South Australians listed in the 1881 UK Census

The flow of emigrants to South Australia is relatively well documented even though many passenger lists have been lost.
However, the reverse is not true and clearly a number of colonists returned to the UK as can be seen from a study of the 1881 Census.
In researching the census to ascertain those born in South Australia in the UK at the time, a number of problems were encountered:
• although Australia was six distinct British colonies, the indexers have treated Australia as one nation.
• a number of colonists' entries are too general to determine in which Australian colony they were born.
• several places are not unique to a particular colony.
• some census enumerators had great trouble deciding where in the world Australia was located.
• some census indexers also had great trouble deciding where in the world Australia was located. Prague is not in Australia!
• some census enumerators had great trouble spelling some Australian place names

This list has isolated only those entries which clearly identify the individual as born in South Australia. Further research is underway searching the GRO Indexes to confirm the birth was indeed in South Australia. While this is relatively easy for males and children, it is a longer process for married women, especially those who married outside South Australia.

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