS STEPHENSON Bryant Charles STEPHENSON Edwin STEPHENSON Mrs STEPHENSON Osborne STEPHENSON Sidney Samuel STEPHENSON Thomas STEPHENSON William Dawson STEPHENSON STERLING John STERLING STEVEN STEVENS Amy STEVENS Amy Elizabeth STEVENS Charles STEVENS Charles John STEVENS Charles Joseph STEVENS Eliza STEVENS Mary Ann STEVENS Mary Jane STEVENS Nicholas STEVENS STEVENSON Charles Edward STEVENSON George STEVENSON George John William STEVENSON Margaret STEVENSON Mary STEVENSON Richard Reid STEVENSON STEWARD STEWART Alexander STEWART Annabella McVicar STEWART Duncan STEWART George Fowler STEWART James STEWART John STEWART Matilda STEWART Robert STEWART August Ferdinand STIEF Alexander STILL Joseph STILLING William STIMSON STIRLING James STOBIE STOCK Clara STOCK Thomas STOCK Edward STOCKDALE STOCKER James STOCKER Jane STOCKHAM STODDART STOECKEL STOKES Francis William STOKES Jhn STOKES Patrick STOKES Priscilla STOKES William George STOKES STONE Frederick STONE George STONE James Cornelius STONE James Doveton STONE Sarah Jane STONE William STONE William STONE STORER STORR James STORRIE William STORRIE George STORY Jane STORY John STORY James Winchester STOTT STOW Augustine STOW Elizabeth Randolph STOW Ernest Alfred STOW John Wickliffe STOW Jourdiana Marie STOW Randolph Isham STOW Wickliffe STOW Sarah Phoebe STOWE James STOYEL STRANGWAYS Samuel STRAPPS John STRATFORD Charles Sherwoo (aka General Tom Thumb) STRATTON Edward STRAWBRIDGE Eliza Stockholm STRAWBRIDGE William STRAWBRIDGE Victor STREICH Anthony STRELE Carl Friedrich Adolph STREMPEL Ernest Friedrich Julius STREMPEL Alice Ann STRETTON STRIBLING STRINGER John STRONG STRONGMAN Charles Henry STROTHER Henry STROTHER STRUDWICK STUART Alexander STUART Cecil STUART Charles William STUART Jane STUART John McDouall STUART Joseph Stock STUART Thomas Henry STUART William STUART STUBBS Mary J STUBBS STUCKEY John STUCKEY Lucy Jane STUCKEY Robert STUCKEY Samuel Joseph STUCKEY Robert Joseph STUCKY STURDEE Albert Abram Seba STYLES Alice STYLES George STYLES SUDHOLZ Johann Wilhelm Albrechy SUDHOLZ Louis Henri Lambert SUHARD Louis Henru Lambert SUHARD Pasha SULIEMAN SULLIVAN Arthur Seymour SULLIVAN Mary SULLIVAN Thomas George SULLIVAN Jung SULOR Charles William SUMMERHAYES Samuel SUMMERS SUMMERTON SUMNER Janet SUMNER John SUMNER Martha Ann SUNMAN Robert Corba SUNMAN Joseph Tregligas SUNTER Charles Joseph SUPPLE SUTHERLAND Andrew SUTHERLAND David SUTHERLAND James SUTHERLAND Peter SUTHERLAND William SUTHERLAND SUTHERLAND SUTTON Albert SUTTON Anthony SUTTON Jeremiah Andrew SUTTON John SUTTON John Charles SUTTON John Thomas SUTTON Thomas Mills SUTTON SWAINE SWAN Robert SWAN William Robert SWAN SWANN John Peter SWANN Mary Ann SWANN Thomas William SWANN William SWANSBOROUGH John SWANSON SWEENEY Thomas SWEET Joseph SWIFT Louisa SWIFT Raynott SWINCER Mary SWINDEN Charlotte SWINGLER JT SYME Thomas Lyell (Seymore-) SYMERS SYMES Thomas Evered SYMES SYMON SYMONDS Francis SYMONDS John SYMONDS Richard Gilbert SYMONDS Thomas SYMONDS SYMONS James SYMONS John Christian SYMONS John Doughty SYMONS Marie TAGLIONI