South Australian births, deaths and marriages before civil registration

Civil registration began in South Australia on 1 June 1842 and that means we have a mere six years of European settlement outside civil registration.

While the colony never recognised any Established Church, the Colonial Chaplain was Anglican and very few other churches were represented in the Colony prior to June 1842. The known surviving church registers include:
Adelaide (Holy) Trinity from 1836
Adelaide circuit from 1839
Church of Scotland:
Adelaide Holy Trinity from 1837
Gouger Street Adelaide from 1839
Society of Friends:
Pennington Tce Meeting House from 1841
Other sources include newspaper personal columns, BISA (Biographical Index of South Australians 1836–1885) and published family histories. When civil registration commenced parents were invited to register children born previously and some 468 born in the colony were registered.

Apart from the Colonial Chaplain, some civil officials also conducted marriages. A small number of marriages were performed by other denominations:
Adelaide (Holy) Trinity from 1836
Church of Scotland:
Scotch Church from 1841
Stow Church from 1837
Hahndorf from 1839; Klemzig from 1838
United Presbyterian:
Gouger Street from 1839
Society of Friends:
Pennington Tce Meeting House from 1841
Other sources include newspaper personal columns, BISA and published family histories.

The earliest burial records at West Terrace Cemetery were lost and prior to this cemetery burials were not recorded.

Adelaide (Holy) Trinity from 1837

Kingscote from 1836
Other sources include newspaper personal columns, BISA and published family histories.

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<noscript> Edith ABBOTT Elizabeth ABBOTT Elizabeth Bailey ABBOTT Henry Giles ABBOTT Jane ABBOTT Matthew ABBOTT Priscilla ABBOTT Robert ABBOTT William ABBOTT Caroline Elizabeth ACKLAND Elizabeth Richards ACKLAND Mary Hannah ACKLAND John ADAIR Mary Anne ADAIR Alfred ADAMS Elizabeth ADAMS Emma ADAMS James ADAMS Mary Ann ADAMS Samuel ADAMS Samuel ADAMS Susanna Elizabeth ADAMS William Edward ADAMS Ada Jane ADDISON Arthur Richman ADDISON male ADDISON John Henry AFFORD Rosina AFFORD Joanna AITCHISON John ALBYN Amos ALDERMAN John Edward ALEXANDER James ALISON male ALLAN female ALLEN Frederick William ALLEN James ALLEN John ALLEN John ALLEN John William ALLEN Julia ALLEN Louisa Betsy ALLEN John ALLEYN male ALSTON Ellen ANDERSON Grizel (Grace) ANDERSON Jean ANDERSON Margaret ANDERSON Ocean ANDERSON Rosina ANDERSON Thomas ANDERSON William ANDERSON William Millies ANDERSON Forester Benjamin ANDREWS Hargrave Edward ANDREWS Arthur Newland ANSTEY Thomas Henry ANSTEY Emma ANTHONY John Shepherd ANTHONY Robert ANTHONY Thomas ARGENT Hester Amelia ARTHUR Albert Gawler ASHTON John William ASHTON Victoria Hannah Ritchie ASHTON Ann ATKINSON Jane ATTRILL Lydia ATTRILL William F ATTRILL Elizabeth ATWELL Maria Elisabeth AURICHT Joseph AUSTIN John William AVAN Frank Richman AYERS Elizabeth AYLES Cecelia AYLIFFE George Henry (Hamilton) AYLIFFE William Henry BACCUS Evalina BACON Jane BACON William Isaac BACON John Augustus BAGSHAW Rosetta BAGSHAW George Frederick BAILES John William BAILEY Maria BAILEY Sarah Ann BAILEY Margaret BAIN Anthony Holiday BAKER Charlotte BAKER Elizabeth R BAKER Henry Benjamin BAKER John William BAKER Mary Ann BAKER Mary Anstice Ross BAKER Richard Chaffey BAKER Samuel BAKER Sarah Jane BAKER Alfred BALDOCK Sarah Ann BALDOCK Mary Ann Maria BALES John Wills BANKHEAD Joseph John BANNEN John William BARBER James Henry BARCLAY J BARDON Eliza Ann BARKE child BARKER William BARKER George Edward BARLOW George BARNARD stillborn BARNARD John BARNDEN Edward David BARNES John Stephen BARNES Richard Hall BARNES William Matthew BARNES John BARNETT Sarah BARNETT Clara Sophia BARNSFIELD George William BARRETT John William Henry Mann BARROWCLIFFE John Thomas BARTHOLOMEW Wickstead Charles BARTON William BARTON Benjamin BASEBY Ann BASSET Emily Ann BATES Robert BATTIN Caroline BATTLE Thomas BATTLE Edward Coumbe BAWDEN Elizabeth Ann BAWDEN Robert Willoughby BAWDEN Alfred Frederick BAYFIELD Rosina Ann BAYFIELD Samuel Joseph BAYFIELD Elizabeth Sarah BEAL George BEAL Arabella Mary Ann BEARE Mary Ann BEARE Thomas Henry BEARE Susanna BEASLEY James BEATTON William Alexander BECK Eleanor Smith BEDDOME Harriet BEDEL Henrietta BEEVOR Ellen Louisa BELCHER George BELL James BELL James Young BELL Mary Ann BELL Thomas Gascoygne BELL Maria Pitstow BELSHAM Edward Samuel BENNETT male BENNETT Susannah BENNETT Richard Charles Hare BENNETTS William Perkin BENNETTS Caroline Wilhelmina BENSCH Jane Catherine Robinson BERJEW female BERKELEY female BERKELEY Henry BERRY Mary Ann BERRY John BEST Sophia Jane BEST Daniel Peter BEVIS William BICKFORD Samuel Charles BIGGS William Henry BINNEY Edmund BIRD Ebenezer BIRRELL John BIRRELL male stillborn BIRRELL William BIRRELL Ann BISHOP Elizabeth Charlotte Watkins BISHOP Elizabeth Charlotte Watkins BISHOP John BISHOP Stephen BISHOP Elizabeth Ann BLACK Jane BLACK John Thomas BLACK Robert Thomas BLACK William Josiah BLACK John Patrick BLAKE Francis BLENCOWE Blanch BLYTH Rosina BLYTH Charlotte Collier BOCK Gottlieb August BOEHM Mary Ann BOND Robert BOND Thomas Meate BOND William John BOND Elizabeth BOOTH infant dau BOOTHEY Humphrey BOOTS Joseph BORR John Mitchell BORROW John Thomas BOSWARVA Nicholas Fogelstrom BOSWARVA Ferdinand BOTH Julius H BOTH Marno Christian Julius BOTH Frank Henry BOTTOMLEY William Burley BOTTOMLEY Elizabeth Ann Henwood BOTTRILL John Lucas BOTTRILL Louisa BOTTRILL Mary Anne BOTTRILL Martha BOUCH Jabez H BOWDEN Mary Ann BOWDEN Patrick BOWDEN Sarah Ann BOWELS Henry BOWEN Patrick BOWEN William John BOWES Robert James BOWLEY Mary Ann BOWN George Cameron BRADSHAW Marian Burrows BRADSHAW Bernard BRADY John BRADY Aaron George BRAIN Caroline BRASSINGTON Phoebe Gertrude BRASSINGTON Elizabeth BRAY John Cox BRAY Maria Jane BRAY Thomas William BRAY Francis Thomas BRAYLEY David Stephen BREAKER Jane Maria BREAKER Sarah Jane BREAKER Samuel BREALEY Adelaide Louisa BREWER Anne George BREWER Elizabeth BREYNARD Frederick BRIGGS William Buckley BRIGGS Charles BRINDHILL Jesse BRINKWORTH Lois BROADBENT Lucy BROADBENT Anna or Hannah BROADRIB Henry Thomas BROADRIB Amelia BROCKHURST Elizabeth Rolfe BROMLEY John BROOKS John BROOKS Louisa BROOKS Thomas BROOKS Mary Ann BROUGHTON Adelaide BROWN Edward BROWN George Thomas BROWN Gilbert Henry BROWN Louisa Kelly BROWN Lucy BROWN Mary Rebecca BROWN Victor Voules BROWN William Voules BROWN William Voules BROWN Douglas BRUCE Eleanor Harriet BRUCE Mary Ann BRUCE Charles George BRUNSKILL Maria BUCK Phoebe Emily BUCK William Henry BUCK Charles William BULL James Osmond BULL Mary BULL Benjamin BULLOCK Sarah BULLOCK Benjamin Baber BULLPIT James Robert BULLPIT Eleanor Harriet BUNCE male BUNCE Mary Ann BUNCE Elizabeth BURBRIDGE Mary Jane BURFIELD Samuel Mitchell BURFIELD Emma BURFORD Gertrude BURFORD Harriet BURFORD Phoebe BURFORD William Coster BURGESS James Stanford BURLEY William BURLEY John Peters BURNARD Mary BURNS Elizabeth Rosina BURR Frances Ann BURR Frances Isabel BURR William BURRAGE Agnes Theressa Bessie BURTON Harriet BURTON James Cadman BURTON John BURTON John Waller BUSHELL Patrick BUTLER William BUTTERWORTH William (Sylvester) CAHILL Bridget CAINE Margaret CAINE Elizabeth CALDWELL Edward CALTON Sophia Mary CALTON James CAMAC Mary CAMAC Francis CAMPBELL Samuel CANDY Caroline CARLETON Rose Caroline CARLETON Sarah Mary CARLTON Mary Ellen CARRUTHERS Elizabeth Sophia CARTER Eliza CARTY / CARTHY infant CASSELS Henry Adams CASSIDY Edward Napoleon Bonaparte CATCHLOVE Rosa CATCHLOVE Fanny CATHERY Mary Ann CAUST William CAUST John CAVANAGH William CAVANAGH Jane CHAIN Charles John CHALK Charles CHAMBERS Elizabeth CHAMBERS Fanny CHAMBERS Henry CHAMBERS James CHAMBERS James CHAMBERS John CHAMBERS Leonard CHAMBERS Priscilla CHAMBERS William Alfred CHANCE Thomas CHANDLER Alfred Stephen CHAPMAN Charles CHAPMAN Eleanor CHAPMAN Marion CHAPMAN Henry Self CHASTON infant CHASTON Amos CHATFIELD William CHAUNCY Henry Self CHESTON William CHRISTIE William CHRISTIE Charles Edward CLARK James CLARK Jessie CLARK William Wilkinson CLARK Hannah CLARKE Isaac Claridge CLARKE Jane Meares CLARKE John CLARKE William CLAY Caroline CLEGGETT Friend CLEGGETT George Robert CLEGGETT William Thomas CLELAND Emma CLIFFORD Mary Ann CLIFFORD Hannah Elizabeth CLOVER Isabel Louisa COATES John COATES William James COBBLEDICK Grace COCK Isabella Christina COCK JOHN COCK Robert Andrew COCK Jane Ann COCKING Hephizibah COCKS Juletta COCKS Mary Jane CODE William COGLIN Maryann COKE George Mody COLE Thomas Alexander COLEMAN Maria Norris COLES Eliza Louisa COLLEY Elizabeth Ann COLLIER GARDNER Elizabeth Ann COLLINS Margaret COLLINS Sarah COLLINS James Arthur COLVILLE Mary Jane COLVILLE Sarah Ann COLVIN Ruth COMBS Joseph CONIGRAVE Ann CONNAUGHTY Martin John CONNELL Robert CONNELL William CONNELL Catherine CONNOR Catherine CONNOR John CONNOR Jane Isabella CONOLLY Francis CONSTABLE Ann COOK Charlotte COOK Mary COOK Mary Ann COOK Nancy COOK Amy Byron COOKE Rebecca COOKE Sarah Jane COOKE William August COOKE Thomas COON Charlotte COOTLING James COPPINS Richard CORNELIUS Mary Ann CORNER Sophia Jane CORNER Amos CORNWALL Edward Gervais COTTER Ellen Fisher COTTER Marshall Hall COTTER Pownell Richard COTTER Thomas Charles COTTER infant COULLS Susan Sarah COVENAH Dora Forbes COVERDALE John Herring COWARD Mary Jane COWARD May Anne COWARD Charles Warren COWLED John� COWLED Caroline May COWLEY Elizabeth Ann COWLING Ann Elizabeth COX Ann Elizabeth COX Elizabeth Paddon COX Peter COX Richard Baxter COX William Caddy COX William Henry Wilcox COX Elizabeth CRABB infant CRABB Charlotte CRAFER Melisa Virtue CRAFER Roda Emily CRAFER Thomas CRAGEN Martha Elizabeth CRAIG infant CRAWFORD William