In 1810 a French Army Marshal, Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, was elected Crown Prince Charles by the parliament as the current line had no heirs. In 1813, his forces joined the countires against Napoleon and defeated the Danish. As a consequence, Denmark ceded mainland Norway to the Swedish king.

Norway, however, declared its independence and chose a new king, Charles II. Sweden invaded Norway to enforce the terms treaty. When peace established the two states  shared the same king, but Norway was largely independent of Sweden, except for foreign affairs.

The Union between Sweden and Norway was dissolved in 1905 and Norway selected its own monarch, the former Prince Carl of Denmark, as Haakon VII.

The modern counties of Sweden are:

Counties Code  

Sweden counties

Stockholm AB
Uppsala C
Södermanland D
Östergötland E
Jönköping F
Kronoberg G
Kalmar H
Gotland I
Blekinge K
Skåne M
Halland N
Västra Götaland O
Värmland S
Örebro T
Västmanland U
Dalarna W
Gävleborg X
Västernorrland Y
Jämtland Z
Västerbotten AC
Norrbotten BD


County map courtesy Lokal Profil

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