British Regiments in the colonies

Until 1881 British Regisments were numbered from 1 to 105 with their county origin as a subtitle.
There were also some specialist regiments of which the most notable for Australians was the New South Wales Corps [1789–1810]
The following British regiments were known to have served in Australian colonies until all garrison forces were withdrawn in 1870. A significant number of men and their families remained in Australia. These are detailed on the website Australia's Red Coat Settlers. (Google to access)

Pt 1: Royal Marines
1788–1791 4 companies Sydney; Norfolk Island
1803–1812 a company [?] Port Phillip; VDL
1824–1829 1 detachment Melville Island
1836–1839 1 detachment Adelaide
1837–1854 1 detachment Port Essington
1862–1870 1 detachment Cape York
Part 2: Regiments of foot [infantry]
1810–1815 1/73rd [1st Battalion Royal Highland] Sydney; Newcastle; VDL from Yarmouth; to Ceylon
1814–1818 1/46th [South Devonshire] Sydney; Newcastle; VDL from Cowes; to Madras
1817–1824 1/48th [Northamptonshire] Sydney; Newcastle; VDL from Dublin; to Madras
1821–1828 1/3rd [East Kent—The Buffs] Sydney; Hobart; Pt Dalrymple; Parramatta; Liverpool; Newcastle; Pt Macquarie; Botany Bay; Bathurst from England; all separate detachments while in AUS; reunited in 1828 at Calcutta
1824–1829 2/40th [2nd Somersetshire] Sydney; VDL from England/Ireland as 16 detachments of convict guards; to India
1852–1860 Sydney; VDL; VIC Goldfields; Adelaide from Cork; 1 officer & 5 men killed at Eureka; to NZ
1825/8–1831 1/57th [West Middlesex] Sydney; Moreton Bay; Melville Island; Norfolk Island; Hobart from England as 15 detachments of convict guards; to Madras
1825/7–1832 1/39th [Dorsetshire] Sydney; King George Sound; VDL; Bathurst; Port Macquarie from England; Charles Sturt was an officer; late in 1826 Maj Edmund Lockyer with a detachment and a party of convicts eastbalished the King George Sound penal colony; to Bangalore
1829–1833 1/63rd [West Suffolk] Sydney; VDL; Swan River from England/Ireland as 17 detachments of convict guards; to Madras
1829/35–1836 1/17th [Leicestershire] Sydney; VDL from England/Ireland as 48 detachments of convict guards; to Bombay
1829/33–1837 1/4th [Lancaster—King's Own] Sydney; Parramatta Hobart; Norfolk Island; Cox's River; Emu Plains; Newcastle; Port Macquarie; Bathurst; Maitland; Windsor; Bong Bong; Mount Vittoria from Chatham; to Madras
1830/4–1832/41 1/50th [West Kent] Sydney; VDL; Norfolk Island from England/Ireland as 13 detachments of convict guards; to India (Coorg campaign)
1866–1869 Sydney; Adelaide from Ireland; to Bengal
1832–1839 1/21st [North British Fusiliers] Hobart; Swan River from London (Lord Lyndoch); to Calcutta
1835/42–1842 1/28th [North Gloucestershire] Sydney; Brisbane from Chatham as numerous detachments (23 as convict guards); to Bombay and Scinde
1834/40–1844 1/80th [Staffordshire Volunteers] NSW; Norfolk Island from England/Ireland as 16 detachments of convict guards; operated as 17 detachments; to India
1838 –1846 2/51st [2nd Yorkshire West Riding Light Infantry] VDL; Swan River; King George Sound from Gravesend; to Bengal
1839/41–1849 1/96th [Manchester] Sydney; Windsor; Hobart; Parramatta; Launceston; NZ Adelaide from London and Dublin; broken into 26 detachments; to India
1843–1856 1/99th [Wiltshire—Duke of Edinburgh VDL; Sydney; Hobart; Adelaide from Chatham as 3 detachments of convict guards; to NZ
1844–1847 1/58th [Rutlandshire] Sydney from England/Ireland as 19 detachments of convict guards; to NZ
1845–1857 1/11th [North Devonshire] Sydney; Hobart; Adelaide from Chatham; to England
1846–1865 2/65th [2nd Yorkshire West Riding] Sydney from Kingston/Dublin (Samuel Boddington); to NZ
1854–1860/6 1/12th [East Suffolk] Sydney; Melbourne; Adelaide, Brisbane from Cork; at Eureka; to NZ
1857–1858 1/77th [East Middlesex] Sydney from Ireland; to India to quell sepoy mutiny
1866–1870 2/14th [2nd Battalion Buckinghamshire] Melbourne; Hobart; Adelaide; Perth; Fremantle; Sydney from NZ; to England
1870 1/18th [Irish] Sydney from NZ; to England
Part 4: Artillery
Some detachments of the Royal Artillery Regiment served in Aus from 1856–1870
18431846 No 2 Coy 6th Battalion Sydney
1856–1865 No 3 Coy 7th Battalion
(3 Coy 12th Brigade from Jul 1859)
1861–1868 No 1 Battery 15th Brigade Melbourne
1868–1870 No 1 Battery 1st Brigade Sydney
Part 5: Engineers
Various corps served in every colony
Part 6: Other Corps
Commissariat Department
Ordnance Corps
Medical Corps
Chaplains Department
Pay Corps
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