TAINSH William TAINSH TAIT Frederick John TAIT John TAIT Susan TAIT Thomas TAIT TALBOT Harold Edgar TALBOT Mary Elizabeth Ann TALBOT George TALL John TALLACK Sarah Ann TALLACK TAMBLYN William Thomas TAMPION John TANNER William TANTRAM TAPLEY Daniel TAPLEY James Merford TAPLEY Kitty TAPLEY Richard Edward TAPLEY Violet Amelia aka Violet VARLEY TAPLEY TAPLIN Charles Goodenough TAPLIN Frederick William TAPLIN Fredrick William TAPLIN Ann TAPP Anna Maria TAPP Joseph TAPPEINER Robert Tatham TARLTON TASSIE George Robert TATE TAVENDER TAYLOR Adam TAYLOR Alfred TAYLOR Andrew Fyfe TAYLOR Ann TAYLOR Anne Collis TAYLOR Benjamin TAYLOR Donald TAYLOR Eliza TAYLOR George John TAYLOR George Thomas TAYLOR Henry TAYLOR James TAYLOR James Bamfield TAYLOR John TAYLOR John Henry TAYLOR John William TAYLOR Louisa TAYLOR Margaret TAYLOR Mary TAYLOR Sarah TAYLOR Thomas TAYLOR William TAYLOR William Dodd TAYLOR TEAGUE Edward TEAGUE TEAKLE David TEAKLE Mary Ann TEAKLE Robert Sanders TEAKLE Edward TEAR William TEASDALE William TEASDALE David TEATE Mary TEECE TEESDALE SMITH Christian Gotlieb TEICHELMANN Daniel Gotthilf TEICHELMANN Frances TELFER James TELFER Robert TELFER Thomas TELFER Peter TELFORD Richard TELFORD TEMBY Catherine TEMBY Christopher TEMBY William TEMBY Friedrich Wilhelm TEMME Charles TEMPLE TEMPLEMAN TEMPLER Thomas TEMPLER Andrew TENNANT DB TENNANT Jessie Atkin TENNANT John TENNANT TEPPER Ernest Charles TERRELL Antoine TERRISSE TERRY Charles Gailey TERRY THAKOMBAN Ernest Christian THEEL THIEL THIELE Anna Dorothea THIELE Johann August Hermann THIEM George THISELTON John William THISTELTON THOMAS Albert William THOMAS Alfred Aurelian THOMAS Charles THOMAS Charles Henry THOMAS Eliza THOMAS Eliza Ann THOMAS Elizabath Jane THOMAS Frederick Williams THOMAS George THOMAS Harriet THOMAS Henry Bryon THOMAS Henry Hearde THOMAS Horace C THOMAS James THOMAS John THOMAS John Davies THOMAS Joseph Middlemore THOMAS Lewis THOMAS Mary Jane THOMAS Morgan THOMAS Robert THOMAS Robert George THOMAS Samuel Trebiberck THOMAS Sarah THOMAS Thomas THOMAS Walter James THOMAS William THOMAS William Kyffin THOMAS THOMPSON Charles Emilius THOMPSON Ellen THOMPSON Henry THOMPSON Rhoda THOMPSON WH (Zulu) THOMPSON William THOMPSON William Perronet THOMPSON William R THOMPSON THOMSON George THOMSON James THOMSON Janet THOMSON John THOMSON Robert THOMSON Walter THOMSON Walter THOMSON William THOMSON Frederick THORN John Frank THORN John Frank THORN THORNBER Catherine Maria THORNBER John THORNE THORNLEY Jean Margaret THORNLEY Joseph Herbert THORNLEY Edward Archibald THORNTON THOROGOOD THORPE Charles THORPE Margaret THORPE Agnes THOW Thomas THREADGOLD William J THREADGOLD George THREDGOLD Henry THREDGOLD Francis William THRING Mary THRING William THURSTON Hannah THYER Joseph THYER James Andrew THYNE TICKLE TIDDY Charles Edward TIDEMANN Rosa TIDEMANN John Francis TIDMARSH Thomas TIDSWELL TIDY James Henry TIDY James Hhenry TIDY Friedrich Solomon TIEDEMANN Johanna Katherine TIEDEMANN TIEDMAN Leon Michael TIER Jane TILBARRY Robert TILBARRY TILBROOK John TILBROOK TILKA