South Australia and the South African or Boer War

Ten contingents departed from the Colony and State with the last being Commonwealth forces raised in South Australia.
The military supplied six contingents, a total of 1430 men—all volunteers.
town hall The 1st and 2nd Contingents were financed by the SA Government and the men received an appropriate remuneration. The 3rd (Bushmen's) was privately (and relatively poorly) financed and the remaining Contingents were financed by Britain.
The 1st Contingent departed Adelaide on the Medic 2 November 1899 with six officers and 121 men as infantry but became a mounted force in South Africa. The 2nd Contingent of six officers, 112 men, 120 horses and a machine gun departed 26 January 1900. The Bushmen’s Contingent of six officers and ninety-three men served from June 1900 to April 1901. The Imperial Bushmen’s Contingent comprised twelve officers and 222 men. The balance of men served in the 5th and 6th Contingents which formed into a regiment in South Africa.

Pictured: Great enthusiasm prevailed at Adelaide on the departure of the colonial troops for South Africa. Before the men embarked on the Medic, a public reception was given at the Town Hall to the Victorian, Tasmanian, and South Australian units. Of the scene on that occasion we reproduce a photograph. When the Medic sailed, a flotilla of tugs with about a thousand people on board gave the contingent a hearty send-off.
Source: Illustrated London News, Page 293 3 Mar 1900.

1st (South Australian Mounted Rifles)
2 Nov 1899
30 Nov 1900
2nd (South Australian Mounted Rifles)
26 Jan 1900
12 May 1901
3rd South Australian Bushmen's
27 Feb 1900
25 Jun 1901
4th (South Australian Imperial Bushmen)
1 May 1900
27 Jul 1901
5th (South Australian Imperial Bushmen)
9 Feb 1901
27 Apr 1902
6th (South Australian Imperial Bushmen)
6 Apr 1901
27Apr 1902
Australian Army Medical Corps (SA)
11 Feb 1902
2nd Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (SA)
29 Feb 1902
31 Jul 1902
4th Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (SA)
1 Apr 1902
24/31 Jul 1902
8th Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (SA)
A Squadron raised in Adelaide area
B Squadron 1st Troop raised in Mt Gambier area
B Squadron 2nd Troop raised in Burra area
B Squadron 3rd Troop raised in Wallaroo area
B Squadron 4th Troop raised in Pt Pirie area
26 May1902
24 Jul 1902

A total of sixty-one men died and their names with one exception are recorded on the South African War Memorial at the front gate of Government House Adelaide. The exception being, Breaker Morant who was executed by a British Firing Squad for war crimes.

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