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coachlogo Coaching in South Australia
This project is attempting to determine the coaching routes, way stations and companies involving in 19th century road transport in South Australia. The project takes its inspiration from the Cobb & Co Heritage Trail Project in New South Wales. The work in this mckenzieproject undertaken by Heather Nicholls and her team is a wonderful example of historical research and preservation. We all know that all good family historians need to be local historians as a knowledge of the environment our ancestors lived in is a very important part of our work. The project aims to uncover the Cobb & Co coach network in NSW and the associated stories and artifacts.

Pictured: McKenzies of Yatalunga: A former way stop on the Adelaide Wentworth run.

I therefore appeal to all folk who have knowledge of the coach services in our South Australian colonial days to make contact with me with a view to collating the information for the benefit of historians. I am sure folk in other states wanting to take up the same idea are around and may be thinking along the same lines.

As a matter of interest the real Cobb & Co never had networks in SA although some companies used the name. Cobb & Co did venture into the eastern border towns of SA like Penola and Mt Gambier where they connected with SA based services. Some SA-based services ventured into NSW western border towns like Wentworth where they connected with Cobb & Co.

A number of interested volunteers support this project by researching in their region—would you like to contribute in some way? You can also help by forwarding any information you have on coaching materials so that they may be collated to build up a full picture.

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