TILL Anna TILLBROOK TILLER Mary Ann TILLETT Ernest Harrie TILLEY John TILLEY Emily TILLY George TILLY Henry Lindsey TILLY Sarah TILLY Charlotte TILNEY Henry TIMMINS William Henry TIMMINS TINDAL TINK George TINLINE Robert TINLINE John TIPPETT TIPSCOTT TIVER James TIVER TOBOLKE Mary Ann TOD TODD Alice Gillam TODD Henry TODD Thomas TODD Robert Bradshaw Oliver TODMAN Gustav Johann Martin TOHL TOLHURST Ann TOLL John Rundle TOLL John Tressilian TOLL John Tressilian TOLL TOLLEY Sydney Constantine TOLLEY TOLLNER TOLMER Alexander TOLMER Henry Palmerston TOMKINSON Samuel TOMKINSON Samuel TOMKINSON TOMNEY Frank Stuckey TOMS Samuel TOMS William TOMSETT TONKIN Agnes TONKIN Edwin Bowden TONKIN John TONKIN Thomas TONKIN William TONKIN TOPHAM Moses TOPHAM Andrew TORMEY TORODE Sarah TORODE James TORR Robert Richard TORRENS TOTHILL Edmund Francis TOWER William Britton TOWLER TOWNSEND Frederick Bellatt TOWNSEND Fredrick TOWNSEND Jane Hooper TOWNSEND Martha TOWNSEND Samuel TOWNSEND William TOWNSEND TRALAGGAN Francis TRANTER Carl Wilhelm Ferdinand TRAPMANN Henry TRATHAN William TRAVERS Emanuel TREASURE John TREBILCOCK Ann TREGEAGLE John TREGEAGLE Methuselah Prisk TREGONNING TRELAGGAN Grace TRELOAR Henry TRELOAR Maria TRELOAR Maria TREMAINE Thomas Buckingham TREMAINE Thomas Buckington TREMAINE Arthur TREMBATH Johann Kark TREMEL John TREMELLING Grace TREMELLYN / TREMELLING Martha TRENBERTH Mary Ann TRENBERTH TRENCH Richard Chenevix TRENCH James TRENGOVE TRENGROVE James TRENORDEN William TRENORDEN TRESISE TRESTRAIL Samuel TRETHENEY Harriet TREVAIL Thomas TREVAIL Anne TREVORAH James TREVORROW William Hosking TREVORROW Henry James TREW TREWARTHA TREWEEK Clarinda TREWENACK John TREWENACK Jane Sarah TREWIN Samuel TRIGG Ida TRILLING EJS TRIMMER Grace TRIPP John Peter TRIPP Samuel TRIPP William Follett TRIPP Anthony TROLLOPE TROTT Ann TROUNCE Frederick Henry TROUTON TROY Edward Francis TROY Nicholas Wallis TRUDGEN Elizabeth TRUMAN James TRUSSELL Chi-tse ‘Marquis’ TSENG TUCK Henry Sewer TUCK TUCKER Arthur TUCKER Charles William TUCKER Charlotte TUCKER Robert TUCKER William TUCKER William Alfred Edgecomb TUCKER William Alfred Edgecombe TUCKER William Henry TUCKER TUCKEY TUCKNOTT William TUCKNOTT TUCKWELL TULLOCH Sarah TULLOCH William TULLOCH William TULLOCK TULLY Maggie L TULLY TUMMEL TURNBULL Andrew TURNBULL Frances TURNBULL George Mathieson TURNBULL Isabell TURNBULL James T TURNBULL James Thomson TURNBULL John TURNBULL John TURNBULL Mary Fletcher TURNBULL Robert TURNBULL TURNER Edward TURNER Ernest Frederick TURNER George TURNER Henry James Brown TURNER Isaac TURNER John TURNER John Frederick TURNER John Stuart TURNER Martha TURNER Nancy TURNER Richard James TURNER Thomas Porter TURNER William Alfred TURNER William Fuller TURNER TURPIN Maria TURPIN Caroine Louisa TURTON John Lefever TUXFORD William Wedd TUXFORD TWELFTREE TWIGDEN James TWIGG TWISS Mathilde Anaise TWOPENY TYERMAN John TYLER TYNAN Ellen TYRREL William TYZACK Heinrich Christien UHLMANN William H ULLMANN James UMPHERSTON Satah UMPHERSTON William UMPHERSTON UNBEHAUN Diana Spring UNDERDOWN