Drawing your family tree

Drawing family trees and pedigree charts is a specialty of Graham Jaunay. He uses conventional CAD programs to produce charts suitable for framing and/or inclusion in an album using modern technology but respecting all the traditional conventions of such charts and the techniques of the calligrapher of the past. Testimonials and examples of works available for inspection.

The charts produced fall into the following categories:

• Pedigree chart—shows a person's direct ancestors only
• Family tree or chart—shows the descendants from an ancestor
• Relatives chart—shows a person's direct ancestors together with their ancestors' brothers and sisters

Graham Jaunay can also enter your family into a family tree program and generate the above charts on demand. These charts are less structured than the CAD products but have the advantage of easy updating.

He can prepare versions of any size. The most common sizes suitable for framing are A4 and A3 but we can pint charts on any length of paper and up to one metre wide.

To initiate a charting project or make a general enquiry—complete the Charts form

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