The National Archives of Australia Adelaide Office

The National Archives of Australia is the offical repository for records generated by the Commonwealth Government. Each captial city in Australia has a branch office. The branch offices usually hold records generated within that state or territory. The Adelaide office reading room is at the State Library on North Terrace. The website remains at:

The records in the collection date mostly from Federation in 1901. In the case of SA a number of colonial records are held as these were handed over to the Commonwealth. These include:
Customs Customs records from 1841 (D5063)
Buildings associated with coastal ports.
Very few records relating to custom posts on the NSW/VIC borders survive.
Distilling and beer making records from late 1880s.
See Fact sheets: 26, 92, 93, 94 and 98.
Defence Coastal fortifications in Adelaide, HMCS Protector log books and Defence records from mid 1880s.
See Fact sheet: 91.
Naturalisation Pre-1904 naturalisation certificates and memorials.
Fact sheet: 87.
Maritime Shipping registrations; Crew engaement, discharge and desertion; lighthouse records.
Meteorology Adelaide Observatory records.
Post Office Correspondence files.

The Defence series includes Boer War 5th Contingent, World War 2 pay files (Fact sheet 132) and enlistments, but not World War 1 records. World War I & II internee, alien and POW records (Fact sheets 106 and 107). Some published material on microform is also available.

Genealogical inquiries on records in the collection can be submitted online using an inquiry form. The Archives provides reference assistance free of charge but they are unable to undertake in-depth research on your behalf. [Charges apply to copying services.]

They also maintain an extensive collection of fact sheets which can be accessed via their web site.

In 2001, 90% of the collection was inappropriately removed from the Adelaide Office and relocated interstate, mainly in Sydney. In late 2009, it was announced that the remainder of the collection will be relocated and the office closed.

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