Eliza UNDERWOOD Emanuel UNDERWOOD John Thomas UNDERWOOD Reuben UNDERWOOD James UNIAPON Branston UNWIN Eliza UREN Jonathan UREN William Curnow UREN URLWIN William URLWIN George USHER George Horwood VALENTINE Edward Willis VAN SENDEN William James VANDENBURGH / VANDENBERGH VANDEPEER William VANDEPEER James VANNAN VANSTONE Alice Ann VANSTONE VARCOE Marie Emelie Uranie VARCOE VARDON Ambrose Edward VARDON VARLEY John VARLEY Urania Harriet VARLEY VASEY VAUGHAN James (Prior) VAUGHAN Richard VAUGHAN Roger William Bede VAUGHAN VAWSER Alfred VAWSER John VEAL VEALE VEARS VENNING Catherine VENNING George VENNING Grace VENNING Thomas VENUS James Crabb VERCO Jane VERCO Richard VERCO William James VERCO Thomas Taylor VERCOE Annie VERDON Jane VERNER Robert VERNER VERRAN Louis VEUILLOT Caroline VEYSEY Jane VIAL Samuel VIAL Henry VICARY James VICARY VICKERY Albert VICKERY George VICKERY Mary VICKERY Peter VICTORY VIGAR Paolo VILLANIS Gullo VINCENZO Thomas Haynes VINEY VIRGO Caleb VIRGO David VIRGO James VIRGO Mary VIRGO VIVIAN George VIVIAN James Herbert Headland VOCKINS Julius VOGEL VOGT Rudolph Albert Ferdinand VOIGT Carl Anton Rudolph VON BERTORICH VON BERTOUCH Bertha Sophia Maria VON BERTOUCH Sophus August Theodor VON BERTOUCH Carl Anton Rudolph VON BERTOUCH / BERTORICH VON DER BORCH VON DOUSSA Eduard Ernst Friedrich Hannibal Vogel von FAL[C]KENSTEIN Clemens Siegfried Hains Alfred VON SANDEN Adolph VON TREUER Lilian Mary VORTMANN Ernest Leo VORWERK Heinrich Ludwig VOSZ Wilhelm Hartwig Eduard VOSZ Ann Eliza WADDY WADE Christopher WADE William Richard WADE WADEY Walter Henry WADEY WADHAM William WADHAM WADLOW Eliza WADMORE George WADMORE Richard WAGNER WAINWRIGHT Charles WAINWRIGHT Thomas snr WAINWRIGHT WAIT WAITE WAKE Elizabeth [Helen Francis] WAKEFIELD Salvatore Rosa WAKEFIELD WAKEHAM WALD Samuel Edward WALDER Heinrich Adolph WALDT WALKER Elizabeth WALKER Harry WALKER Henry WALKER John WALKER Margaret WALKER Mercy WALKER William WALKER Samuel WALKLEY WALL Edward WALL Elizabeth WALL James WALL WALLACE Abraham WALLACE Charles James WALLACE Isabella WALLACE John WALLACE Robert Ellis WALLEN WALLIS Cecil Francis WALLIS John Thomas WALLIS Henrietta Wilhelmina WALLMANN WALPOLE WALSH John WALSH WALTER Christophorus Johannes WALTER Simeon Nathaniel WALTER Richard WALTERS Samuel WALTERS Thomas Walter WALTERS WALTON Alfred WALTON Elizabeth WALTON Sophia Jane WALTON WALTON FORMERLY WITTWER WAPLES WARBURTON Peter Egerton WARBURTON WARD Ebenezer WARD Edward WARD James Gibson WARD Mary WARD Mary Magdalene WARD Richard Porter WARD Susan WARD Thomas WARD Alexander Grindlay WARDLAW WARDLE Mary WARDLE WARE Charles WARE Fanny WARE George Lane WARE Thomas Lincoln WARE Elizabeth WARHURST WARK Anne WARLAND James WARLAND John WARN WARNCKEN WARNE WARNECKE Ludwig Wilhelm WARNECKE John Henry Boyer WARNER WARNES Thomas WARNES WARR WARREN Charles Herbert WARREN Donald WARREN Frederick W WARREN George WARREN Henry WARREN John WARREN Sidney WARREN WARWICK James WARWICK John WARWICK David WASHINGTON WASLEY WATERHOUSE Frederick George WATERHOUSE George Marsden� WATERHOUSE