CRAWFORD Robert George CRETTENDEN William John CRETTENDEN Alfred Clement CRISPE Indiana CRISPE James CROMBIE Jane Elizabeth CRONK George CROOK Henry CROOK Emma CROSBY Amos CROUCH Ezekiah CROUCH Hezekiah CROUCH Sarah Ann CROUCH Sarah Elizabeth CROUCHER James Francis CUDMORE Mary Jane CUDMORE Elizabeth Grey Park CUNINGHAM John CUNNINGHAM William CUSH Sarah Ann D'KELLY John George DANE Charles Henry DANIEL Hezekiah DANIEL John Edward DANIEL William Vaughan DANIEL Charles DANSEY Eliza DARLEY Elizabeth Susan DART Eliza Scot DAVIDSON Charles Willoughby DAVIES Charles Willoughby DAVIES Sophia Augusta DAVIES Charles DAVIS Elizabeth DAVIS infant DAVIS Mary Ann DAVIS Barton DAVISON John Hubert Hawdon DAVISON Elizabeth DAVY Emily DAW Henry DAW infant DAW Mary Ann DAW Samson DAWE Charles DAWES Mary Ann DAWES Charlotte DAWSON Elizabeth DAWSON Mary DAWSON Robert DAY Thomas DAY Thomas DAY Thomas DAY Mary DAYMAN Emily DE HORNE Henry DE HORNE Julietta Mancinni DE LA ROCHE William Henry DEAN Jane Priscilla DEANE George Leonard DEBNEY Robert DEBNEY William Edward DEED Jesse Agnes DEHANE Margaret Mary DEHANE William DELANY Elleanor DENCH Ann DENNIS Henry Darlington DENNIS Jane Boden DENNIS Stephen Henry DENT Thomas Agin DENT Caroline DENTON Mary Ann DEW Catherine DEWAR Mary Ann DEWELL John Robert Henry DICKETT Andrew DIGNUM John DINGLE Charles DINHAM Margaret DISHER Sarah DIX Fanny DIXON George DOBNEY Sarah Jane DOBNEY Matilda DOBSON Sarah DOCHERTY Samuel DODDRIDGE William DODDRIDGE infant DOE Johanna Maria Elizabeth DOHNT William DOLLING Mary DONALD William DONEY Anne DORMARTY / DORMONE Robert George DOUGLAS Alexander George DOWNER Amelia DOWNER Ann DRAPER Mary DRUMMOND Auguste Albertine Friedericke DUBE James DUELL Thomas Baird DUELL Charles Reginald DUFF George DUFFIELD James William DUNCAN Charles DUNN Gordon DUNN James DUNN William Henry DUNN Edward DUNNE Emily Maryann DUNNE Thomas William DUNSTAN James DUNSTONE James DUNVILLE Jemima DURRELL Charles William DUTTON Emma Pillaworth DUTTON Julia Eliza DUTTON Edmund William EAMES William EAMES Joseph John EARLE Joseph Henry EAST Susanna Sophia EAST Eliza EASTHOPE Elizabeth Ann EASTON Sarah Ann EASTON Thomas Mills EDGE William Mills EDGE Mary Ann EDGECOMBE Mary Elizabeth EDMONDS Frederick William EDMUNDS Laura Catherine EDMUNDS Azubah Kaziah EDWARDS Catherine EDWARDS Frances Conway EDWARDS Louisa Ann EDWARDS Louisa Hannah EDWARDS Mary Ann EDWARDS Mary Jane Burgin EDWARDS Richard EDWARDS Thomas EDWARDS Anna Maria ELLERY Hannah Matilda ELLIOT Margaret ELLIOTT Ann Catherine ELLIS Fanny Chute ELLIS Jane ELLIS Sarah Ann ELLIS William Wren ELLIS William Wren ELLIS James ELLISON Agnes ELPHICK Emma ELVERY Amy EMERY Annie Maria EMERY Esther EMERY Henry Isaac EMERY John EMERY Julius Nash EMERY Richard EMERY Richard Hentig EMERY George EVANS George Lindsay EVANS Henry William EVANS Charles Ellis EVERETT Hugh George Allpress EVERETT Sarah Catherine EWENS Thomas Charles EWENS George FARMILO Alfred Nicholas FARR Charles Henry FARR Charlotte Jane FARR Louisa FARRER Angelina FASSNIDGE Sarah FAULKNER James Andrew FAWCET Lucy Jane FAWCET Michael FEATHERSTONE William FENNELL Richard FENTON Thomas William FENTRILL female FERGUSON Elizabeth FERRAR Maryann FERTSCH Thomas FIDGE Elizabeth Ann FIELD James FIELD John FIELD John Samuel FIELD Jane Margaret FIELDER Sarah FIELDING Thomas FIELDING Charlotte Emma FIGG Lucy Penelope FILMER Fanny FINCH Mary FINCH Edward Lloyds FINEY Robert Kettle FINLAYSON William FINLAYSON Boyle Travers Nixon FINNISS Fanny Lipson FINNISS Julia Howard FINNISS William Charles Maxwell FINNISS Emily Ann FISHER George William FISHER Leonard Taylor FISHER Thomas John FISHER William FISHER Jane FISHLOCK Michael FITZGIBBONS Jane FLAXMAN Charles Edward FLEMING James FLEMING Sophia Grace FLEMING Dinah M FLEMMING William FLETCHER Johann Anderson FLETT Thomas FLETT Martha Ellen FLOAT Elizabeth FLOYD James FLYNN Alfred David FOGARTY Richard FOGDEN infant FOLKS Ellen French FOLLAND Selina FOLLAND Elizabeth Jane FOLLETT Charles Stewart FORBES Janet Abercrombie FORBES John Chapman FORD Margaret Susan FORD William Richard FORD male FOREMAN Charles Edward FOREST Wilhelmina Mary Berry FOREST Edmund Bowman FORRESTER William Herbert FORRESTER Mary Ann FORTSCH� Elizabeth FOSTER George FOULIS Thomas FOULIS Louisa Ann FOULKES Mary FOX Caroline FRANCIS Eliza FRANCIS Elizabeth Hannah FRANCIS George Gordon FRANCIS Harriet Eliza FRANCIS Mark FRANCIS Hugh FRASER Samuel FRASER Amos Henry FREELAND male FREEMAN male (stillborn) FREEMAN Martha Maria FREEMAN Marian Durant FREETH Henry FRENCH Jane Ellen FRENCH female FREW John FREW male FREW male FROME Julia Ann Smith FROULKES Ann FUDGE Henry John FUESSLY Eliza Catherine FULLER Charles FURLER Emma FURLER Samuel FURLER Mary Jane FURNISS Thomas FURNISS Louisa Catherine GAHAGAN Thomas GALE Anna Mathilde GALLASCH Thomas GAMBRELL George Edward GANDY William Light GANDY Charles Henry GANSBY Joseph Trant GARD William Freeman GARD Elizabeth GARDENER Susanna GARDENER Isabella GARDINER Eliza GARLICK Thomas GARLICK William GARLICK James GARRATT Emily GASON Richard GASON Susan GASON David Charles GASTON John GATES Mary Jane GATLEY Joseph GAVIN Edward Cox GAWLER John Cox GAWLER Obid GAZARD Anne GEHARTY Catherine GEHARTY Faith Matilda GEORGE Hope GEORGE John Chapman GEORGE Richard Davies Nelson GEORGE Sarah GEPP Catherine GERHARTY Mary Ann GERMAIN Olinda GERMAN George GIBBINS Cecelia Kezia GIBBS John GIBSON Charles Elijah GILES Edward Hollingsworth GILES Ellen GILES George GILES George Hartley GILES Helen GILES James Francis GILES Leonard Holloway GILES Percy Ludlow GILES Josiah John Dryden GILLARD Edward Burton GLEESON Sarah Ann GLEESON May Rickman GODLEE George Edward GOLLOP Emily GOOCH John GOODALL William GOODALL Mary Ann GOODING Mary Ann GORDON William Montague Humble GORDON Rebecca GOSDEN Thomas GOSDEN William Henry GOSS Henry Hindmarsh GOUGER Henry Whittem GOUGER Louisa GOWER Sarah Ann GOWER Charles GRACE Carl Julius GRAETZ Eliza Emily GRAY Ellen Lucy GRAY Alice GREEN Emma Brabara GREEN Mary Ann GREEN Robert Hammond GREEN Francis GREGOR William GREGOR Alfred John GREGORY Charlotte GREGORY female GREGORY James GREGORY John GREGORY Margaret Ann GREGORY Robert GREGORY Robert Wilson GREGORY Elizabeth GREIG James GREIG James GREIG William GREIG Elizabeth GREY George GREY Henri GRIFFIN Ebenezer Samuel GRIGG George Leonard GRUNDY Ellen Jane GRYLLS John GURR infant GURVIS Elizabeth Ann GUY Charles HACK Gulielma Mary� HACK Lucy Barton HACK Theodore HACK Edward James HADDRICK Johann Gottlieb HAHN Elizabeth Sarah HAILES female HAILES Robert HALDEN Frances HALL Francis HALL Georgiana Elizabeth HALL Harold Bassett HALL John Thomas HALL Martha HALL Mary Jane HALL Robert HALL William George HALL Edward Regia HALLETT Emma Edmunds HALLETT Sarah Maria Beck HALLETT Elizabeth Jane HALLIDAY Lucy Emily HALSE George Archibald HAMILTON Richard HAMILTON Priscilla HAMPSHIRE Harriet HAMPTON John HANCOCK William HANCOCK George HANDBY John HANDCOCK John HANDCOCK James Martin HANLY Sarah HANSON Wiliam HANSON Laura Mary Louisa HARDY Thomas Cecil HARDY Thomas Frederick HARRIDGE Gordon Thomas HARRIS Peter Bown HARRIS Elizabeth Mary HARRISON Emily HARRISON Young Catherine HARROD John HARROWFIELD Jane Cleveland HART John Bernard HART Pascoe James HART Thomas Augustus HART Edmund HARVEY Lucy Griffy HARWARD George HATCHER Alfred James HATELEY Mary Elcia HATELEY Jane HATFIELD Jane Adelaide HATFIELD Joseph Alexander HATFIELD John HAUGHEY Emma Banney HAWK Emma Benney HAWKE Mary HAWKE Henry Francis HAWSON Sophia Elizabeth HAY James HAYFORD Thomas HAYFORD Elizabeth HAYLES Harriet Elizabeth HAYLETT Matilda HAYMAN Robert Thomas Daniel HAYMAN Mary Elizabeth HAYTER John HAYWARD William HAYWARD Rachel Rebecca HEAD Mary HEANES Maria HEARNDEN Robert Henry HEATH Emily HELE Joseph HELE Martha HELE William HELE Edward HENDER Thomas HENDER Isabella HENDERSON Thomas Edward HENDERSON Elizabeth HENDRICKSON Caroline Rachel HENRY Margaret HEPINSTALL Count Frank HERBERT Septimane Edward HERBERT Ellen HERBIN Mary Ann HERD Robert HERD Susanna HERRAMAN Mary HERREEN William Lysander HERSEY Myra Priscilla HEWETT Henry Giles HEWITT Elizabeth HEXTER Henry HIDE Elizabeth HIGGINS John Harvey HIGGINS Thomas HIGGINS Thomas William HIGGINS Sarah HIGHET James HIGHLAND Fanny Elizabeth HILL Jane HILL John HILL John Chapman HILL Mary HILL Sarah Jane Newell HILL Susan Ellen Treloar HILL William HILL William Burke HILL Henry HILLIER Mary Jane HILLIER William Henry HILLIER Louisa HILLMAN Walter HILLMAN Mary Ann HINCHLIFFE Henry HISSEY Elizabeth HITCHCOCK Bridget HOARE Edward HOARE Henry HOARE John Rapid HOARE Charles Samuel HOBBS Elizabeth Ann HOBBS Frederick HOBBS Lucy Ann HOBBS Martha HOBBS Martin HOBBS Julia Ann HOBSON Robert John HOBSON Caroline Ann HODDING Francis HODGES Edward HOGBEN Stephen HOGBEN John HOLDEN� Mary Ann HOLDER William HOLLY Fanny HOLMAN Lucy Ann Miller HOLMES Melitia HOLMES Amelia HONCKY James HOOPER Julia Ann HOPSON Ethelaide HORNABROOK Sarah HORNE William HORNE Eliza Jane HORNSBY Emily HORNSBY Joseph HORNSBY James HORROCKS Amelia HORSELL Mary Ann HORTOP Frederick HOSKINS Charles Neville HOWARD Elizabeth Jane HOWARD Elizabeth Susanna HOWARD Henrietta Hindmarsh HOWARD Henry Harvest HOWARD Matilda Cornelia HOWARD Mary Ann HOWE Harriet HUGGINS Catherine HUGHES Elizabeth HUMPHRIES James Robert HUMPHRIES Lucy Susan HUMPHRIES Mary Ann HUNT Charlotte HUNTER Ellen HUNTER Ellen HUNTER infant HUNTER James HUNTER James HUNTER William HUNTER William HUNTER Elizabeth HUTCHINSON infant HUTCHINSON Thomas HUTTON David HYDE Jane HYDE Elizabeth Heath HYNE Thomas IDE ILLEGIBLE Harry ILLMAN William ILLMAN Joseph IND George INGHAM male INGHAM Thomas INGHAM Francis Turnbull INGLIS Henry INMAN John INNES Robert INNES Catherine IRWIN William Argall JACKA Maria Louisa JACKSON Mary