Adelaide Proformat headstone photographic service

Adelaide Proformat can photograph headstones across South Australia and into adjacent New South Wales and Victoria.

We already have an extensive collection of photographed cemeteries. If we already have the headstone sought on file then the cost is insignificant. However, if we have to visit the cemetery in question a number of additional costs will be incurred according to the following table.

Service item
Determine if a headstone is available $10.00 If this aspect is not requested and we travel to the cemetery and find no headstone then the following charges will apply.
Travel to the cemetery $0.50 per kilometre Cemeteries located more than 250 km from Adelaide will incur accommodation costs (tba). Within Adelaide Metro area - $5.00.
Locate the appropriate headstone $25.00 Our standard fee for the service per grave.
Photograph and transcribe the headstone no charge All headstones are transcribed to ensure text can be read.
Process and deliver photographs to client $25.00 The photographs posted on photographic paper will include all aspects of the headstone, the whole grave, the grave and its immediate area, a general cemetery photograph.
Sent as email attachments - no charge (ensure you can receive large files as attachments).

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For more information and a specific quote please send specific details by email.

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