Thomas Greaves WATERHOUSE William WATERHOUSE WATERMAN WATERS Alice WATERS Joseph WATERS Robert William WATERS Alexander WATHERSTON James WATHERSTON WATKINS Elizabeth WATKINS Thomas WATKINS WATSON Andrew WATSON Charles WATSON George Grey WATSON Henry WATSON James WATSON James Johnes WATSON James Jones WATSON John WATSON JR WATSON Michael WATSON Thelma Lucy WATSON Sarah WATT Thomas WATT Alfred WATTS Hannah WATTS Jane Isabella WATTS Jeremiah WATTS John WATTS Mark WATTS Mary Ann WATTS Thomas WATTS William WATTS WAUCHOPE Patrick Neilson WAUCHOPE WAY Catherine WAY James WAY Katharine Gollan WAY Samuel James WAY Yet Sew WAY LEE Eliza WAYLAND William WAYTE Jane WEAR William WEAR Judge WEARING James WEARME WEATHERILL Daniel WEATHERS WEAVER Alfred WEAVER Jane WEAVER WEBB Edward William WEBB Edwin William WEBB Elizabeth WEBB Johnathan Edward WEBB Louisa WEBB Mary Ann WEBB Mary Ann (see MOTT) WEBB Michael WEBB Sampson WEBB Sampson Mrs WEBB Samuel Titus WEBB William WEBB William Bindley WEBB William Cole WEBB William Henry WEBB Dorothea WEBER Susan WEBER Wilhelm WEBER WEBSTER William WEBSTER WEDD Arthur WEDD James WEDLOCK WEEDEN Nicholas WEEKES WEEKS Elizabeth WEEN James WEEN Johann Dietrich Edward WEHL WEHRMANN WEIDENBACH Benno WEIDENBACH Deitrick Heinrich WEIDENHOFER Deitrick Heinrick WEIDENHOFER John Henry WEIDENHOFER Henry WEINAN Henry WEINAN WEIR David Hugh Harrison WEIR Frank Sydney Howard WEIR Susannah Mary WEIR William Scivier WELBOURN WELCH Boucher WELCH Gottlieb Ferdinand WELKE WELLINGTON Jane WELLINGTON John WELLINGTON WELLS Charles Frederick WELLS Frances WELLS George WELLS George WELLS George WELLS Percy WELLS Richard WELLS Thomas Allen WELLS William WELLS William Poole WELLS David WEMAN WENDT Jochim Matthias WENDT WENNERBOM WENZEL Frederick William Theodore WENZEL Heinrich Frederich August WENZEL WERTHEIM WESCOMBE Alexander Thmoas WEST Caroline Jane Louisa WEST Frederick John WEST Laura Mary WEST Mary Elizabeth WEST Richard WEST William Alexander WEST-ERSKINE WESTE WESTERN John WESTERN William WESTGARTH William WESTLEY Mark WESTON John WESTOVER Johanna WEYLAND John WEYMOUTH Thomas WHALE WHALLEY WHALLIN Bently WHARTON Mrs Henry WHEARE WHEATON George WHEATON Nathaniel WHEATON WHEELER Charles Britten WHEELER James WHEELER WHELAN John WHELLUM William WHICHELLO William Smallpiece WHILINGTON WHILLAS John Foggo WHILLAS John WHINHAM Mary WHINHAM Robert WHINHAM WHITAKER Shadrack WHITBREAD Alfred Knight (Dot) WHITBY Francis John WHITBY Jospeh James WHITBY WHITE Barbara WHITE Barbara WHITE Charles WHITE Eliza WHITE Fanny WHITE Francis Joseph WHITE George WHITE Hannah WHITE James WHITE James Harding WHITE James Henry WHITE Joseph WHITE Mary WHITE Mary Ann WHITE Mathias WHITE Samuel WHITE Thomas WHITE William WHITE William WHITEHAND WHITEHEAD Adam WHITEHILL Elizabeth WHITEHILL William WHITEHILL WHITELAW Edgar Howard WHITELAW John WHITELAW WHITFIELD Dinah WHITFIELD James Arthur WHITFIELD WHITFORD Johanna WHITFORD Mary Jane WHITFORD George WHITING George Edward St John WHITING Isabella WHITING James WHITING Martha Ann WHITING