Ann JACKSON Harrietta JACOBS Henry JACOBS Isaac JACOBS William JACOBS Jane Elizabeth JACQUES Mary Jane JACQUES George Alfred JAMES William Walter JAMES Dorothea JANITZKY Frierich Wilhelm JANTKE Johann August JANTKE William Thomas JARKINS Rachel JEFFRIES Emma JEFFS John Henry JELLETT John Henry JELLETT Thomas JELLETT Elizabeth Ann JENKINS Jemima Sarah Avis JENKINS Mary Jane JENKINS Eliza Maria JENSONS Lucy Jane JERVIS Adam Thompson JOHNS Elizabeth JOHNS Edward JOHNSON Alexander JOHNSTON Alexander JOHNSTON Elizabeth JOHNSTON Elizabeth JOHNSTONE Celina JOLLY Harriet JOLLY Harriett Mary Ann JOLLY Louis JOLLY Margaret Elizabeth JOLLY Selina Moorside JOLLY Frederick JONES Helen JONES Jane Elizabeth JONES Maria Jane JONES Thomas JONES Thomas James JONES William JONES Elizabeth Jane JOYCE Sarah JOYCE Thomas James JOYCE Thomas Robert JUBB John JURY Louise Fanny JURY William KAVANAGH male (stillborn) KAVEL Martin KEENAN Edward James KELLY Elizabeth KELLY Ellen KELLY Esther KELLY Isabella KELLY James KELLY Margaret KELLY Thomas KELLY Agnes KELTON John Lindsay KELTON William KEMMIN Mary Apprasia KEMMOS Frank KEMP William KEMP Jemima KENNEDY Jemima KENNEDY Caroline KENNETT Thomas KENNETT John KERR Sarah Platina KEY Samuel George KIDMAN Stephen KING Victoria KING Ludevina Cameron KINGSTON Hannah KIRBY Agnes KIRK Mary Ann KITE Friedrich Gottlieb KLEEMANN Joahnnes Gottlieb KLEEMANN Emma Mary KNIGHTON George Gawler KNOTT Johann Christian KOCH Johanne Pauline KRAUSE Anna Dorothea KUCHEL Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL John LADYMAN Sarah Grace LAMBELL Emma LANE PREECE Sarah Ann LANE PREECE Margaret Eliza LANGCAKE Edward LANGMAN Rebecca LANGMAN Jane LANGSHAW Mary Jane LAPTHORNE John Sherbourne LASHMAR Emma LASSON William James LATTER James John LAWRENCE Sarah Jane LAWRENCE Margaret LAWRIE Edward LAWSON Joseph LAWSON David LEAHY Maurice LEDWITH Agnes LEE Caroline LEE Henry LEE James LEE Philip LEE Robert LEE Sarah henrietta LEE Sarah Jane LEIGH Robinia LESLIE Simon LESLIE Amelia Esther LEWIS Caroline LEWIS Eliza LEWIS Jane LEWIS John LEWIS Mary Chapman LEWIS Richard Moore LEWIS Robert Boyle LEWIS Sarah Ann LEWIS Ursula Edwards LEWIS John William LIDDIARD Johann Gottlieb LIEBELT Emma LILLYCRAPP William Spetigue LILLYCRAPP Ellen Esther LILLYWHITE Emily Hannah LILLYWHITE Elizabeth LINDS Caroline LINES Henry Alfred LINES John Oscar LINES William LINES Johann Gottlieb LINKE James LINKLATER Jane LINKLATER Joanna LINN Robert LINN Andrew LITTLE Elizabeth LITTLE Elizabeth Ann LITTLE John LITTLE George LOADER Wilhelm Brunswick LOCKYER Mary Ann LOGAN Elizabeth Jane LOMAS James Strong LOMMAN Ann Eliza LONG infant children LONG Mary LONG John Edward LONSDALE Edward LOUD Elizabeth LOVELOCK Elizabeth Frances LOVERIGE Elizabeth LOWE George LOWE Jane LOWE John LOWE Anna Maria LOWMAN James Strong LOWMAN Mary LUCAS Matilda Ann LUCK Maurine LUDWITH George Spottiswood LUSH Martha Hopkins LUSH Matilda Anne LUSH Mary Ann LYNCH Mary Anne LYNCH Ann LYNE Eliza Ann LYNE Ellen LYNE Sarah Maria MABBET Susan McAIR Henry Alexander McARTHUR infant McARTHUR John McARTHUR Mary Ann McARTHUR Margaret McBEATH Mary Loesk McBEATH Margaret MacBETH Dugald McCALLUM Hugh McCALLUM John McCALLUM Matthew McCALLUM James Robert McCLURE Hugh McCOLL Edward James McCOON [McCANN] Robert J McCOON [McCANN] Catherine MCCULLOCH Janet MCCULLOCH Alexander MacDONALD James Hugh MacDONALD John MacDONALD John MacDONALD Mary MacDONALD Mary McDONALD Archibald Henry MacDOUGALL John Alexander McDOUGALL Susan McELLISTER Margaret Hester McEWIN Mary Bartlett McEWIN Michael McEWIN Thomas McEWIN Mary McFAYDEN Charlotte Isobel McGEORGE Mary Jane McGEORGE Eleanor McGILTON Joseph McHARG Bernard McHUGH John McHUGH Joseph McINERNEY John McINTYRE Mary Ellen McINTYRE Elizabeth McKAY Connie Harding MacKENZIE Jane or June MACKERETH infant McLEAN Martin McLEISH Martin McLEISH Jane McLELLAN female McLEOD James Gawler McLEOD Peter John McMARTIN Robert McOLD Catherine McPHERSON William Ford McPHERSON John McROSTIE Mary McSHEEHY Robert McVID James MCWATERS Joseph Henry MADDEFORD John MAGOR John MAGOR John MAGOR Margaret Jane MAGUIRE William MAIR William MALCOLM Emma MALE James MANCER Anna MANN Charles MANN Charles MANN John MANN Elizabeth Mary MANSON George Joseph MANTON Henry MARE George Samuel MARSDEN Catherine Frances MARSHALL Martha Maria MARSHALL William Henry Jones MARSHALL Alfred MARTIN Henry MARTIN James MARTIN Julia Ann MARTIN Louisa Jane MARTIN Micahel MARTIN Rosina Jane MARTIN Thomas MARTIN Caroline MARTLEN Frederick MASLIN Thomas William MASLIN Catherine Ellen MASON Catherine Ellen MASON James MASON Sara Sophia MASON Elizabeth Ann MASTERS Ann MATTHEWS Carl August MATTNER Mary Frances MAYNARD Mary Jane MAYO Susan MEGAW Ernst August MEIER James Fox MELLOR Mary Ann MEMPES Mary Anne MENCHIE Benjamin Ellis MERCER Henry MERRETT John Edward MERRETT Eliza MERRITT Sophie Auguste Louise MEYER infant MICHAEL child MICHELMORE� George MIDDLETON Jane MIDDLETON John William MIDDLETON Margaret Coromanelis MIDDLETON William MIDDLETON Emma Karoline MILDE Henry Hay MILDRED Mary Ann MILDRED George Kellaway MILDWATERS infant MILES William Samuel MILES Charles MILLARD Eliza Grace MILLER Eliza Isabella MILLER Emily MILLER Giles MILLER John MILLER James Potter MILLGATE Melville MILLIGAN Agnes MILLS Alfred MILLS Anna Maria MILLS Maria MILLS Charles MILLYARD Eliza Ann MILTON Sarah Sturt MILTON Sarah Sturt Milton MILTON John Wesley MINCHAM Louisa Centenary Mary MINCHAM Mary A MINCHEL John MINCHIN Anni Forbes Harriet MITCHELL female MITCHELL Frederick Lionel MITCHELL Henry MITCHELL Walter MITCHELL Eustace Revaley MITFORD Percy Benson MITFORD Jane MOCKRIDGE Jane Sarah MOCKRIDGE Catherine Elizabeth MONCK John Thomas MONCK Mary MONTGOMERY Richard Atkinson MONTGOMERY James MOONEY John MOONEY Sarah Jane MOONEY Elizabeth MOORE George MOORE Henry MOORE Maria MOORE Susan Ann MOORE William MOORE Maria MORGAN Amy Gawler MORPHETT Mary MORPHETT Charles MORRIS Eliza MORRIS Ellen MORRIS John MORRIS Ann MORTIMER John MORTIMER Mary Jane MORTIMER Elizabeth Louisa MOSELEY Louisa MOSELEY Mary Anne Jane MOUNT George Richard MUDGE John St Jago MUDGE Sarah Elizabeth MUET Johanne Eleanore MUNCHENBERG Charles Hilmers MUNDON female MUNDY Matina MURPHY Michael MURPHY William John MURPHY Jane Eliza MURRAY John MURRAY Matilda MURRAY Sarah Jane MURRAY Maryann Eliza MURRELL Johanna MUSGRIFF Joseph Hegan MYLES Alfred NASH George Branston Valentine NASH Harriet Darby NASH Heath NASH William Henry NASH Catherine NAUGHTON Catherine NAUGHTON Emily Mary NEALE Esther Elizabeth NEALE James George NEALE Rose Helen NEALE William NEALE Josiah John Dryden Gillard NEALES Ann Jane Victoria NEARON Jane NEILL Emma NELL Harry NELL Fanny NENPES Herman Heinrich Samuel NETTELBECK Caroline NEVILLE Harriet Emma NEVILLE Charles Thomas NEWMAN male stillborn NEWMAN Matilda NEWMAN Elizabeth Ann NICHOLLS Mary Jane NICHOLLS Arthur Thomas BR NICHOLSON John NICOL Johann August NITSCHKE Anne Susannah Mary NIXON George Murray Finniss NIXON Anne NOLAN Elleanor NOLAN Hariett NONMUS William NONMUS Susanna NOONAN Jane NORMAN James Beck NORTON Mary Ann Louisa NORTON William Robert NORTON Hanora NUYLAND Martin John O'CONNELL Thomas O'DEA Frances Jane O'HALLORAN Henry Dunkin O'HALLORAN Joseph Sylvester O'HALLORAN Catherine O'LEARY Thomas O'LEARY Thomas O'LEARY Mary O'LOUGHLIN Emma OCKENDEN William Marshall OCKENDEN Frederick Bagot OLDHAM Margaret Sarah OLDHAM Thomas Fulton OLDHAM Robert OLIVER William Henry OPIE Benjamin Robins ORGAN Emily ORSMOND Charles Opie OTHAMS George Thomas OTTWAY Jane Emily OTTWAY James OVERINGTON Catherine OWEN Emma OWEN Dominick OWENS Sarah Ann PACKER Thomas PACKER William Jones PACKER Anne PADDOCK Sarah PADDOCK Johann August PAECH Edward Homan PAHLOW Elizabeth PAIN Charles Thomas PAINE Edward William PALMER Fanny Adelaide PARIS James PARIS Fredreick John PARKE male PARKE male PARKE Elizabeth PARKER Mary PARKER Mary Ann PARKER Phillip PARKER Thomas Philip PARKER Arhur Henry PARKINS Elizabeth PARKYN Richard PARKYN George Alfred PARNELL William Edwin PARNELL Ellen PARRINGTON Sophia PARRINGTON Caroline Mary PARRIS Jane PARRIS Susan Caroline Lydia PARRY James Africaine PARSELL Lydia PARSELL Thomas PARSELL Mary Ann PARSONS Mary Ann PARSONS William Edmund PARSONS John William PARTRIDGE Mercy PATCHING Thomas Garratt PATCHING William Henry PAULL Edward Francis PAVELIN Frances Maria PAVELIN Mary Jane PAWLEY Amelia Ann PAYNE Emma Elizabeth PAYNE Fanney Elizabeth PAYNE Mary Agnes PAYNE Elizabeth PAYNTER Charles Thomas PEACH Cleb PEACOCK Deborah PEACOCK Frances PEACOCK Catherine PEAK Edwin Francis PEARCE Mary Ann Mills PEARCE infant PEDLER Mary Ann PEDLER Nicholas PEDLER Henry William PEGLER Amos PENFOLD Mary Ann PENFOLD Susan PENGLASE Ann Maria PEPPERNELL infant PERHAM Arthur Henry PERKINS George PERKINS Mary Ann PERKINS Robert John PERKINS infant PERNAL Alfred Thomas PERRY George PERRY William John PERRY Caroline PETERSON Charlotte PETERSON Christianna PETERSON Elizabeth Jane PETERSON Anna Priscilla PHILCOX Margaret Esther PHILCOX female PHILLIPS Mary PHILLIPS Maryann Alleine PHILLIPS Thomas Dickenson PHILLIPS Edmund PHILLIPSON Edward John Billing PHILP Oliver PHILP Richard PHILP Ann PIKE Kate PIKE Mary Anne PILE Eleanor PINKERTON Sarah PINKERTON Eliza PINNOCK William PINNOCK Charles John PITCHER Jane Elizabeth PITCHER John Garlick PITCHER Frederick PITMAN Mary PITMAN Rosella PITMAN Jane PITTMAN William Lysander PIXTON Charles Duffield PLAYER John PLUNKARD Eleanor PLUNKETT infant PLUSH Thomas John PLUSH Sarah POKE Maria POLDEN Sarah POLDEN Mary Ann POLE John James POLLARD William Bradshaw POLLARD Richard POMEROY Amela POMERY Thomas POOLE William Edward POOLE John PORTER John Barwick PORTER William Lincoln PORTER Ellen Potter POTTER Emma POTTER infant POTTER James POTTER James POTTER Jane