Lutheran Archives

The Lutheran Archives is the official repository of records of the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) and the earlier Lutheran Synods in Australia.

Most records are available for inspection although there is some closed or restricted material. Private records of church departments which are less than 30 years old are not usually available.

The Lutheran Archives recently relocated to modern premises at 27 Fourth Street, Bowden SA 5007

The collection lacks a comprehensive catalogue and users will usually need to consult with the archivist to locate the relevant records.

The main interest for family history will be the parish registers although the collection extends beyond this material. A finding aid known as the Church Records Computer Database Index has been prepared which allows the researcher to quickly locate those records which may be useful. There is an additional charge for this service.

lutheranGerman records can be rather difficult to read, and assistance is provided where possible. Additional translation from German can be undertaken for a fee.

The church records available cover the following synods:

Kavel-Fritzsche Synod (1838-1846)
Langmeil-Light Pass Synod (1846-1874)
Bethany-Lobethal Synod (1846-1863)
Victoria Synod (1856-1921)
Tanunda-Light Pass Synod (1860-1874)
Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Australia (ELSA) (1863-1944)
Immanuel Synod (1874-1921) General Synod (1876-1921)
Immanuel Synod a.a.G. (1884-1921)
Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Queensland (ELSQ) (1885-1921)
United German & Scandinavian Lutheran Synod of Queensland (1885-1921)
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Australia a.a.G (1904-1926)
United Evangelical Lutheran Church of Australia (UELCA) (1921-1966)
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Australia (ELCA) (1944-1966)
Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) (1966-onwards)

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