WHITINGTON John Bull WHITINGTON Mary Emily WHITINGTON George Albert WHITLOCK Ann WHITMORE James WHITMORE Samuel WHITMORE WHITRIDGE Charles Fisher WHITRIDGE Charlotte Elizabeth WHITRIDGE William Whitridge Robert WHITRIDGE William Whitridge Roberts WHITRIDGE James Dunn WHITTAKER William WHITTAKER Horatio Thomas WHITTELL WHITTENBURY WHITTING WHITTLE WHITTLESEA WHITTNEY Elizabeth Ann WHITTON WHYTE John WHYTE Mary WHYTE Friedrich WICHMANN WICKHAM Ludwig Frederick WICKLEIN Arthur Aikin WICKSTEED Frederic WICKSTEED William Polhill WICKSTEED WIDDOP WIEDENBACH Frederick WIESE Frederick Wilhelm WIESE Elisabeth Anna WIESENDANGER WIGG Edgar Smith WIGG Jane WIGG Richard Horace WIGG Thomas WIGGINS WIGLEY James Francis WIGLEY William Rodolph WIGLEY WIGZELL WILBERTH Carl Ludwig Sophus Friederick WILBERTH WILBRAHAM Albert Egerton WILBY William WILBY William Warden WILBY WILCKEN WILCOX Annie WILCOX Edmond WILCOX George WILCOX Joseph WILCOX William WILD James Plaisted WILDE Jane Francesca Agnes WILDE WILES WILHELM William WILIMHURST Hermann Leonard Julius WILKE Lorenz WILKE William Fry WILKEY David Elliot WILKIE WILKINS Joel WILKINS John WILKINS WILKINSON Frank WILKINSON George Blakiston WILKINSON Sarah Ghail WILKINSON William Henry WILKINSON William Lodwick WILKINSON WILKS George WILKS Frances WILLARD WILLIAMS Ann WILLIAMS Arabella Charlotte WILLIAMS Benjamin WILLIAMS Charles WILLIAMS Charles Egerton Stanley WILLIAMS Christopher WILLIAMS David WILLIAMS Edward WILLIAMS Eliza WILLIAMS Elizabeth WILLIAMS Francis WILLIAMS George WILLIAMS Hester WILLIAMS Horatio Lloyd WILLIAMS Jabez WILLIAMS James WILLIAMS James WILLIAMS James Trego WILLIAMS John WILLIAMS John T WILLIAMS Joseph WILLIAMS Josiah Willaim WILLIAMS Llewellyn WILLIAMS Richard WILLIAMS Robert John WILLIAMS Sarah WILLIAMS Sarah Jane WILLIAMS Sarah Lund WILLIAMS Susannah WILLIAMS Thomas WILLIAMS Thomas WILLIAMS Thomas Henry WILLIAMS Thomas James WILLIAMS Thomas James WILLIAMS Walter Edward WILLIAMS William WILLIAMS William Brayton WILLIAMS WILLIAMSON Arhut Thomas WILLIAMSON Charles WILLIAMSON George WILLIAMSON James WILLIAMSON James Fraser WILLIAMSON Margaret Balfour WILLIAMSON William Charles WILLIMOTT WILLING WILLIS Charles WILLIS WILLISS George WILLISS WILLMOTT Jane WILLMOTT WILLOUGHBY WILLS Charles WILLS George WILLS John Germain WILLS John Nathaniel WILLS Mary WILLS Richard John Henry WILLS WILLSHIRE James Doughty WILLSHIRE Jane WILLSHIRE Robert WILLSHIRE William WILLSHIRE WILLSMORE WILLSON Ellen WILLSON Thomas WILLSON Edward John WILMOT [see WILIMHURST] WILMSHURST Sarah WILSDEN WILSON Alfred WILSON Allan WILSON Ann WILSON Charles Algernon WILSON George WILSON George WILSON George Abraham Westrand WILSON George Herbert WILSON Henry WILSON James WILSON James Beith WILSON Jessie WILSON John WILSON John Scott WILSON Maria WILSON Mary WILSON Mary Ann WILSON Matilda WILSON Matthew Cooper WILSON Ralph WILSON Theodore Percival WILSON Thomas WILSON William WILSON William Reid WILSON William Robert WILSON WILTON Elizabeth Anna WILTSHIRE John WILTSHIRE WINBONE William Faulkner WINCEY