POTTER Caroline Mary POUNSELL Charles Bendin POWELL Elissa (Alicia Jane) POWELL DAuvergne PRATT Louisa PRATT Louise Adelaide PRENTICE Elizabeth PRESTON John Gillard PRETTYJOHN Henry George PRITCHARD Katherine PRITCHARD Mary PRITCHARD Lawrence PROUT Charles PULFER Edward Marmaduke PYBUS Elizabeth Ann PYKE Emma Harriet PYKE Frederick Harris QUAIFE James Greer QUINN John QUINN Jane RAINS John RAINS Joseph Stewart Forbes RAINSFORD George John RANDALL Ebenezer Hartley RANDELL male RANKIN Andrew RANKINE Mary Ann RAVEN John RAYMOND Charles READ Elizabeth READ Mary Ann REALFF Jane REED Betsey Clarke REEDS Isabella Johnson REEVES Julianna Stirling REEVES Louisa Allen REEVES Rebecca Jane REEVES Johann REHN Johanne Pauline REICHTSTEIG Lucy REMNANT Lucy REYNELL Caroline REYNOLDS Ellen REYNOLDS Sarah Elizabeth REYNOLDS Elizabeth RHODES William RHODES Charles Rankine RICHARDSON Eliza Scott RICHARDSON Frederick George RICHARDSON Gilbert Blair RICHARDSON John Henry RICHARDSON Emily Mason RICHMAN male RICHMAN Henry RIDGWELL John RIDLEY Beatrice Marie RIGBYE Mary RIGBYE Mary Ann RING Elizabeth Jane RISBY John Henry RISELY Henry ROBERT William ROBERT Daniel ROBERTS female ROBERTS Henry Thomas ROBERTS Mary Ann ROBERTS Royston ROBERTS Caroline ROBERTSON Donald ROBERTSON male ROBERTSON male ROBERTSON Margaret ROBERTSON George ROBINS William ROBINS William Henry ROBINS Jane Maria Elizabeth ROBINSON Mary Jane ROBINSON Richard Henry ROBINSON Robert Henry ROBSON Robert William ROFFE Jonah William ROLLINS Sarah Ann ROSCORLA Thomas ROSEWARNE Lucy Ellen ROSS Mary Ann ROSS John Benjamin ROW Catherine ROWE Ducas Slemra ROWE Elizabeth Jane ROWE John Benjamin ROWE Joseph Pearce ROWE William John Corser ROWE Rebecca Emma ROWLAND David Bowen ROWLANDS Eliza Jane ROWLANDS Mary Susanna ROWLANDS James Howard RUDD Elizaneth RUSBRIDGE Robert RUSH Isabella Elizabeth RUSSELL Mary Ann RUTT Matha Frances RYALL Morgan J RYAN Phillip RYAN William RYAN Rebecca Susanna SANDBURY Samuel SANDER Henry SANDERS Henry John Hamilton SANDERS Sarah Anne SANDERS William Henry SANDERS Samuel SANDS Mary Ann SANSOM Mary Maynard SANTO George SAWLEY Rose Catherine SAYERS Eleanore Caroline SCHILLING Jane SCHOLLAR Mary Tizzard Thorne SCHOLLAR Martha Jane SCHRODER Mary Ann Elizabeth SCHUMANN Johanne Eleanore SCHWARTZ Lydia SCHWARTZ John SCOTT Johanna Tamblyn SCOWN Thomas William Henry SEDGLEY Emily SELBY Jane Adelaide SERGEANT James SEWART John Turner SEXTON John SHADGETT James SHAKES Mary Ann Campbell SHANKS Joannes SHANNON John SHANNON William SHEARING John SHEMELD Charles Henry SHEPHARD Ann Elizabeth SHEPHERD William Thomas SHEPHERD female SHEPHERDSON Susanna Craike SHEPHERDSON William Bosomworth SHEPHERDSON Thomas SHEPPARD George SHERRIFF Evelyn Gawler SHORT George SHORT Mary Ann Elizabeth SHUMANN John SHURGOLD Sarah Jane SHUTE Emma SHUTTLEWORTH Anna Maria SIBLEY Charles Thomas SIMONE John Cornelius SIMONS Joseph Henry SIMONS James SIMPSON James SINCLAIR Thomas SINGLETON Thomas SINKINSON William SKEER Susan SKINNER Jane Georgianna SKIPPER (Jane) Georgiana Kyffin SKIPPER George SKIPWORTH Alfred Robert SKUCE Eliza Ann SLADDEN Elizabeth SLADDEN James Robinson SLADDEN John Henry SLADDEN Mary Ann SLADDEN Thomas Basil Woodforde SLADDEN Ann SLATER Catherine Ann SLATER John William SLATER Alice Pattin SMITH Amelia Matilda SMITH Anna SMITH Anne SMITH Elizabeth SMITH Ellen SMITH Emma SMITH Francis Scholefield SMITH Harriett Ann SMITH James Neilson SMITH Jane Taylor SMITH John SMITH John SMITH Mary Ann SMITH Mary Ann SMITH Richard Bowyer SMITH Sarah Essington SMITH Thomas SMITH William SMITH William SMITH William SMITH William SMITH Emma SMOKER Elizabeth SNELLING Delacoville SNOOKE Thomas SOLLY Elizabeth Dorsetta SOLOMON Samuel SOLOMON James Jeffries SOMERVILLE George James SOWARD William George SOWARD James Frederick SPARSHOTT Sarah Ann SPARSHOTT Betsy SPENCER Charles Spencer SPENCER Jane SPENCER Samuel Edward SPENCER William SPENCER Sarah Ann SPICER William Charles SPICER Daniel Riccard SQUIBB William Richard STAKER Sophia Amelia STAPLES John Robert Thomas STEER Sarah Anne STEER Johann Christian STEICKE Catherine Maria STEPHENS Charles STEPHENS Henry Simmons STEPHENS John STEPHENS Charles Bennett STEVENS George STEVENS Harriet STEVENS Helen Stewart STEVENS John Livesley STEVENS William STEVENS William Paul STEVENS George John William STEVENSON Robert George STEWART William Alexander STEWART Alexander Finniss STOKER Alexander Finnis STOKES Charles Lloyds Newenham Forrest STOKES James STONE James Cornelius STONE Mary Ann STONE William STONE Honora STRATFORD Elizabeth STREETER Louisa Isabella STRINGER John William STRUDWICK Robert Joseph STUCKEY Samuel Joseph STUCKEY Evelyn Gawler STURT Jospeh William STUTELEY Mary STYLES Thomas SUGG David SUMMERS Ellen SUTER Henry John SWAFFER Martin SWEENY Charles Edward SWIFT George SYDENHAM Mary Jane SYMES Stanley SYMONDS Richard Tilly TATE William Henry TATE Lucretia Henrietta TAYLOR Maria Ann TAYLOR Maria Ann TAYLOR Mary Jane TAYLOR Sarah TAYLOR Sarah Ellen TAYLOR Stephen TAYLOR Maria TEAKLE Sarah TEAKLE Emily TEASDALE William TEASDALE Henry TEE Jane TELFER Jane TELFORD William TERRELL William Thomas TERRELL Alfred TERRY Mary Ann TESTER George Dodgson THEAKSTONE George Dodson THICKSTON Johann Gootfried THIELE Johann William THIELE Johanne Caroline THIELE Johanne Louise THIELE Johanne Louise THIELE Anne THOMAS Charles Opie THOMAS Charlotte THOMAS Elizabeth THOMAS Rebecca THOMAS Walter Thomas THOMAS William Henry THOMAS Archibald Graham THOMPSON Elizabeth Ann THOMPSON James THOMPSON James George THOMPSON John THOMPSON Ann THOMSON Jane (Jeanie) THOMSON Janet THOMSON Robert William THORPE Thomas THORPE Joseph Edwin THYER Allen TIDEY Adelaide Hall TILLER Caroline Hall TILLER Leticia Newport TINLEY William Lysander TITCOMB William TITCOMBE infant TIVER William Gosden TOBITT female TODD Gerlad William Dunning TOLMER John James TOMKINS Catherine TOOLE John TOWNSEND Mary Ann TOWNSEND Sarah Ann TOWNSEND Henry TRALAGGAN Teresa Eliza TRANTER Emma TREBBLE Mary Ann TREBBLE Margaret Ann TREGEAR John TRELEAVEN Henry TRELEGGEN Richard Joseph TRELEGGEN Charles Mildred TROTT Emily TROTT Ellen Mary TROTTER Ellen Mary TROTTER Susanna TROTTER William TUCKEY Grace Ann TUCKFIELD William TUCKFIELD William TUCKFIELD Cornelius James Crosby TUCKNOTT Cornelius James Crosby TUCKWELL Mary TULLY Charles TURNER Elizabeth Jane TURNER Henry TURNER John TURNER John Castle TURNER Mary TURNER Mary Jane TURNER William Edward George Allen TURNER Alice TWINING George TWINING Thomas Smith UNDERWOOD Catherine UNKNOWN William UNKNOWN Thomas David UPPILL Mary Frances UREN Mary USHER William Charles VANDENBURGH Elizabeth Jane VARDON Isabella VARDON Robert Edward VENN William James VERCO William Henry VERNER Martha VICKERMAN Caroline VINECOMBE Edward Lewes VIRGO William James WADE Ellen WADEY Edward Garrard WAINWRIGHT Susanna Adelaide WAINWRIGHT George WALDEN Frances Chapman WALKER Henry WALKER Lucy Allenby WALKER Mary Ann WALKER Mary Harriet WALKER William George WALKINGTON James WALKLEY John WALKLEY Elizabeth WALLER Caroline Celia WALLIS Mary Jane WALLIS Elizabeth WALTER Joseph WALTERS Charles Valer WALTON Mary Jane WARD Sarah Mary WARD Thomas WARD William James Thomas WARD Michael WARDLE George Lane WARE Emma Elizabeth WARLAND Robert Frederick WARLAND Ernest Martin WARMBRUNN Andrew WARWICK Helen WASHINGTON Eliza Jane WASLEY William Henry WASLEY Elizabeth Ann WATERMAN Frank WATERS John Lockwater WATERS Adelaide WATKINS Elizabeth WATSON Elizabeth Jeanette WATSON Fanny Rogers WATSON Harriett Elizabeth WATSON Henry WATSON Henry Edward WATSON Henry Edward WATSON Henry Thomas WATSON John WATSON John WATSON Mary Ann WATSON William WATSON William Goodman WATSON William Woodman WATSON Mary Ann WATT John Avery WATTS Joseph Samuel WATTS Sarah Lydia WATTS Thomas WATTS Alfred Francis WEAVER Mary Jane WEAVER William Wood WEBBER Elizabeth Hannah WEEN Francis WEIR Thomas Playford WELBOURNE Anne Maria WELKE Catherine WELLBOURN Thomas WELLISON John Whittaker WESCOMBE John Whitaker WESTCOMBE Mary WESTCOMBE Catherine Jane WESTLAKE female WESTON John WEYMOUTH Isabella WHALEY Mary Susannah WHEATON Phillip WHEATON John WHELLUM Thomas WHELLUM Sarah Ann WHITBRED Eliza Maryann WHITE George WHITE George Benjamin WHITE Henry WHITE Mary Ann WHITE Richard Baxter WHITE Nathaniel WHITEHEAD Mary Ann WHITING George Falkland WHITINGTON Lucretia Sturt WHITINGTON Jane Frances WHITTLE Mary Ann WHITTLE Sylva Thomasina Cheesman WHITTLE William Henry WHITTLE William Joseph WICKS William Henry WILCOX Charles Fry WILKEY William Fry WILKEY John WILKIN Sarah Ann WILKIN Harry WILKINS Elizabeth Sarah WILKINSON Margaret WILKINSON Rebecca WILKINSON William WILKINSON Johann Ernst WILKSCH Jane WILLIAMS Jessie Innes Russell WILLIAMS John WILLIAMS John Samuel WILLIAMS Louisa Harriett WILLIAMS Mary WILLIAMS Sarah Jemima WILLIAMS William WILLIAMS Elizabeth Rebecca WILLIS George WILMOTT William John WILMSHURST Emma Elizabeth WILSON Jane WILSON Martha WILSON Rebecca WILSON Jane WINDEBANK Emma WINDSOR Joseph John WINFIELD Mary Ann WINFIELD Fanny WINGATE Mary Lusted WISDON William WISE George Alfred WISEMAN Lucy Maria WISEMAN Christina WISHART William Richard WITHERICK Johanne Louise WITTWER Alexander WOOD Charlotte Sarah WOOD Henry Charles WOOD James Griffiths WOOD Jane WOOD Maria Elizabeth WOOD Robert WOOD Robert George WOOD Harriett Julia WOODFORDE male WOODFORDE William John WOODFORDE Ambler WOODHEAD Andrew Morris WOOLDRIDGE Robert Benjamin WOOLEY female WORTHINGTON male WORTHINGTON Joseph Enock WREN Ann Jane WRIGHT Eliza Jane Harvey WRIGHT Emma WRIGHT James WRIGHT Martha WRIGHT Mary Emily WRIGHT Peter Harvey WRIGHT Johanne Louise WUTTKE Charles WYATT Charles WYATT female WYATT Henry WYATT Julia WYATT male WYATT Richard WYATT William WYATT William WYATT James Joshua Alexander WYLD Margaret Ann WYLIE Thomas YATES John YOUNG Margaret Anne YOUNG Mary Jane YOUNG Plummer YOUNG Robert John YOUNG son ZILM Adam ABERCROMBIE Mary McLEAN Robert ADAMS Mary Ann O'CONNELL John ADAMS Betsy BENGER John AFFORD Rosina TAYLOR Patrick AHERNE Rosa HIGGINS John Dickson AITCHISON Caroline Matilda BEAUMONT John ALLAN Eliza Anne LIPSON Frederick William ALLEN Catharine OXENHAM Thomas ALLEN Eleanor GATES Edward ALLEN Mary Ann ROGERS Silas ALLEN Ellen OGILVY Francis ALLEYN Sarah BAIRSTOW Joseph George ALPHEY Mary Ann WOOD Charles AMEY Charlotte DEAN John ARMSTRONG Jane SLONE William AYLING Sarah SYMES Henry William BACCHUS Ann STIRLING George BACKHURST Charlotte SIMMONDS John Henry BACON Sally PEAKER Henry BACON Ann BATTON William Thomas Brown BAILES Georgiana KNAPP Charles BAILEY Maria SIMMONDS John Bee BALDOCK Elizabeth ROGERS Robert BALL Maria MULLEN John BARBER Elizabeth WATSON William BARKER Mary Ann COULTER George Hutton BARNARD Mira WILLIAM nee SILKE Henry BARNETT Caroline McDONALD Thomas Pearson BARROWCLIFFE Emma Matilda NEATE Thomas BARTLETT Sarah HARBROE George BARTON Mary WHITE Richard Henry BATTLEY Priscilla MOFFETT William BATTON Charlotte ELLIOTT William BAUMAN Rosa WEAVER William Edward BAYLDON Eliza KELLY Jonathan BEAN Martha ARCHBOLD Thomas Hudson BEARE Lucy BULL David BEATON Ann CARMICHAEL William BECK Sarah CULLEN William Edward BEDDOME Elizabeth Vinson SLOGGETT John George BELL Elizabeth HARRIS Samuel BENNETT Mary BAKER Samuel BENNETT Hannah OLIVER James BENSTEAD Mary WATSON William BERESFORD Mary KAVANAGH George BERGMEN Catherine SHEPHERD William BEST Martha BROOKER William BICKFORD Anne Margaret GARRETT John BIRMINGHAM Winifred MARTIN Andrew BIRRELL Agnes GUNYON Enoch BISHOP Mary FENNELL John BISHOP Ann MULLINS John BISHOP Esther Elizabeth KEMP Joseph BLADON Fanny SCRATCHLEY William BLAGROVE Lydia DOWSON James BLAKE Hannah CHINGER Samuel Elkington BOORD Mary CHANNING Bannister BOOTH Mary Ann ROBERTS Henry Mooringe BOSWARVA Emma Susanna FOGELSTROM James BOWLEY Mary Ann GEORGE Henry BOWLEY Mary DEARING Thomas BOWN Elizabeth DOWLEY John BRADFORD Ann SCOTT Samuel BRADY Barbara Ann ORAM Aaron BRAIN Margaret McMILLAN George BRASSINGTON Susanna DAVIS John BRAY Ann SCAZELL John BRENNAN Caroline NASH William BREYNARD Mary WILLIAMS Thomas BRIGHT Elizabeth BARNARD Daniel George BROCK Lucy MELLOR [bpt Delia] Charles BROOKE Elizabeth SLEEP William BROOKS Elizabeth HUGHES Alexander BROWN Sophia PERCY Samuel BRUCE Amelia SMITH John BUCKHURST Louisa GRUNEISEN Thomas BUCKLAND Charlotte REEVES Richard BURFORD Mary Ann PADDON Robert Gregory BURGIS Mary Ann LITHELL Edward BURNS Mary Ann BROOKER John BURNS Isabella HOGG John CACUTT Ann PHILLIPS John CALVERT Louisa FIELD Hugh CAMERON Catherine KILROY Archibald Montague Montault Dundas Heart CAMPBELL Sarah DEED David CAMPBELL Fanny JONES Charles CARR Mary Ann WINDLE John CARRUTHERS Harriet FILL Thomas CARTER Elizabeth FLOYD Crisp (Christopher) Herridge CARTER Mary Jane GREY Henry CATCHLOVE Emma FILMER John CAVENETT Eliza WAER Robert CHAMPLAY Emily PELHAM John CHAMPNESS Maria COOK Charles CHANDLER Harriet CLARK William CHAPLIN Emma HANCOCK Samuel CHAPMAN Eliza VICK James Paul CHAPMAN Mary Ann HART Alfred William CHATFIELD Hariet HOLBROOK Philip la Mothe Snell CHAUNCY Charlotte Humphries KEMMISS John CHAUVINEAU Mary Ann WIDGER Charles CHINNERY Maria WARNER John CHUCK Harriett JELLETT Alexander CHUCKWEDDON Louisa GARRETT William Henry CLARK Sarah Ann BLAKELEY George CLARK Charlotte WEBB James CLARKE Emily McMANUS John CLARKE Catherine TAGGART Joseph CLEGGETT Caroline WADE Robert Walker CLELAND Eliza REYNOLDS Samuel COBBIN Jane HOLDEN James COBBLEDICK Lucy PALMER John COLBY Mary Ann JOHNSTON John COLES Mary JORDAN James COLLEY Mary Elizabeth BALL John COLLINS Mary Ann THOMPSON Ezekiel David COLVIN Mary Ann WOOLLEY Michael CONNOR Ann FLEMING James COOK Louisa WIGHTMAN Peter COOK Charlotte EMERY Richard CORNELIUS Mary TUCKFIELD John CORNEY Eliza PERRIN James COSSINS Eliza MARTIN Edward COVENTRY Sarah WHITE Albion COWLEY Harriet HEAVEN Samuel CRACKLE Hannah STUBBS Robert CRAIGIE Janet WADDELL James CRONK Jane STORER Daniel CROSBY Emma Mary DURIEU George Godwin CROUCH Mary Anna TRANGMAR John CROUCHER Emma Amelia LUSH James CUMMINGS Christina MITCHELL William DAVIES Eliza ARBUCKLE Joseph DAVIS Keziah TEAKLE Richard DAVIS Mary CRAIGIE Alexander DAWSEY Mary Ann TRIBBLE Henry DEANE Elizabeth BENJAMIN George Robert DEBNEY Susanna WOODWARD David DEVINE Mary BRENNAN Patrick John DEVLIN Elizabeth HANBY Henry DICKETT Harriet ROWLANDS Joseph DODGSON Jane WAYLING Leaman DOE Louisa HUGHES James DONALDSON Christine JOHNSTONE Joseph DORMAR Elizabeth TEAGUE Henry DORRINGTON Rhoda GRIGG Henry DOUGLAS Lydia BLUNT John Downes DRAESEKE Ann MORRIS Thomas DUELL Jane BAIRD Walter DUFFIELD Phebe JOHNSTONE William Henry DUMBLETON Sarah THORPE John Stewart DUNCAN Frances CARMICHAEL James DUNCAN Elizabeth HOLBROOK Henry Joseph DURIEU Louisa KNOWLDEN Thomas Wilmot EASTHORPE Eliza HOMER Edwin EDGECOMBE Elizabeth KING Benjamin EDGER Letitia GARLICK William EDWARDS Mary CONWAY William EDWARDS Mary Ann WILSON Edmund Street EDWARDS Louisa Smith DICKINS Thomas ELDRIDGE Ann CAHILL James ELLERY Ann ELLIOT Henry ELLIS Mary GREENFIELD Charles ELPHINSTON Elizabeth NICHOLLS James ENRIGHT Mary TAYLOR Charles EVERETT Emma ELLIS William EVERETT Harriet COX Edward FARRALL Anna Eleanor S†SS Alfred FELL Nancy BURGESS Charles FENN Sarah Isabella BRADSHAW Richard FENTON Mary Ann BOWER William FETTELL Mary Ann JEFFRIES Samuel FIELD Eliza STANNIFORD John Edward FIELDER Margaretta DEBNEY Thomas FIELDING Mary DEAN Harry FIGG Mary WELLS Joseph FINCH Frances COOMBE Robert FISHER Mary LILLYWHITE James FISHLOCK Janette Campbell JAMIESON Robert Archibald FIVEASH Margaret REES Thomas FOGARTY Elizabeth WILLOX John FORBES Esther SALT Thomas FORRESTELL Bridget PERKINSON William Innes FORRESTER Jane HERBERT William Innes FORRESTER Deborah BOWMAN James H FOSTER Honora KEANE Robert FOSTER Ruth THORPE William FREEMAN Sarah STACEY Edward Lockyer FREESTONE Caroline MILLER George FREETH Elizabeth NICHOLLS Edward FRENCH Jane Lucy COTTER Samuel FRETTINGHAM Charlotte BELL Gotthard Daniel FRITZSELVE Johanna Dorothea NEHRLICH William GANDY Mary Ann TURNER William GARDINER Mary Ann MAYFIELD Thomas GAUDIE Margaret McCUE Michael GEOGHEGAN Catherine CARROLL Edward Tobias GEORGE Mary NELSON John GOING Jane COULLS John GOODLEE Mary Amelia GUY William Mintague GORDON Mary DONALDSON Hiram GOSDEN Janet MACNELGE James GOWMAN Ann DONOHOE David Muir GRAHAM Elizabeth MURRAY Claudius Roberts GRANT Sarah DICKENS Henry GREEN Elizabeth ROBERTS Edward GREEN Sarah Ann WILLIAMSON James GREENHAM Mary TOOLE Job GREENING Ann HARKER John GREENWAY Kitty BROTHERHOOD Andrew GREIG Ann PHILLIPS Lewis GRREN Ann ROBINSON James GRUMPRS Eliza PURCELL James GUNS Mary Ann COSTER John GUY Tamar BARKER William HALL Lavinia AYLMORE William Smith HALL Mary MAIDEN William HALL Anne Honora IVORY James HALLIDAY HepzIbah DEBNEY Edward HALSE Anna Philippina HANSEN John HAMILTON Margaret MANSER Thomas HAMS Priscilla RAY William HANCOCK Eliza JOHNSON William HANCOX Jane POLLARD Lewis HANSEN Eliza SHANNON Joseph HARBER Elizabeth ANDREWS James HARBROE Caroline DAY Alred HARDY Mary Louisa NEWENHAM William HARDY Mary TREGAY William HARMAR Jane HORNE Thomas Herbert HARRIDGE Eliza Greenway COLE John HARRIS Eliza CUMMINS James HARRISON Margaret BARHAM John HART Bridget Mary MALONEY John HART Bridget Mary MOLONY George HARVEY Mary Ann SLADDEN John HARVEY Jane ROBERTS James Samuel HATLIN Mary DREW Joseph HATWELL Elizabeth FLOATE Henry HAY Clarissa Martha Margaret MILDRED John Thomas HAYNES Mary Ann BROWNING John HAYWOOD Keturah Margaret REID Henry HEARD Ann HILL Henry HEARNDEN Eliza LUTHER Henry HEMPDON Elizabeth PARKER Edward Henry George HENDERSON Sarah Georgiana WATSON Thomas HENDERSON Sarah HAMILTON John HERBERT Mary WILSON Henry Grigg HEWITT Mercy ABBOTT Patrick HIGGINS Ellen KELLY Martin HIGGINS Mry Ann LAUD George HILES Charlotte Ann COLE Joseph HILL Jane SIMMONDS John HILL Mary ANDERSON Richard HILL Ekizabeth BASHTONE William HILL Priscilla HEAP James HINCH Mary TORRENS Goerge HINCHLIFFE Mary Ann WEYMOUTH Robert HOBSON Elizabeth TAYLOR Frederick HODDING Caroline KEKWICK Richard COWLING alias HOKY Sarah SEYMORE John HOLLAMBY Lucy Ann O'BRIEN John William HOLMES Ann MERRETT William HOMER Margaret O'NEILL James HOOPER Ann PEARCE Henry Paul HORNHARD Mary MICHAEL Thomas HORNSBY Eliza WILLOUGHBY William HORTON Margaret BYRNS Charles HOWE Mary GILLAM William HOWLETT Mary HOGBEN Joseph G HUDSON Eliza WALLACE Matthias HUE Sophia Meyler BETTON Thomas HUGHES Jane BATTINSON Walter Watson HUGHES Sophia RICHMAN John HURLING Elizabeth SPENCER James IDE Sarah Hopkins IDE Henry INMAN Mary Fooks LIPSON Mr JD INNES Caroline FLINT Joseph George IRVING Elizabeth BEER Enock Algernon JACKSON Ann FOLLETT Henry JACOBS Harriet OVENS Thomas JACQUES Sarah HORNE James JELLETT Ann RUSSELL Isaac JOHNS Agnes THOMSON William JOHNSTONE Mary Ann THOMAS Edward Bliss JOLLY Jane BAIRD James JOLLY Harriet WATSON George Thomas Elias JONES Mary Ann VINCENT Thomas JONES Ann COAD William JOULE Sarah BALL Charles JUBB Ann GRIFFIN William Cooksley KATES Mary QUINLIVAN John KAVANAGH Harriet Endor HARVEY Ludwig Christian August K KAVEL Anne Catherine PENNYFEATHER Robert KAY Ann CORNICK John D KELLEY Sarah AUSTEN John KELLY Sally MOORE Robert Symons KELLY Elizabeth WAKEHAM William KERR Prudence COOK Charles KING Caroline AVAN George Strickland KINGSTON Ludovina Catherina da Silva CAMERON George KNIGHT Margaret MAY Henry LAKE Ellen SUETT Alfred LANGHORNE Sarah Mary Ann AUGUST William LANGMAN Hannah McDONALD James George LAWRENCE Margaret MOONEY James LAWRENCE Mary HAWKINS Robert LAWRIE Margaret MAILEY John LEAR Eliza BALDWIN James LEE Ann POLLARD John LEEK