Johann Frederick Cis WINCHEL Johann Friedrick Cis WINCHEL Elizabeth Jane WINCHESTER James WINDEBANK John WINDEBANK William Charles WINDEYER Ellen WINDOW WINDSOR WINFIELD William WINGATE Anna Elizabeth WINKLER WINNALL John WINNALL Carl WINNECKE Charles george Alexander WINNECKE William WINNER WINTER Percy Pratt WINTER Richard Ingleby WINTER Charles John WINTERBOTTOM WINWOOD John James WIRTH WISDOM George WISDOM Stephen Lusted� WISDOM WISE WISHART William WITHERICK Adolph WITT Ann WITT Ludwig Friedrich Wilhelm II, King of Bavaria Wittelsbach Johanne Louise WITTWER Joseph WITTY WOLLASTON Garnet Joseph WOLSELEY Emma Isabella WOLTER WOOD Agnes WOOD Emma Jane WOOD Gilbert WOOD Gilbert Charles WOOD John WOOD Marshall WOOD Thomas WOOD Thomas Neville WOOD William WOOD Henry WOODARD William John WOODFORDE Herbert WOODGATE Henry Alfred WOODHEAD William Birkett WOODHEAD Joseph WOODING John WOODINGS Henry WOODLAND WOODMAN Charles Joseph WOODMAN WOODS Alfred Thomas WOODS Arthur McClure WOODS Edward John WOODS Fanny WOODS John Crawford WOODS Nicholas Augustin WOODS Robert WOODS Sarah Thompson WOODS William WOODS Robert WOODWARD WOOFFINDEN James WOOLARD John Ramsden WOOLASTON WOOLCOCK WOOLDRIDGE Charles WOOLDRIDGE Garbut Thomas WOOLDRIDGE Mary WOOLDRIDGE WOOLEY John Maude WOOLEY Annie Frances Mary WOOLLS Henry WOOLMAN Margaret WOOLMAN Robert WOOLNOUGH Henry WOOLRIDGE WOOLSTON William WOON Edith May WOOTON WORDEN George WORDEN John WORDEN George WORKMAN Conrad Nicholson WORNUM Emma WORRALL Thomas WORSNOP Charles WORTHINGTON Sarah WORTHINGTON Mary WRAY William WRAY Henry WREFORD Joseph Enoch WREN WRIGHT Agnes WRIGHT Ann WRIGHT Edward Amand WRIGHT Edward Armand WRIGHT Emma WRIGHT Frederick WRIGHT George Benjamin WRIGHT Henry WRIGHT Henry Harvey WRIGHT Ida Paulina Amelia WRIGHT John Gibbon WRIGHT John Henry WRIGHT Lucy Ann WRIGHT Peter Harvey WRIGHT Richard WRIGHT Robert Quested WRIGHT Sarah Ann WRIGHT Stephen Peltro Henry WRIGHT Thomas WRIGHT Thomas WRIGHT Charles WROTHESLEY-HAWKINS Charles WROTHESLEY-HAWKINS Herman Reinhold WUNDERSITZ Johann Gottfried WUNDKE Louis Friederich WURM Louis Friedrich WURM Carl Gotlob Ernst WURST WUTTKE Eliza WYATT George WYATT Julia WYATT William WYATT George Albert WYLD Caroline WYLDE Charles WYLDE John WYLES WYLIE WYLLIE J R YATES YEATES Isaac YEO William Henry YON David YORKE YOUNG Andrew YOUNG Bradshaw Wallace YOUNG Charles Burney YOUNG Charles John YOUNG Donald YOUNG Frances YOUNG Gavin David YOUNG George YOUNG Henry Edward Fox YOUNG James YOUNG Jessie Clark YOUNG John YOUNG John Archibald YOUNG John Lorenzo YOUNG Mary YOUNG Oliver YOUNG Rebecca Susannah YOUNG Tom Mitchell YOUNG William YOUNG William Carson YOUNG Richard William YOUNGE John Ford YUILL Auguste ZADOW Heinrich Christian Wilhelm ZADOW ZEITZ Ernst Charles August ZEITZ Hugo F ZIEGLER ZIETZ ZIETZ / ZEITZ Johann Friedrich Wilhelm ZILM Carl Adolph ZIMMERMANN ZIPPEL Gottlieb Mathias Michael ZOERNER Johann Gottlieb ZSCHORN Johannes Hermann ZUKERTORT Magdalena ZWAR Peter ZWAR ZWECK </noscript>

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