Maria WESTERN Philip LEIGH Sarah Jane NEW John LENNY Harriet FORDER Frederick LESTER Dymphnia NIHILL Thomas LEVER Mary Ann WALLACE James LEWIS Eliza Margaret Hutton BRISTOW Joseph LIDDIARD Katherine FINNEY Oscar John LINES Bella SLADDEN Stephen LIST Frances COSTEN John LITHGOW Margaret NEVILL Richard LOGAN Marageret MONAGHAN John Benedick LOMAS Janes BARNES Joseph LONSDALE Catherine ARNOLD William LOWE Sarah FLEMING John LUSH Martha HOPKINS Hugh LYNCH Mary Ann GATES Alexander MacDONALD Mary Harriet CAMPBELL Archibald MACDONALD Julia PANNELL George MACERETH Sarah Ann O'BRIEN Denis MacEVOY Jane CURSON George MACKENZIE Jane GREIG John Patrick MAHONEY Ann PEACOCK Richard MAINSTONE Caroline JELLETT Gordon MAINWARING Mary HICKEY Elijah MAITLAND Ellen CRAIGIE Alexander MALCOLM Mary KELLY Charles MANN Maria Josepha BROWN William MAQUIRE Elizabeth STRIKE Samuel MARDEN Martha EMERY George MARSDEN Hannah WILSON George MARSDEN Margaret GREGORY James MARSHALL Mary Ann CARPENTER Thomas MARSHALL Honor WILLIAMS James MARSHALL Mary Ann CARPENTER John MARTIN Elizabeth PEDLAR John MARTIN Margaret BROWN Henry MARTIN Jane HARRIS Thomas MASLIN Sarah SHEPHARD Samuel MASON Ellen COTTER Thomas MASTERS Mary Ann Taylor LANE Charles MATTHEWS Kitty GREENWAY Edward MATTHEWS Ann CLARK George MAYO Maria GANDY William McARTHUR Mary LONGMAN John McARTHUR Mary Ann PARKER William McBETH Elizabeth HORNSBY John McCLOUD Mary HONEY Hugh McDONALD Susan HOUCHIN John McDONALD Isabella ROSS John McDONALD Mary BERISFORD Donald McFADHEN Eliza COOMBE John McFARLAND Elizabeth CALVERT John McINTYRE Jane POTTER William McKENZIE Mary MEARES Joseph MERCER Maria ELLIS Richard MEW Margaert SHINES George MILDRED Mary EAST Robert MILES Barbara Jane MERRILEES James MILGATE Elizabeth POTTER John MILLER Agnes McCORMACK Thomas MILLER Margaret WILLOUGHBY William MILNE Eliza DISHER Bejamin MILTON Hannah DOWDALL Charles MILYARD Mary Ann GREENING Francis MITCHELL Bridgt MOONEY John Luke MONCK Catherine KENNA Sampson MONTGOMERY Sarah HARDING Matthew MOORHOUSE Mary Ruth KILNER John MORGAN Eliza CLARK John MORPHETT Elizabeth FISHER Charles MORRIS Elizabeth RISELY Henry MOSELY Alice MAYNARD Charles Augustus M†NCHENBERG Constance HALES Alfred Miller MUNDY Jane HINDMARSH George MURRAY Elizabeth MISLEN Robert MURRAY Mary McNAMARA James MURRAY Hannah CHARLESWORTH Andrew MURRAY Jessie SPENCE Thomas NAUGHTON Isabella SHANNON William Alexander Augustus Frederick Adolphus NEARON Catherine Sarah JOHNSON Henry NELL Elizabeth Catherine HAMILTON Thomas NEWMAN Joanna G†NTHER Joseph Somerset NIAS Mary ODGERS James NICHOLLS Mary TEAGUE Robert NICHOLLS Eliza ELDRIDGE James Howard NICHOLLS Ann STEVENS Thomas NICHOLSON Mary Ann RICHARDS Richard NOVIS Frances Georgeana NEWINGTON Dennis O'TOOLE Mary TAGGERT Michael OSBORN Ann PARNELL William PACKER Mary HARKER John PACKHAM Emily PORTER William PAINTER Marian McLOUD Charles PARRINGTON Mary PALLANT John PARSONS Mary Ann McCUE Edmund PARSONS Ann FIELDER Josiah PARTRIDGE Mary GILES Peter Wilhlem PATERSON Charlotte BUSH James Richard PEARCE Eliza RICHARDS Joseph PEARSON Catherine HILLAM Thomas PEDLER Agnes POLKINGHORNE Silas PERAM Mary WHITE John PERRY Mary TAYLOR John PETERSON Philippa HOLMAN Henry PETTMAN Caroline GARGAN William PHILLIMORE Sarah BARKER Samuel Livesly PHILLIPS Mary Ann HARDING Thomas PHILLIPS Mary CLEARY William PHILLIS Harriet COX James PIE Isabella PATTERSON Matthew Peary PIESSE Margaret CLARKE John PITCHER Deborah GARLICK John PLUW Mary FISHER Charles POWELL Jane GILLARD Anthony PREMORE Elizabeth Smith HUGHES William PREWITT Margaret Matilda HARRIS William Baker PRICE Frances ALLWIN William PRITCHARD Jane GRANT Henry PRITCHARD Emma Mary CLISBY Charles PULFER Mary McBURNEY Edward PURCELL Jane TEAGUE Hugh QUIN Isabella LOCKHART James REARDON Eliza WICKHAM William REGAN Margaret TAGGART William REID Margaret Hunt CROSS James REILLY Ann RUTT John REYNELL Mary LUCAS Samuel REYNOLDS Sarah PARRISS John RICHARDSON Emily YEATES William RILEN Eliza GILBERT William RING Hannah TEAKLE William ROBERTS Caroline LYNCH James ROBERTS Caroline LESTER Cpt ROBERTSON KEMP Samuel ROBINS Jane PENALUNA George ROBINSON Susanna ROBINSON Christopher Brown RODWELL Mary Ann McGOWAN John Richard ROLFE Elizabeth HOUCHIN Thomas ROLLING Mary CURRIE William ROUNSEVELL Mary PALMER James John RUDD Jemima WICKS John Robins RUNDLE Mary MARTIN Robert Frazer RUSSELL Elizabeth HISLOP William RUSSELL Emma SOUTER William SALTER Mary NATTLE William Henry SANDERS Ruth JACKINS John SARJENT Adelia SMITH George Edward SAWER Emily Ann GUTSOLE George SCHRODER Jane Elizabeth RICE Gottlob SCHUMANN Susanna WRETTEN Walter Douglas SCOTT Janet RUSSELL Archibald SCOTT Sarah KIRK Robert SEAGER Susannah Jarvis NEVILLE Henry SEDGLEY Louisa WILLISS Rawden Maclean SELTH Mary Ann DAY Robert SEYMOUR Catherine LENNON John SHADGETT Sarah TREHEARN John SHAND May GEDDES Peter SHANKS Mary Ann WHITE Bernard SHAW Annie BRADSHAW John SHEMELD Elizabeth EPPS John SHENTON Mary Ann FOSTER William SHEPHARD Ann GARRETT Thomas SHEPHERD Mary MURRAY James Stuart SINCLAIR Isabella SLEMEN Mark SINCLAIR Harriet Masculine OVENS John Michael SKIPPER Frances Amelia THOMAS Henry SKIPWORTH Elizabeth BARRETT Thomas SKUCE Frances Mary ROGERS Isaac SLADDEN Elizabeth MANTON Smitheyt SLADDEN Eliza CHARMAN William SLATER Caroline COWLES J PHIN SMITH Marion Honoria WATSON Frederick George SMITH Mary RORKE Joseph SMITH Mary FENNEL Anthony SMITH Charlotte Elizabeth COLLINS Benjamin SMITH Martha NEAVY Frederick SMITH Eliza FLOAT William SMITH Janet KNOX John SMITH Ruth WILLIS John SMITHSON Mary de la ROCHE Henry SNELLING Elizabeth HILLIER John SOUTHON Sarah CRITTENDEN William SPENCER Harriet DEED Joseph STACE Sarah LEVETT Edwin Thomas STEBBING Jane COULTHARD Edwin Thomas STEBBING Audrey Ann JAMES Samuel STEELE Sophia PALLENT John STEER Jane Ann BRYANT George Milner STEPHEN Mary HINDMARSH Samuel STEPHENS Charlotte Hudson BEARE John STEVENS Ann BURGIN Charles James STEVENS Caroline STEVENS Alexander STEWART Jane ANDERSON Alexander STEWART Ann GREEN James STONE Harriet EVANS William STONE Alicia CARSGROVE William STONEHAM Barbara MILLAR Joseph STOREY Charlotte WARDEN William STRUMMY Jane JONES Charles William STUART Sarah ALLEN James STUBBINGTON Caroline STRONG Joseph Francis STUTELY Mary COLLINS John SULLIVAN Bridget FLEMING John SUTTON Jemina FINCH Francis Ariskin John SWAN Mary WILSON Richard SYMONDS Harriet Caroline DEANE Enoch TEAKEL Hannah WATTS David TEAKLE Mary Ann SANDERS William TEASDALE Sarah JACQUES Michael TEE Elizabeth STRICKLAND Francis TELFER Dinah FLAVEL John Shepherd TEMPLER Mary Ann Rebecca BROMLEY Alexander THAW Elizabeth BARRINGTON William THOMAS Sally GILLARD George THOMPSON Sarah WOOLLY Edward THORNTON Anne MACKAY William TILLEY Eliza PALLANT William TONKIN Elizabeth RUNDLE Nelson TOOTH Charlotte OLIVER William Broadbridge TOWN Jane Catherine WILLS James Budge TREGEAR Margaret KINTOULL William TREVENNA Jane TEAGUE William George TROTTER Margaret LEARY William TUCKEY Agnes HENDERSON Alexander TULLOCK Mary DORNEY Henry TURNER Jane BARNARD John TURNER Jane ATKINS William TURNER Amelia GOBLE Thomas Newman TURNER Hannah HOLBROOK Edward TURNER Ellen SWEENEY Adam TURPIN Mary WEAR Robert Charles VENN Elizabeth Victoria EVANS John VENNING Catherine Billing BATE William WADE Barbara HEARSEY Thomas WAINWRIGHT Johanna SMITH John WALKER Esthe Alldin KNAPP James WALLIS Jane HILLIER James WALSH Isabella NICHOLSON Alfred WALTER Wilmott RANDELL Joseph WALTERS Fanny ARKINSTALL Hansford WARD Jane BEST Hansford WARD Jane BEST Thomas WARD Mary Ann HILL Joseph WARD Bridget CLEMENTS John WARDEN Luscinda LAFFIN Robert WARE Hannah MORRISS David WARK Catherine KEELING William WATERMAN Elizabeth WEYMOUTH James WATSON Margaret COOK Robert WATSON Robina STEEDMAN Joseph WATSON Hannah CATLEY Robert Adolphus Alfred Show WATTS Jane Isabella GILES John WEBB Susannah THORPE David WEIR Catherine Wyas McNAB William WEIR Sarah WADE George WELLS Elizabeth THOMSON William WEST Jane HUDSON John WESTCOMBE Amelia WHITTAKER James WESTON Miriam PEACOCK Charles WHARTON Sarah Elizabeth VALLER David WHEAL Margaret DUNNE John WHELAND Hannah BALL James WHITE Sarah REILLY Thomas WHITE Ann ROBERTS Samuel WHITE Hannah HILTON Charles WHITE Jane BOWERS Thomas WHITE Betty HATCH William WHITTLE Mary Ann MURRAY James Clare WICKHAM Charlotte BOOTS John WIDGER Mary Ann JOHNSON James WILD Sarah MUNDY Joseph WILKINSON Catherine SPALDING William WILLIAMS Janet CATCHLOVE John WILLIAMS Sarah TEACKLE William WILLIAMS Maria WICKHAM James WILLIAMS Janet CLARKE John WILLIAMS Mary Ann GRANT John Frederick WILLIAMS Maria STENT John WILSON Elizabeth MARCHMONT Joseph WILSON Sarah THURSTAN James WINDEBANK Mary Ann BELL James WINFIELD Hannah BLACKEBY Robert WINTER Maria CHITTLEBOROUGH William WISEMAN Sarah BREACH John WOODFORDE Caroline CARTER Walter WOODS Catherine CAMPBELL James WRATHALL Jane WERREY William WRIGHT Phoebe WICKS William WRIGHT Eliza MONTGOMERY George YEATES Eliza MENADUE Adam YOUNG Jane SHEPHERD George YOUNG Mary Ann FLETCHER John Bremmer YOUNG Charlotte JOLLY Anna ABBOTT Dinah ABBOTT Elizabeth ABBOTT Hannah ABBOTT Henry Giles ABBOTT Caroline Elizabeth ACKLAND Jane ADAIR Ann Barbara ADAMS infant ALDERIDGE Alexander ALLEN Ann ALLEN infant ALLEN James ALLEN Julia Elizabeth ALLEN Mary Ann ALLEN Jeremiah ALLIN Frederick ALLPIKE Barbara ANDERSON Burberry ANDERSON David ANDERSON Edward William� ANDREWS Eliza Annette ANDREWS Elizabeth ANDREWS Robert ANTHONY Isaac ANTONIO Marchant ARDAGH Sarah ARKINSTALL Charles Moffat ARNELL Edwin George ASHER Jane ASSGOOD Thomas ASSGOOD Charles ASWOOD William ASWOOD male ATIM William ATKINS Hannah ATKINSON Mary Ann ATKINSON William ATKINSON Elizabeth ATTWOOD William ATTWOOD Anna Elisabeth� AURICHT� Louise AURICHT� Maria Elisabeth� AURICHT� Archibald AUSTIN Sarah AYLING Sarah Maria AYLING Norma BAAKS John BACK Charles BAILEY Sarah BAILEY Sarah Ann BAILEY William BAILEY Maryann BAILLEY George BAILY Margaret BAIN Jacob BAIRSTOW George BAKER John BAKER Mary Anstice Ross BAKER Sarah Mary BAKER Thomas BAKER William BAKER Alfred BALDOCK William BALDOCK James BARBER George BARFOOT child BARKER Thomas BARKER Henry BARLOW George BARNARD Joseph Samuel BARNET Agnes Crampton BARNSHAW Alice Rosina BARR Sarah BART Margaret BARTLEY Jane BASSET Mary BASTIAN Margaret (Miss) BATHGATE Alfred Frederick BAYFIELD George BEAL William BEAN Lucy Ann BEARE Joseph BEASLEY Susanna BEASLEY Ann BECK Harriet BEDEL James BELL Maria Pitstow BELSHAM John Cook BELTON George Charles BENNETT Margaret BENNETT female BERKELEY Robert BERNARD William Francis BERRY Edward Dent BETTS Thomas BICKERSTAFF Rolles BIDDLE Frank BIDDULPH James BIGGINS Edmund BIRD Agnes BIRRELL David BIRRELL Ebenezer BIRRELL Isabel BIRRELL Harriet BIRT Elizabeth Charlotte Watkins BISHOP Enos BISHOP Hannah BISHOP Mary BISHOP Mary BISHOP Maryann BISHOP James William BLACK John Thomas BLACK Susanna BLACK John William Dundas BLENKINSOPP Philip Stephen BOND Benjamin BONE Charlotte BOOTHEY infant dau BOOTHEY Thomas William BOOTY William John BOOTY Nicholas Fogelstrom BOSWARVA Ferdinand BOTH Margaret BOTTING Clara Millicent BOTTOMLEY Martha BOUCH Thomas Richardson BOUCH Mrs Charles BOUCHER Ann BOWEN Janet BOWES Amelia Christina BOWMAN Thomas BOYCE John BRACKENBRIDGE Mary BRADEY Elizabeth BRADLEY Phoebe Gertrude BRASSINGTON William BRAZALL David Steven BREAKER Mary Jane Maria BREAKER Sarah Jane BREAKER Sarah BRENNAND Joseph BRIERLY John BRINKWORTH Lucy BROADBENT Luke BROADBENT Ellen Elizabeth BROADRIB Walter BROMLEY Michael BROOKER John Beard BROOKS BROWN Adelaide BROWN Alfred John BROWN Edward BROWN Emma BROWN John BROWN William BROWN William Voules BROWN William Voules BROWN James BROWNE Joseph BRUCE Henry BRYAN BUCHANAN Amelia BUCKHURST John BUCKLAND James BUG Charles Adolphons BULLPITT Rebecca Jane BULLPITT Mary Ann BUNCE ELIZABETH BUNKIN William BURFORD James Stanford BURLEY Ann Bridget BURSLEM Parefoy BURSTEN Lovel BYASS William CAIN Frederick CALLABY Sarah Ann CALLABY Jeremiah CALNAN Henry CALTON Sophia Mary CALTON Colin CAMPBELL Henry CAPPER Joseph Manuel CARD Sarah Mary CARLTON Sophia Mary CARLTON Martha CARMAN Charles CARNS William Antonio CARPENTER Henry CARR William CARTER infant CASSELS George Mosely CATE Harriet CATE John CAUST Maria Jane CHALK Charlotte CHALLEN Charles CHAMBERS James CHAMBERS John CHAMBERS Leonard CHAMBERS Priscilla CHAMBERS Maria CHAMPNESS Elizabeth CHANDLER Theresa CHANDLEY Ann CHANTER John CHAPMAN Reuben CHAPMAN William CHAPMAN Jane Elizabeth CHARLESLEY Jane Elizabeth CHARLESWORTH infant CHASTON Mercy CHEESMAN Alexander CHEGWIDDEN Daniel CHEGWIDDEN Elizabeth CHEGWIDDEN Frederick CHEGWIDDEN Henry CHEGWIDDEN� John CHEGWIDDEN Susan CHEGWIDDEN Susannah Hughes� CHEGWIDDEN Maria CHITTLEBOROUGH infant CHOULES John CHOULES Frederick CHROST Henry CLARK Margaret CLARY infant CLAY Samuel CLAY Maria Antoinette CLAYTON Robert James Crawford CLAYTON Jane COBBLEDICK James CODE Jane CODE John Rounsevall CODE William Baker COESTON Louisa COFFER Peter COKE Thomas COLE Charlotte COLEMAN Charlotte Fowler COLEMAN John COLLETT Eliza Louisa COLLEY Anna COLLINS infant COLLINS Jane COLLINS John COLLINS Sarah COLLINS Mary Jane COLVILLE Sophia CONGDEN Gavinson CONNOR Edmund CONSTABLE Ann COOK George COOK Nancy COOK Francis COON Harold Byron COOPER COPPINS James COPPINS Eliza CORNEY Thomas CORNISH Marshall Hall COTTER Pownell Richard COTTER James Louis COTTRELL infant COULLS May Anne COWARD Sarah Jane COWARD John COWLEY Ann Elizabeth COX infant CRABB Elizabeth CRABBE infant CRABBE Frances CRAIGEN Napoleon CRAIGIE Charlotte CRAWFORD infant CRAWFORD James Henry CRAWFORD Anne CRETTENDEN� Eliza CRETTENDEN Harriet CRETTENDEN Mary CROKKETT Henry CROSS Louisa CRUTTENDEN Henry CURRAN Hannah DADSWELL Kitty Argal DANIEL Thomas DANIEL Betsy DARBY William DARLEY William DARNBOROUGH William DARNBOROUGH Elizabeth Susan DART infant DAVIS Sophie Augusta DAVIS infant DAW Charles DAWES Susanna DAY Thomas DAY Thomas DAY Henry DE HORNE Edward Pooley DE VASENS Elizabeth DEAN George DEANE Priscilla DEANE William Henry DEANE William Knight DEANE George Leonard DEBNEY Margaret Mary DEHANE DELVE George Witherdell� DENHAM Andrew DENMAN Ann Sophia DENMAN Anna DENMAN Fanny DENMAN Samuel DENMAN Thomas DENMAN Walter DENMAN Sampson DENSLEY Sarah Jane DENT Joanna DEVONSHIRE John Charles DEVONSHIRE Mary DICKENS John Robert DICKETT Mary DICKINS� John DIVES Mary Ann DIXON Eliza DODD George DODD Mary DODD Richard DODD Hannah DODSWELL infant DOE Adam DONDEN Frederick DOYLE Joseph DREDGE Louis DRESE Joseph DREW John Thomas DRISCOLL Ralph DRUMMOND Charles Walter DU RIEU Charles Reginald DUFF William DUFFELL James DUNCAN James DUNCAN John William DUNDAS Catherine Ann DUNGEY Sarah Ann Bowning DUNGEY James DUNMILL Edward DUNN John DUNN Edward DUNNE Mary DUNSTAN Thomas William DUNSTAN John DURGAN infant DUTHY infant DWYER Phillip DWYER Joel DYER infant EARLE James Cornelius EAST Susanna Sophia EAST Thomas EASTON Amelia EDWARDS James EDWARDS Theophilus EDWARDS Thomas EDWARDS George ELLIS Thomas ELLIS Thomas ELLIS William ELLIS William Wren ELLIS William Wren ELLIS Amy EMERY Edwin EMERY John EMERY William EMERY Moses EPPS John ESPY Mary Ann ETTRIDGE George EVANS George Lindsay EVANS Henry William EVANS Jacob EVANS William EVANS James George EVERARD John Thomas EXCELL William FALLOSS Reuben FARMILLAR Alfred FARR Charles Henry FARR Charlotte Jane FARR Abraham FARRAR Elizabeth FARRAR Elizabeth FARTHING female FASTINGS James FASTINGS Michael FATCHIN Anna Maria FAY Charles FEAGAN Michael FEATHERSTONE Joshua FENTON Robert FERGUSON Maryann FERTSCH William FETTALL Maria Louise FIEDLER Nelson Lloyds FILMER John FINCH Joshua FISHER Leonard Taylor FISHER Thomas John FISHER Jane FISHLOCK Mary FISHLOCK George FLAVEL Joseph FLAVEL Joseph Francis FLAVEL Jane FLAXMAN Sarah FLEMING James FLETCHER William FLOAT Thomas Noakes FLOATE Elizabeth FLOYD infant FOLKS Ellen FOLLAND� Robert FOLLET Joseph FOLLETT Robert FOLLETT Peter FOOTE Hannah FORD James Thomas FORD Mary FORD Henry FORDER Thomas FOREMAN John Graham McDonald Burt FOREST Thomas Astbury FOREST Jane FORRESTER William FORRESTER William Herbert FORRESTER Elizabeth FORRISTER Mary Ann FORTSCH� Henry FRANCIS Rachel FRANCIS Samuel FRASER Caroline FREEMAN male FREEMAN male (stillborn) FREEMAN Mary Ann FRITH Susan Augusta FROME Frances FROST James FROST John Edward FRY Samuel FURLER� Samuel FURLOUGH Elizabeth FURNACE Louisa Catherine GAHAGAN daughter GAHAN Richard GAHAN James GALLOWAY George Edward GANDY William Freeman GARD Ann GARDENER Emma Mary GARDENER Thomas GARGAN Martha GARLICK Mary Jane GARLICK Emma GARRATT James GARRATT John Oliver GARRATT Henry GARRAWAY Edward Cox GAWLER George Henry Brown GELLARD Faith Matilda GEORGE Hope GEORGE Richard Davies Nelson GEORGE Mary Ann GERMAIN Henry William GIBB Richard Egbert GIBBONS Eliza GIBLIN Daniel GIBSON Robert GILBERT Edward Hollingsworth GILES Eliza Jane GILES infant GILES infant GILES Percy Ludlow GILES Samuel GILES Sarah Ann GILES Winifred GILL Philip George GILLES dau GILLETT James GILLMORE Emma GLASTONBURY John Hampton GLEESON John GODFREY John GOFTON George GOLDRING George GOLDSACK Charlotte GOODALL infant GOODING Mary Ann GOODING infant GOODWIN James Montgomery GORDON Mary GOSDEN Rebecca GOSDEN Ruth GOSDEN George GOUGE Harriett GOUGER Henry Hindmarsh GOUGER Sophia GOULDING Elizabeth GOVERS GRACY Joseph GRANT Elizabeth GRAY Smilford Emery GRAY Alice GREEN Edward GREEN Emma Barbara GREEN female GREEN George Young GREEN Maryanne GREEN John GREENWAY Charlotte GREGORY William GREGORY George GREY William GREY Henri GRIFFIN Griffith GRIFFITHS John GRIFFITHS infant GURVIS Elizabeth Ann GUY Annie Mary HACK Gulielma Mary� HACK Lucy Barton HACK Thomas Basil Woodforde HADDEN Henry HAINES Ann HALL Elizabeth HALL Harriet HALL infant HALL Jane HALLPIKE Mary HAMBLIN Catherine Ann HAMLIN Friedrich Wilhelm HAMPEL infant HANCOCK William HANCOCK Mary HAND Edward HANLEY Ann HANNIGAN son H€NSCHKE Matilda Jane HARDING William HARDING Anne HARDY George Edward HARRIS Georgina HARRIS W I HARRIS William HARRIS George HART Patrick HART Betsey HARVEY Jane HARVEY Edward HASLEM Julia HASLEM Charles HASTINGS Jane Adelaide HATFIELD William HAWKAM Mary HAWKE Mary HAWKE William HAWKE Marjory HAWKER William George Keast HAWKER Francis Tapley HAWSON Robert Thomas Daniel HAYMAN Hannah HEATH HELPS Caroline Rachel HENRY Elizabeth HERBERT Elizabeth HERBERT James Isaac HERRELL James HERSEY Robert HERSEY Sarah HERSEY Mary Runseval HERVEY Elizabeth HIGGINS James HIGHETT James HIGHLAND Elizabeth HILL Fanny Elizabeth Brightman HILL John HILL Mary Anne HILL Ann HILLIER Elizabeth HILLIER James HILLIER Lucy HILLIER Henry HINES Mary HINES Mary HOCK Josiah HODGES William HODGES Ann HODGKINSON John HOGARTH Stephen HOGBEN Edward HOLDER infant HOLDER Charlotte HOLEMAN infant HOLLANBY Richard HOLMAN infant HOLMES Isabella HOLMES Richard HOLMES Susan HOLMES Thomas HOLMES Robert HOOD Maria HOOK George HOPGOOD Mary Jane HOPKINS Susanna HORNABROOK Mary HORTIN William HOSKINS Joseph HOUGH George HOUNSOM� Charles Neville HOWARD Robert HOWE Samuel HOWE William HOWLET Catherine HUGGETT George HUGHES Elizabeth HUMPHRIES George HUMPHRIES Caroline HUNT John HUNT infant HUNTER Peter HUNTER Elizabeth HURICHT William HUTCHENSON George Waterloo HUTCHINS Catherine Marshall HUTCHINSON infant HUTCHINSON James HUTCHINSON infant HUTCHISON David HYDE Susan INGHAM JACOBS Richard Charles JACQUES Dorothea JAENSCH Johann Georg JAESCHKE John JAGGER George Alfred JAMES Henry JANEWAY Sir John William JEFFCOTT John JEFFREY Angelina JEMMETT Robert Goyden JOBIT Elizabeth JOHNS Maria JOHNS Eliza JOHNSTON Jane Victoria JOHNSTON Noah JONES Thomas JONES William JONES William JORDAN Sarah JOYCE Thomas JOYCE William KANE Ferdinand KANNENBERG John KAVANAGH Anna Catharine KAVEL son KAVEL James KAYLEY J B KEET Christopher Smith KELL Elizabeth KELLY James Joseph KELLY Jane KELLY Arthur KEMMIS William KEMMIS Sarah Emily KEMP Joseph KENT John KENWORTHY David KERR Henry KING James KING Henrietta Ann Stuart KINGSTON John KIRBY Maria KLEEMANN James LAFFAN Richard LAMBELL William LAMBERT George Mango LANGCAKE William LANGMAN James John LARKIN Anabella LASSON Emma LASSON Lewis Brandal LATHAM Sarah LATIMER William James LATTER Eliza LAWRENCE James LAWRENCE William LEA Danyal [Daniel] LEARY Elizabeth LEE Joseph LEE John Andrews LEER Anna Elisabeth LEHMANN George LEIGH Lancaster LELIOTT Mary Ann LELIOTT son LETTS Caroline LEWIS Thomas LEWIS infant LEY Johann Gottfried LIEBELT William LIGHT infant LIGHTFOOT Emma LILLYCRAPPE William LINDON William LINES William LITHELL Elizabeth LITTLE Isabel LITTLE William Charles LITTLER Charles LLOYD George LOADER Emma LOCK Elizabeth LOCKE Sarah LOCKE William Brunswick LOCKIT Jane LOCKYER� infant children LONG Raymond John LONGLEY John LOVELL Joseph LOVELOCK Stephen LOVELOCK Thomas LUDGATER Sarah Jane LUFTON Thomas Henry LUGG Matilda Anne LUSH Sarah LUTMAN Mary Ann LYNCH Annie LYNNE William LYONS Margaret McALLISTER Eliza McARTHUR infant McARTHUR John McASTER William MacCLEAN William McCROSBIE Alexandrina MacDONALD Hugh MacDONALD James Hugh McDONALD Peter McDOUGALL Michael McEWIN Thomas McEWIN infant McFARLANE William MacGEORGE Martin McGLYNN Henry Gardener MacGREGOR Sarah McHARG Kenneth McIVOR James MACKLIN Jane MacKNACKEN infant McLEAN Robert McLEOD John MADDEN Emma MADEFORD Michael MAGEE John MAGER child MAGOR Eliza MAGOR John MAGOR Mary MAGOR Mary Ann Horrell� MAIDMENT William MAILES James MALE Phebe MALIN John MALLET Mary MALLET Anna MANN Charles MANN Joseph MANSOME William MANTON Thomas MAR William MARCHANT James MARCHMOUNT Thomas MARKS John MARSH Martha Maria MARSHALL Samuel MARSHALL George MARTIN Henry MARTIN James MARTIN Martin MARTINIS Elizabeth MATTHEWS infant MATTHEWS Mary Letford MATTHEWS Samuel Thomas MATTHEWS Sarah MATTHEWS Sarah Ann MATTHEWS Betsy MAYFIELD Henry MERROW infant MICHAEL Susan Clarke MICHAEL infant MICHELMORE Benjamin MIDDLETON Emily Coromandelis MIDDLETON George MIDDLETON William MIDDLETON Emma Karoline MILDE William Henry MILDRED dau MILDWATER� infant MILES Mary Ann MILES Caroline MILL Charles MILLER Eliza Grace MILLER infant MILLIGI William MILLS William MILNE John W MINCHAM Frances MITCHELL Henry MITCHELL Jane MOCKDRIDGE Jane MOCKRIDGE Catherine Elizabeth MONCK John MOONEY William MOONEY Ann MOORE Mary Ann MOORE Susan Ann MOORE John MORGAN Henry MORROW Mary Ann MOULTON� Elijah MOYLE Christopher MULLINS Johanne Eleanore MUNCHENBERG Ann Brown MUNDY Elizabeth MUNDY Elizabeth Ann MUNDY John Edward Henry MUNDY� John Henry Edward MUNDY (Hindu) MUNGRA John MURDOCK Alec MURRAY Joseph Hegan MYLES Mary MYLES Elizabeth NASH Geoffrey Guy NASH Sarah Ann NASH Joseph Mills NEALE William NEALE Harriet NEATE Samuel NELSON William Thomas NEWMAN Charlotte Elizabeth NICHOLLS Edwin NICHOLLS Elizabeth NICHOLLS Thomas NICHOLSON John NORMAN James Hack NORTON Anne NOURSE Hanora NUYLAND James O'BRIEN Thomas O'BRIEN James O"BRIEN Lucy O"BRIEN Charles OAKLEY John Page OAKLEY Sarah OAKLEY Mynheer OBERT Richard OLIPHANT Agnes Ellen Andrew OPIE Mary Agnes Ann OPIE EW OSBORNE William OVENS Johann Gottfried� PAECH� Mary PAGE Elizabeth PAIN Thomas PAIN John PALMER Thomas Frederick PALMER Emma PARHAM William PARHAM Fanny Adelaide PARIS Thomas PARKER Thomas PARKER William PARKYN William Edwin PARNELL Ellen PARRINGTON Lydia PARSELL George PARSONS James PARSONS Richard PARSONS Richard PARSONS Sarah PARSONS William Edmund PARSONS infant PATERSON Margaret PATERSON Christina PATTERSON William Henry PAULL Edward Francis PAVELIN Daniel Veri PAYNE Elizabeth PAYNE Joseph PAYNE William PAYNE Charles Thomas PEACH Elizabeth PEARCE William PEARCE Maryann PEDLAR infant PEDLER Enoch PEGLER Francis PELLEWESSEL William PENHAM� Tonisa PENNY Ann Maria PEPPERNELL infant PERHAM infant PERNAL Thomas PERRY Grace Williamson PETER G PETERSON Johann Georg PFEIFFER Margaret Esther PHILCOX Priscilla PHILCOX Susanna� PHILLIS John PICKELS Jane PICKWORTH Alfred PIKE Caroline PITMAN Mary PITMAN Jane PITTMAN Mary PITTMAN Samuel PITTMAN William Lysander PIXTON William PLOUGH John PLUNKARD infant PLUSH Hannah POCKS Chistoph POELCHEN Sarah POKE Mary POLKINGHORN Isaac POLKINGHORNE John Pearce POLKINGHORNE Catherine POLLARD James POLLARD John James POLLARD child POTTER� Ellen POTTER George POTTER infant POTTER James POTTER MichaelLabourer POTTER John POTTS Thomas PRATT Esther PRESS Sarah PRICE George Charles PRITCHARD William Henry PUDNEY Mary PURNELL Frederick Harris QUAIFE James Robert QUIN Joseph William RADFORD Sarah RAE James RALPH George John RANDALL Harriet RANDALL Jane RANDALL Josiah RANDALL William RAVEN John RAYMER Thomas REA Mary Ann REALFF Mary Ann REALFF Elizabeth REECE Peter REED Rebecca Jane REEVES James REID Henry REMNANT William REMNANT James REWELL Caroline REYNOLDS Elizabeth REYNOLDS Samuel REYNOLDS Sarah Elizabeth REYNOLDS Thomas RICHARDSON Alexander RICHES John RIDGMILL John RIDLEY Mary Elizabeth RIDLEY Allan RIEBY John E RIGBY ROACH George ROBERTS William ROBERTS Archible ROBINSON Samuel ROBINSON Samuel Charles Henry ROBINSON Eliza ROBSON Charles ROFFE Thomas ROGERS William ROGERS Eliha ROSE Sarah ROSE Lucy Ellen ROSS William ROUNSEVELL� James George ROWE Mary Jane ROWE Eliza Jane ROWLANDS Jemima RUDD Grace Mary RUTH Ann RUTT George RUTT Martha RUTT Patrick RYAN Eliza RYLAND Richard SANDERS Edward SANDFORD Elizabeth SAUNDERS Henry John Hamilton SAUNDERS Mary Jane SAUNDERS Daniel SAVAGE Rebecca SAVAGE George SAXBY Johanne Christiane� SCHUBERT Johanne Christiane SCHWARTZ Johanne Dorothea SCHWARTZ Elizabeth SCOTT� James SEWART Sarah SEWART Sarah Ann SHADWELL� Joseph SHARPE Lancelot SHARPE Annie E SHAW John SHEARING Jeremiah Scott SHORT Selina Ann SHUTE John SILLIVAN James SIMMONDS William Richard SIMMONDS Ann Corfield SIMMONS Anthony SIMMS Daniel SIMPSON James SIMPSON Agnus (Agnes) SINCLAIR Catharine SINCLAIR George John SINCLAIR Jane SINCLAIR James SITHES Stephen SKINNER Harriet SKIPWORTH� Alfred Robert SKUCE Elizabeth SLADDEN Joseph SLADDEN Thomas Basil Woodforde SLADDEN Ann SLATER Catherine Ann SLATER John SLATER Louisa SLEEP Stephen SLEEP Thomas SLEEP William SLEEP Thomas SLOWDEN female SMITH Isaac SMITH John SMITH John SMITH John SMITH Rebecca SMITH Samuel SMITH Sophia SMITH Westerman James SMITH William SMITH William Ethrick SMITH Thomas SNEATH Anne SOLLY� Ellen SOLOMON Mary SOUTH Sarah Elizabeth SOUTH George James SOWARD Frances Goldsworthy SPARROW William Henry SPRINKS Ebenezer STACE Eliza STACE Anna STACEY Elizabeth STACEY James STACEY Joseph STAGG Lucy STARTFORD Ann Maria STEEL James STEELE� William STEELE Jacob STEIN Henry STEPHENS Jane STEPHENS Ruth STEPHENS Samuel STEPHENS Sarah STEPHENS William Henry STEPHENS Ellen STEVENS Harriet STEVENS Helen Stewart STEVENS William STEVENS William STEWERT William STEWERT Laurence STODART James STODDART child STOKES Ellen STOKES William STOKES Jacob STORER Samuel STORR Lucy STRATFORD� Charles STROUD dau STRUDWICK� Cecilia STRUTHERS James STRUTT Donald STUART Edwin STUART STUBBS infant STUMBLES John STURT Daniel SULLIVAN David SUMMERS Sarah SUTER John SUTTON William SWAFFER George SYMERS� Harriett SYMES Thomas Henry SYMES Mary Jane TARRANT Richard Tilly TATE William Henry TATE Elizabeth TAYLOR Emilia TAYLOR Harriet Elizabeth TAYLOR Sarah TAYLOR Martha TEAKLE Sarah TEAKLE John TEGG Alfred TERRY Jane THELFORD John THELFORD Charlotte THOMAS Elizabeth THOMAS William THOMLIER James THOMPSON James Doine THOMPSON Jane Ann THOMPSON THOMSON Lily THOMSON William THOMSON William THOMSON Margaret Elizabeth THORPE infant TIRRELL William Lysander TITCOMBE infant TIVER Eleanor TOMLINSON Ann TOOGOOD Catherine TOOLE Nelson TOOTH infant TRAFFAN Margaret TRAINER John TRANTER Mary TRAVASKAS John TRELEAVEN� John TRELEAVEN Francis Henry TRILLEGAN George TROLLOPE William TUCKER Henry TUCKNOTT Edward TURNER Henry TURNER Jane TURNER John TURNER William TURNER� George TWINING Mary TYRRELL infant UNKNOWN James UNKNOWN male UNKNOWN male UNKNOWN male UNKNOWN male UNKNOWN Thomas David UPPILL William Charles VANDENBURGH William Charles VANDENBURGH Ellen VICKERY Charlotte WADE Ellen WADEY Mary Ann WALKER Robert WALKER Thomas WALKER� Johann Peter WALLAS Eliza WALLER Emma WALLIS Thomas Edward WALLIS Jeffrey Guy WALSH William Henry WARD Michael WARDLE Henry WARLAND William WARLAND Amelia WARREN Mary Jane WASLEY Frank WATERS infant WATERS Mary WATERS Charlotte WATHING Frances WATKINS Elizabeth WATSON Fanny Rogers WATSON Louisa WATSON Mary WATSON Robina Denham WATSON John James WATTS Mary WATTS John WAYMOUTH Mary Ann WEBB William Wood WEBBER Christian WEIMANN Martha WEIR Anne Maria WELKE John WEYMOUTH Mary WHITAKER Isaac WHITBREAD Lysander Marina WHITBREAD Frederick WHITE Henry WHITE� John WHITE George WHITFIELD William Henry WHITTLE Thomas WICKENS John WILKIN Charles WILLIAMS David WILLIAMS Elizabeth WILLIAMS John WILLIAMS John WILLIAMS Mary WILLIAMS William John WILLIAMS Daniel WILLIS Thomas WILLIS William WILLIS Samuel WILLS Emily WILSON Henry WILSON John WILSON Ellen WINGATE� Alfred WISDOM Richard WISE infant WISELBAKE Charlotte WOOD George WOOD John WOOD Mary Cecilia WOOD infant WOOLDRIDGE James WOOLLEY David WRIGHT Emma WRIGHT James WRIGHT Jane WRIGHT Jane WRIGHT Robert WRIGHT Sarah WRIGHT Sarah WRIGHT Julia WYATT Richard WYATT William WYLIE Ann YATEMAN Ann YATEMAN John Luther YEATES female YORK infant female YORK James William YORKE Charles YOUNG Thomas YOUNG son ZILM </noscript> </p> 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